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Best medieval weapons to fight giants: FANTASY RE-ARMED

Greetings I’m Shad and welcome back to fantasy Rearmed and yes, I’ve named the series now And it’s the series where I’ve taken a look at the classic fantasy creatures and tried to determine the best Realistic weapons that would suit them based on their physical characteristics from a sound understanding of historical specifically medieval weapons and armor I’m still confident that there might be a couple more Fantasy creatures that will be worth taking a look at as we go on into this series, but in this episode We’re going to be starting a new phase in this series Specifically the best weapons that a human could use fighting these fantasy creatures But not only just fighting them generally fighting them with the weapons that we’ve already discussed that are best suited to them and in this episode were going to be looking at how a Human or the best weapons that a human could use to try and combat fantasy giants quick segue though This isn’t actually the first episode of Shadiversity where I’ve done this I’ve also had a look at the best weapons to fight dragons so ya already started this phase But now I’m gonna go into it more Fully looking at different creatures of course to be on the same page in this Discussion it will be very helpful if you’ve watched my video best medieval weapons for the fantasy giant So please do go watch it like pause the video go watch that one and then come back here If you haven’t so you haven’t pause now go watch you’ll enjoy it good video and then from that foundation We can kind of dive into this discussion one of the first things that kind of comes to my mind is the fact that the standard arsenal that exists in the medieval period was clearly built to serve the needs of the people in their day and most of the enemies they fought when they came across enemies were other humans Hence the type of weapons that were built are suited to fighting other humans And we’ve had to kind of step outside of that consideration when we’ve looked at fantasy creatures but now when we’re looking at humans fighting these creatures A lot of these weapons are not well suited for this type of combat and so outside of just looking at weapons We’ll also need to just look at combat tactics because there are some creatures and Giants are kind of one of them where very few standard medieval weapons would be Really when I say effective. Yes. You know you could hurt them you might be able to kill them, but there are so many profound limitations that it’s very suicidal Trying to fight a giant and remember a giant in the context of what you know the standard giant in medieval fantasy We’re looking at at least twice the height of a human. If not three times the height A sword isn’t really going to be helpful. You’re outclassed and reach Strength and just those two things is almost instant dead. Giant just drop kicks a human. Yep You’re stuffed, and then if we give the giant those weapons we talked about like big steel booted feet and also scythe death weapons, and then the ranged weapons of Catapult (???) level trebuchet level slings that are actually even more dangerous than trebuchets because the speed limit is You’re dead ok going up with a sword against a giant Bad pick armor isn’t going to help you against this shields aren’t gonna help you against this now of course keeping bad you know powerful things at (as) much of a distance to you as possible is the Tactic you would want to stand see this is really start to look at real tactics That would work better than others but doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good the ultimate best Tactic to try and kill say a giant is to not get in an engagement with them with yourself lure them into a trap Okay down a ravine or something where you can launch a rockslide or something cover kill them that way Kill them that way not in direct combat as soon as you get into direct combat with a giant More often than not you’re dead alright unless of course you’re an epic fantasy Hero where you could climb onto the Giants back and stab it into his neck and do something crazy like Legolas does in Lord of the Rings, but in terms of a more realistic approach where such heroic Things are so unrealistic, what are the more kind of realistic ways you could combat them and yes general combat And then going back to what I was saying if you really did get into a fight you’d want to keep your distance so of course long pointy polearms, pikes you know Pikes being the type of polearms (that) were generally the longest reach out of any other ones keep yourself at a distance and Perhaps the giant might use his own momentum to impale himself on those pikes, but the thing is Giants they can use their own defenses as well their Equivalent of padded armor could be so much thicker Than our own that it’s hard to say Pikes would be able to effectively pierce all the way through their defenses let alone if they’re using like a shield Just because we’re kind of Revisiting the giant thing I do want actually address one quick kind of comment that came up in my previous giant thing about How they would be able to deal with internal body heat because that was one of the concerns. They have a much larger volume, but less surface area Which means that would produce a lot more internal heat and that rate? Created a question of would they wear really really thick armor, and this is the type of geeky overcomplicated question I love okay Just (that) its really cool. But there is a kind of an answer to this because yes, they have much greater internal volume Which means their lung capacity would be much much larger than the average human? Which means that there’d be able to expel internal