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BEST NERF GUNS under $20!

Guys Today we’re going to look at Best Nerf Guns For under 20 dollars To use with you In a nerf war or a nerf battle and just in time For Christmas Season! Where you can just go out and buy a blaster For your buddy or bro BBFYB Baby Buy a Blaster for your Buddy I like that You would be surprised with what you can get For 20 Dollars Now keep in mind we’re talking $20 US Not talking Yen or Kunas or Pounds US cash baby And its really a simple setup I don’t care where you get em In a store, on sale, online Somewhere illegally on the streets As long as they are under $20 We’re in business Main thing to know is if the Nerf Blaster is good or not And what your options are You want to make it worth your while You don’t want to drop a $20 bill And be stuck with something that sucks Nerf makes a lot of blasters that suck And there’s a lot of them under this price range So be careful Your chances of getting stuck with a looser nerf blaster are very high For this low price range Lets toss in some nerf blasters that you might have Seen around but they’re not very good They might be cheap too, but they’re garbage Example This slingshot style blaster or its not really a blaster Its a Nerf Slingshot I guess Slingstrike For smaller kids it might be cool But in a Nerf War This is a no Blaster only that should be a rule Don’t take this into a Nerf War Do not get it at all actually Bring a Blaster to Nerf War Not a slingshot So this is a no. Next one I keep seeing around Nerf Glowshot I see this around in all stores All the time Cuz they’re cheap And you’re like “let me get it” this blaster is around 8$ its pretty small, but the handle Is small and awkward Cuz it has this little Trigger over here Or its a Glowbutton Cuz it actually Turns on the glow This the NERF Glowshot Now here’s the thing Why do I care if this thing glows Why do I care if the stock glows? Why do I care about that? What good is this in a NERF War? I see zero positives there Lets say you’re in the dark Why would I turn this on? Cuz then my enemies can see where I am I want to be invisible in the night and day time I want to be invisible to my enemies man This does not help me You turn this on and you’re like “hey guys I’m overhere” I’m here guys beep, beep No This blaster is no you get nothing with it you don’t get accuracy or distance with it No Next Nerf Zombie Double Strike This thing Is also no distance and accuracy of this blaster are terrible The darts at the front sometimes they pop out lets see it happened to me too many times for me to recommend this nerf blaster No its not coming off now The only cool thing about it is you can fire darts quick you can slamfire with it Something worth mentioning You can fire darts rather quickly its only $9 overall I would not recommend it you can get better nerf blaster for $9 Lets mention the ones worth your money First I would recommend And is also under $20 Is the Nerf Triad Ex 3 This blaster is very good in terms of its size to distance ratio Its solid Last time I checked This blaster is $6 US Thumbs up baby Its small but it does fire 3 nerf darts You got 3 rounds with it its a good system cuz when its loaded it’ll shoot from top right barrel onward but if you load it with just one nerf dart in any of these barrels it’ll shoot just out of that barrel check it out so its cool, you don’t have to think if you have just one or two darts load it up shoot you’re good it’ll shoot just fine for you its a good blaster its a good solid system I like it I recommend it now Nerf Firestrike is next You can buy it for $8.99 overall, another solid blaster its a bit bigger in its siz but again accuracy and distance are very good with it also to help with accuracy it projects this little red beam its kind of cool its a red circle with a dot in the middle very cool it helps with aiming it also serves as intimidation factor you pull up on someone put a target on their face Bam scare them! So for $9 you get a solid blaster with a sexy light move on Nerf Big Shock where is it Nerf Big Shock is next First Mega blaster on this list for under $20 my personal opinion on this blaster is that its not that great when I saw it in stores when it came out I was pumped to purchase it but after using it I’m not that impressed with it its large clunky not very impressed with its accuracy and range Nerf should have made a better package One cool thing about the Big Shock is that you can Mod it to use Rival Rounds So instead of using MEGA darts you can use Rival balls which I find better to shoot cuz you can store Rival balls up here 5 can fit up here 6 balls total, 6 shots And shooting these Rival rounds is a lot funner so if you have a Big Shock and if you plan to get it get it and mod it this blaster is price of a Nerf Jolt Around $7 but I rather get the jolt over this Jolt to me is a lot more accurate and again unless you mod it I still rather get the Jolt over it Speaking of the Jolt jolt aka Nut shot is around $7 its been a sold small blaster for a long time kid can use it, adults can use it its a sold blaster its comes in tons of colors I probably have over 20 around the hous Nerf Jolt has been my backup for years I even have one in my sock This one is orange get a Jolt and you’ll be ready for any kind of a Nerf War surprise at any time given that its a small package it packs a punch And the price is right can’t go wrong and you can get more than one for $20 by the way have you seen our GunVsGun Nerf Jolt aka Nut Shot Nerf War no? Click here to check it out instant classic Not lets look at some better and bigger options Lets toss in a few under $20 that you should not bother with First one is this Cross bow I don’t like bows I don’t like this thing This might look cool but its not very usable and functional and I’m not a big fan of it next one I want to mention it and never talk about it again is this blaster called Sharpfire this blaster is bad And the fact that Nerf repackaged it and used the same concept For nerf IonFire Modulus Ionfire is disgustingly bad So no this blaster need