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Best Self-Defense Handguns and Ammunition | Mia’s Motivations

today I want to talk to you about that ever ongoing question of which handgun should i buy or which pistol should I get what’s best for me so in the quest for a handgun I’ve had a lot of women ask me and also husband’s of the women ask me what handgun should i get and in looking at that we have the dilemma over semi-auto or revolver and that’s an ongoing thing it’s a matter of personal preference and I always say that the best handgun is the one that you like the best but I also want to discuss a little bit about caliber and what do you want what do you want to choose for a caliber you know a lot of women and a lot of men go by what guns for their wives and they buy this little petite cute little thing this happens to be the remington RM 380 and this is a micro carry pistol that i love i really like this it really feels substantial in my hand I can shoot it effectively and I like small it’s easy to conceal and that’s something to consider isn’t it well let’s look at some other things this here it’s the rp9 it’s a 9-millimeter this one here again it feels substantial in my hand I can shoot it effectively I really like the slide easy-to-operate that I know is the issue for a lot of people but unlike the 380 look at this size difference this one this 9-millimeter is not going to be as easily to conceal right ok so those are issues that we consider in deciding which handgun to choose are we going to be carrying it or are we going to be placing it in the nightstand do i need something small it’s easy to conceal or do I want something that is going to effectively stop a threat in talking about stopping a threat a key issue is the caliber of cartridge we’re putting in the gun you see that 380 the velocity the energy that we’re going to get from that round is nothing compared to the 9-millimeter and then we step up above there and i look at this specifically because i’ve mentioned to others I initially got my conceal carry for hunting purposes because I carry my handgun when I’m hunting and the minute i don jacket it’s concealed so i have a concealed-carry so initially it wasn’t for self-defense purposes although maybe you could say defending your life against the animal attack is self-defense but i don’t see an animal attacking me I also don’t human attacking me but I’m prepared regardless so let’s talk about this from the hunting aspect in hunting there are laws regarding what caliber we can use in our guns in addition to that it also specifies what energy what foot-pounds per second that cartridge gotta have I showed you that 9-millimeter i showed you that 380 at the difference and effectiveness is quite substantial when we’re looking at what damage it can do to a threat so let me show you a common gun that i carry that a lot of people say oh my gosh that’s so big this is my kimber and this is a 45 acp this Kimber carry II model is something that I like to shoot I carry it because it’s stainless I’m out in the whether a lot its get moisture on it and I don’t have to worry about water damaging it so much as some other hand guns i have but if we look at the cartridge of this I said 45 ACP another this here WHOOH my why isn’t this one and going to be difficult to conceal yes it is this is the taurus judge it can effectively produce a 45 long colt or .410 man stopper rounds so the velocities and the effectiveness of damage that a round coming out of this a really significant in addition to that i want to show you a gun that I’ve mentioned in other videos in the past this here is the kimber K6s revolver it’s also stainless I do like this revolver because of the stainless factors as i mentioned now and they said people are debating constantly revolver semi-auto revolver semi-auto we’re talking about self-defense we’re talking about concealability this is a smaller gun this I could conceal and actually I do carry this concealed sometimes this Kimber model as I said it is a revolver it holds six rounds and this is a .357 caliber so look at let’s look at velocity charts and let’s talk about which gun would you carry and are you considering more than just the aesthetics the features of the gun or are you considering what damage the round is going to produce to stop a threat so looking at the barnes VorTX i’m going to look at that chart because it does show a variety of rounds that are capable of being used for self-defense or hunting i also want to compare that with Tac xpd line of their ammunition so Barnes makes both of these lines of ammo and in the tack xpd line it’s called defense ammunition they have 380 auto listed and if you look at the energy the energy is the way the round is going to hit the target and that’s going to effectively create damage that 380 auto them the muzzle energy in foot-pounds is a hundred-and-seventy-four so if we look at that compared to that 9-millimeter 323 then 357 Magnum 400 foot-pounds and I stress 400 because in Colorado for big game hunting you have to have 400 foot-pounds of energy in order for it to be a legal hunting round that 357 Magnum it meets hunting criteria now think about that you can kill effectively kill a bear or a mountain lion with that round now think about human coming obviously they don’t have a thick hide or skin but that’s something to consider you want to stop a threat you want to save your life think about that now let’s move down to the 45 auto on their chart they’ve got the 45 auto it steps up to 4 11 so those are two rounds at 357 and the 45 auto that would meet legal hunting requirements then let’s move over to their the barnes vortec line the 357 is at 498 45 colt which is what that Judge holds 467 and man if we had a 454 casull i wish i had one of those to show you because that should be cool to look at 1605 my goodness i think i need to go to the range and find one of those to shoot yeah that’s going to knock somebody on their behind but anyways my whole point of today’s episode is there’s more to consider than the aesthetics and the mechanics of the fire arm you also need to consider what size cartridge do you want to send down to a target on that note let me know what round have you chosen for your defense gun or hunting gun do you hunt with a handgun like I do if you do please let me know in the comments below see you next week thanks for stopping in bye