body heat through just their breathing to a much greater degree? Which in my mind? I think that balances out to the point that Giants probably have to deal with the same body heat issues to a probably equivalent level to the human yes then produce more But there’d be at expel more because of their larger lungs and in fact being in a colder climate Would really help them out because they can draw in all this cold air to a much greater volume inside, and then breathe out you know their heat and then draw it in so Giants in a colder climate actually start to make a lot of sense Giants in a hotter climate We’re breathing in hot air doesn’t really counteract and then they wouldn’t be out expel the hot air to a much greater degree that could be an issue so there you go a Fantasy kind of element there Giants and this is why it’s really cool to look at- to consider these things I mentioned in other videos when you really start to try and figure out the Biological nature of these creatures you can start to then put that in setting and have that affect Combat because this could be a real significant way to fight off a giant they might hate hot-air, hot temperatures And so if you created a you know a kind of field with massiv- like huge Bonfires and lure the Giant in and suddenly he’s breathing in all this hot air and he’s and that could make them pass out perhaps Or something like that see these are the awesome things you consider because I actually like the concept the idea of giving creatures weaknesses specific weaknesses because I think that makes sense We humans actually have a lot of weaknesses a lot of environments that we don’t like like extreme heat extreme cold We don’t like differences in air pressure we need oxygen We don’t survive in the water and stuff like that and so Fantasy creatures often have a lot of advantages like the merfolk. They can survive in an environment That’s lethal to us, underwater, but then they can also survive above water, which makes them You know you know two environments as opposed to our very Restrictive one so then it’s actually quite realistic in my mind to give these creatures certain weaknesses And they can even be kind of funny and humorous I have You know a fantasy setting That’s my medieval kind of fantasy sitting where I You know put a lot of the stories that I like to write and stuff, and I publish it I’m working on a- not a medieval fantasy one, I’ll come back to that. But that’s a different subject But anyway in that setting I actually kind of liked it’s a very it’s based off an old kind of tale folklore thing about goblins And it’s that goblins hate music Like they just hate the sound the ringing tune drums in their ears they just hate it and that makes them freak out and run away
I like that so I put that in my sitting and so when surrounded by a large group of goblins if someone starts to sing In a melodious way, a way that sounds good to humans. They hate it This is the thing thinking outside the box, but also looking at certain weaknesses and applying that to giant there’s Giants There’s already some validity some ground to give certain weaknesses like that in terms of hot climate or weather or temperature now It’s hard to jump on those weaknesses in this consideration because it’s a more general analysis of giants represented in all of fantasy and Giants represented in all of fantasy are just Giants and they don’t have inherent weaknesses more often than not because They’re the only general characteristics are that they’re big strong tall and they’re not affected by things like the square-cube law Like we talked about in the actual Giants weapons video Yes, that was all a large kind of segue distraction from the main topic at hand, but these are the fun things to consider So I’m generally always going to do it go off think about something come back and now we’re back to alright tactics Yes, best type of tactics we looked at trapping and the next kind of thing of course Immobilizing the giant now the other thing that where physics you know should actually help us out in this regard is that the Giants would have so much more weight and If they’re constructed out of the same kind of physical materials or at least similar like bone and muscle Much more of the structural strength of their bone would be put to supporting their own weight, and we’re looking at a percentage level so a giant jumping from say a 50 percent height compared to their own like a human can jump from a height. That’s about half their own height so if you look about here. So from the ground about here. You can jump off land You’re fine, but if a giant was to jump off a comparable height of say 50 percent So they go up on a Ledge that came up to their waist and they’re standing and they jump off it, okay? Because they have so much more weight And they’re essentially traveling over a larger distance and gravity where ther- that means gravity has more time to accelerate them And then they have such huge mass as well the impact of jumping or or just jumping off something that is an equivalent percentage difference in height to a human would have a drastically larger impact on their bones and muscles to the point that jumping off a Ledge for That is only up to their knee on a giant could perhaps shatter their legs Fantasy doesn’t generally go to that level of specificity in regards to the physics and things like that I encourage you to fantasies and examine We’ve already talked about that kind of thing but even with giants generally being perceived to have the same range of movement as humans you could you know rightly assume to a certain level that Falling damage on a giant should be able to affect them to a much greater degree than a human Which means pit traps would be really effective against them, okay, dig