to be burned Erase your memory of it so no next one I’m going to mention is this one, Nerf Clearshot around $10 US the blaster is bad Cool this is at least it comes with a scope So you can use it somewhere else only good thing I see you would think a blaster with a scope is accurate no, no its not this thing is terrible The accuracy of this gun is terrible and the fact that its this large and is single shot is just bad jolt is a single shot but its a lot smaller at least its fun to handle and stash this thing no this thing is pure garbage I don’t even know why I mentioned it don’t bother ok So those few don’t even bother with lets move on to the good guys these next ones I mention you keep an eye on if there is a Sale, a good price Snatch em First Nerf Strongarm Sold Yes Awesome yes Sexy YES Slamfire Yes YESYESYES This nerf blaster is very useful its practical and is pretty cool Its been used over and over in our GunVsGun videos My brother Tommy even ditched the Maverick for it So thats big a lot of solid points to this blaster And the best thing is I just recently saw Strongarm 2 pack in Costco for $18 now that’s a deal dudes Want something even cooler? Even more epic than Strongarm? Well then that’s the Nerf MEGA Cycloneshock I picked up this one for $14 Now that’s a steal cuz most of the time this blaster is over $20 what that tells you is that you need to wait it out there’ll be a sale at some point and then you can snatch it Wait for the right deal this thing got the MEga Darts Slamfire one problem with this bad boy Is that its not that accurate If you’re not using the original Nerf darts if you use the aftermarket ones they do jam up so you need to be aware of that but the thing is you can slamfire it its got the Mega darts and looks awesome badass I like this blaster one of my favourites and if you find it under $20, get it now Nerf Flipfury is next Flipfury is $15 and its like having 2 strongarms in a sexy package Flip cylinders and keep firing which is always a plus distance it covers and accuracy is very consistent intimidation factor is also very solid its cool looking when I First got it I wasn’t that impressed with it but the more I use it the more I like it so overall, you find thins thing under $20 get it cuz you got 2 cylnders you can shoot double the amount of Strongarm Same thing double the amount of Cycloneshock so ya don’t even hesitate grab this if its under $20 one more blaster to mention is this one Nerf Hammershot has the same system as Double strike unlike double strike this thing packs 5 darts Darts do not fall out like I mentioned in Double Strike its got the hammer system you pull the trigger down pull the hammer Thing is accuracy with Hammershot is really bad rate of fire not too bad Distance not great The price is right So overall something to think about I don’t know if you want to own it or not tossing it out there for you guys to decide you got to decide for yourself I got one one is enough not the best out of the bunch And finally, how would I rate these guns? which ones would I pick? in terms of smaller pistols Triad EX 3 problem is this blaster is rather clunky I can stash it into places like I can with a Jolt its really hard to carry unless you design a holster for it or have this tactical vest so that’s a large drawback with this blaster I do like it but I would pick the Jolt over it and I do like the Firestrike cuz of its cool light but Triad shoots 3 darts so for the money this is really good to me Jolt and firestrike make the cut out of the small blaster pack as far as the bigger blasters go my choice would be to go with Nerf Mega Cycloneshock First choice Also Flipfury is a must have and if you don’t own it by now you got to get the Strongarm Cycloneshock Flipfury Strongarm Triad Jolt and firestrike those would be recommeded for $20 let me know in the comments below What your favorite blasters would be for under $20 give me your list and I’m sure I might off missed some so you can let me know in comments below lets chat it up but hey the key thing from all this is to look around check out all the stores look online be on the look out keep your eyes open baby don’t get the first thing you see and thats the way you get the best deals guys now that you know what the best options are you’re good to go so hey lets keep this video and comments below as our sharing ground for any good deals that come up specially during the Christmas Season if you do find a good deal come back to this vidoe and share a link to it below now I love a good deal so come back here and share with all of us and lets get in on these Cuz Christmas is coming I’ve been a good boy And Santa is going to bring me lots of presents and I hope they’re all Nerf Blasters Thanks for watching Make sure you subscribe To GunVsGun Click this sexy circle For our subscribers you guys are awesome And Imma see you guys real soon Later

100 thoughts on “BEST NERF GUNS under $20!

  1. I got a cyclone shock for 15$ and there is a 15% chance of going straight.the aim is bad but it is ok

  2. How about the X-shot? I got it and I think it's pretty good, it has lots of distance, though, it's accuracy isn't the best

  3. With the doublestrike, if you put a shit dart in it, it's gonna pop out. I find the range pretty good for it, so it might just be your one is defective and it's exclusively your one is shit.

  4. basicly all of the revolvers including the flipfury and excluding the mavrick are able to slam fire

  5. Americans: CoLd GoLd CaSh 20$
    Canadiens: Peasantry you put the money sign after we put it before and $20 is worth 26$ buckaroonies
    Americans: You know that means our money is slightly more than yours
    Canadiens: True Toronto Dominion Bank and Bank Of Montreal has fallen a little bit
    Americans: Exactly

  6. when i go into a nerf war i carry like 5 nutshots alsog with my main gun just to shoot them one after another fast

  7. I really like the flipfury and the strongarm (specially for their slamfire option and their revolver and semiautomatic pistol mix feel).

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