15 thoughts on “Best Self-Defense Handguns and Ammunition | Mia’s Motivations

  1. Sounds like there is a ton of factors to consider and I bet this question has been argued about forever. I've never owned a handgun but have fired quite a few, I would choose the .45 in either ACP or long colt…it is a git 'er done caliber. I'm sure I would never carry it while hunting, preferring to save on weight( if I can't eliminate all threats with the rifle in my hands, then shame on me) and as for stopping a man, no question..he's going down!!
    Concealment also isn't a factor for the non-fashion conscious…hahahah

  2. Ohh btw you mentioned the .454 casull. I posted a video of me shooting water jugs with it! If you get a chance to shoot one do it! You will love it. My wife shoots mine and it's my favorite gun I own!

  3. i like my 686 plus s&w 357
    but if i did use a handgun for hunting it would be my 629 44 mag. thanks nice thoughts today

  4. Hi Mia – You know I hunt with a handgun in addition to carrying a handgun everyday for work. I've taken big game with the 357, 10mm, 41 Magnum, 44 Magnum, the 308 (in a TC Encore) and a 209×50 muzzleloader handgun (also an Encore). One of my favorites is the 41 Magnum. Easier to shoot and flatter shooting than the 44. The 10mm is also very effective on whitetail sized game but I've also used it black bear hunting too.

  5. great vid, my edc is a m&p shield , g43 or g19. in the woods its my glock 36 45acp-or smith&wesson model 60 357.

  6. Great video! When we were in California, I bought a Ruger .357 Magnum revolver. I trained my wife with .38 rounds and final test shots with magnum ammo. I wanted something simple for the house because at the time I was only home maybe 6 months out of the year and she had not had any gun experience before. In Germany, as a licensed hunter we are authorized 2x handguns for use as a finishing shot, if necessary. But, also, come in handy during wild boar hunts. Picture crawling through the brush trying to find a wounded boar. 🙂 There are also specific energy requirements for handguns in hunting, as well as, rifles depending on the game being hunted.

  7. Hey Mia, I am That1Shyster. We met back about 2 years ago in NM. I made this new channel due to issues with youtube and the old channel. I wanted to ask you if you do anything involved with knives, especially balisongs.

  8. Hi Mia I love your videos. Would you be interested in doing a custom cooking/eating video involving wild turkey. I would be willing to pay 150 dollars for the custom video If you are interested please contact me and I will give you more details ok. [email protected]

  9. Sorry I didn't understand the laws. Could you get a turkey with head and feet on and cook it by another means ?do you have a local butchers near you where they could sell a whole complete turkey to you it doesn't have to be wild

  10. Could you get a fresh turkey male preferably with head and feet still attached. It doesn't have to be wild

  11. I use a Beretta APX 9mm for home protection and a Sccy CPX-2 9mm for EDC. Hunting I have a 20ga & 12ga Mossberg and my AR15/M4 and a 22WMR Bolt Action Rifle.

  12. Mia, I am fortunate that I have one caliber for around town, and another for the woods. For the woods I use a .357 revolver (which matches up with my .357 lever action). I have a small .380 for around town. If you can afford it, it is handy to have a different weapon for a different job. If you can only afford one, it is a lot hard decision.

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