a pit and I and you know like the height of a human But that’s only the height of to the knee or waist of a giant sometimes, but that could sometimes be enough But then even deeper and of course you could do big pointy Pike sticks things at the bottom Or just let the impact hurt them and that could take them out as well But what if you don’t have the luxury of luring a giant into a trap okay? You just got to take them on with force or weapons or some kind, and so this is where we come in to Larger scale weapons and kind of similar to the dragon Ballistas would be very very useful in this situation Something that has a lot of mass a lot of kick a lot of power behind it and as a potential to do proper damage Indeed barbed ballistas with ropes on them to immobilize them okay Because that’s one of the real big threats of a giant they build up momentum How are you gonna stop it? They have so much weight there gosh So immobilizing them really it would enable you to kill them at a safe distance And a type of weapon that is very useful in imobilizing, while just humans in general, but if you ramped it up It’ll be even more effective against a giant are a thing called caltrops Caltrops are a type of barbed star that are made in such a shape that there is always a point Facing upwards so when you throw them out You’re able to make a small field of spikes And this is where the giant size and weight again works against them quite Significantly because there is a lot more force on each of their steps Pushing down on their feet than if there were the size of a human now of course your caltrops would need to be Ramped up in size to be properly effective against a giant But when done so the amount of force being pushed down on them would be so great it’ll go through the soles of these giants shoes Very easily and get embedded much deeper in the foot before they realize what they’ve stepped on and then if you can take out the Giants feet you’ve Immobilized it which is very very useful When we then go to smaller scale weapons that a human can actually hold move around be maneuverable stuff like that one of the weapons that I think could still be a quite effective against a giant and It’ll be interesting to see how much as weapon comes up in regards to other fantasy creatures is a very high powered bow okay? And with a pretty chunky arrow behind it now I don’t think you would be able to kill a giant hitting them In the chest or legs or something like that that’ll probably just tick them off more than actually do any serious injury but an arrow through the eye Okay, I think that Would be able to kill them, and this is the interesting thing a giant is larger a giant’s eye is larger So hitting in a giant’s eye is actually a lot easier to do then if you were to try and shoot a human in the eye, okay human eye small target giant eye larger target and generally speaking depending on distance distance plays a big factor in Accuracy and archery, but hitting you know a target of around that size is very achievable For medieval archers longbows and other things like that up to about 70 meters So that would definitely be your best pick in regards to the weapons you can actually use and carry around In the general medieval arsenal big powered bow and it puts a new meaning on the term bull’s eye But a more like Giants eye and in fact that could be a turn you could put in your fantasy settings Yeah Like hitting the center of a target is you hit the Giants Eye, instead of bull’s eye, because interesting the bull’s eye thing actually like you can correct me double-check me on this But I do believe that term came around after the medieval period so using it in a medieval setting would it be a bit Anachronistic and ultimately out of all the weapons at a standard medieval adventurer would have it his disposal Yes, that is my best pick for them high powered bow shoot the Giant in the eye And funny thing could a Giant then defend against that if they have a shield well then you need to make sure his heads poking Out and stuff like that and you really want to hope you can shoot them by the time They close the distance because if you don’t Or if you miss it you just hit their forehead. It’ll just bounce off their skull You’re dead, so I have been speaking more of a general sense just fighting against Giants But what if Giants were using and employing the weapons that we talked about in? their dedicated video well if they were using big metal or even Spiked boots walking around just kicking because their legs are closer to them and boy There’d be a lot of power behind that your best chance is to dodge Okay If you see there’s a big giant boot swinging into you you need to get out of the way because wearing armor or not Isn’t going to really do anything you’ll be dead if that hits you which is an interesting thing Wearing full plate armor could very well be more detrimental in fighting a giant than not Because it’s not going to protect you which means it’ll just slow you down now full plate armor and mail So the whole armor range doesn’t slow people down nearly as much as what certain movies and other things like to propose But of course it does slow you down, okay? Yeah, you’re not as fast as if you weren’t wearing it And the other debilitating side to Armour is that you tire quicker wearing it, and if you’re wearing a helmet That’s you know restricting your vision and also your breathing It’ll become harder and harder to breathe with that helmet on and so fighting giants Perhaps wearing ar- throw the armour out the window not gonna do you any good keep your keep yourself light on your feet and faster this big boot is coming into you you can jump and roll out of the way or something? And then that will also help you significantly avoid the big scythe swinging attacks If is using like the type of scythe we talked about defending against it or gee see cutting doesn’t really have much Advantage going through steel cutting you can’t cut through steel, but when it’s something this big with that much power behind it Well it probably would be able to. It could cut through a decent amount of the steel just because of the sheer force Right, but if not it’s just got the blunt force impact of it as well. You’d be dead so armour probably not gonna Help you out against the scythes either. You just need to dodge so again. This is a really cool fun Kind of fantasy element that just would be Add an element of realism to a fantasy setting you have a group of adventurers, and oh no a Giants coming What do we do? What do we do and someone takes charge like take off your armor? It’s not gonna Do you any good you got to be light on your feet to dodge out of their attacks another important thing in regards to fighting? Giants is actually the types of terrain that would give you significant advantages and as I think about it There are some certain terrains that would really benefit that you know humans trying to fight These really large creatures one being and probably one of the more significant in my mind forests drawing a giant into large forest is kind of like luring them into a natural net or brambles it would be so hard for them to move around and Also swing their weapons especially if they’re using that scythe like weapon that would basically Nullify it completely and that would also greatly limit the ability for them to use their large slings as well And it doesn’t even need to be too dense of forests it can be one with enough room for humans to run around But as soon as these trees if they’re even you know spaced One meter to two meters apart in there even if there’s no shrubbery in between that would be massively Detrimental for a giant and will be so difficult to them to move through Especially if they’re you know chest and head height is actually in the canopy where the larger amount of branches are their bait It’s like a larger net above in the canopy while there’s plenty of room for the humans to run about so yes Absolutely terrain can be very beneficial in this analysis of how to fight a giant But once you’re in range with a giant. What are the best types of attacks that can do proper damage cutting? There’s so much meat to get through of the giant their muscle everything to get to a vital organ cutting is gonna be almost Pointless you need to pierce them run them through into a vital organ to try and Incapacitate them so absolutely pikes or something like that and this is when the giant closes the distance and you can’t use your bows anymore Your best option then though is if he does close the distance I have a group of guys that if they can’t run away just Have them be near the Giant and just try and avoid avoid avoid avoid Don’t worry about trying to fight them if you can just keep the giant busy for some of your mates Who are then standing at a safer distance with the bows to shoot the giant’s eye. and if you don’t have archers or then yeah really long pointy pike things and Somewhere get a vital organ, and if he’s wearing really thick armor or then you’re gee That’ll be tough like like you have to remember fighting is not always the only option Okay If you’re if you’re an adventurer and you’re in a situation where you are not armed appropriately to fight this thing like I haven’t set up a trap or anything like that or if the Giant is wearing significant armor as well, and you don’t have a way to deal with it retreat Okay in the situation like that. You should not feel any less of a man if you have to run like a chicken Run for your life But that was dealing with the Giants melee weapons what about their ultimate weapon that we talked about the giant sling all right? Lobbing a large stones like like for a giant a stone in his fist would be something like this Ok? A trebuchet a cannonball thing right and it would be more dangerous than a rock thrown from a trebuchet moving a lot faster for the average human adventure or even humanoid adventurer You can’t defend against that apart from dodging okay in fact the best way to try and combat this in my mind is To keep your distance, and you might think oh That’s bad because they have this distance weapon the further you are away from this giant the more time you have to see the rock Flying towards you to dodge out of the way And then you would want someone to do this and get the giant to focus on them, okay Just get the giant throwing at the person at a far distance And hopefully they can keep out of the way and avoid these big rock falls While they have buddies with bows perhaps or really long Pikes circling around or something? To then approach the giant not being threatened by these massive rocks and then deal with them somehow I still think your best bet would be an arrow through the giant’s eye And so perhaps the archer can get closer because the closer you are the higher chance you’d be able to Thread the needle so to speak and then the job is done And if you don’t want to do that well the best tactic overall in my mind is If you’re gonna fill throw shoot an arrow at it just one arrow get his attention and get me to chase you lure him to a trap get him to fall down a pit or Something like that and deal with him that way much safer much better, but my goodness This is being fun so many things to consider. I think you really think about it It’s just good nerdy stuff But there you go these have been my best weapons or tactics for a human to use against a giant Thank you for watching. I do hope you’ve enjoyed and of course. I hope to see you again until that time

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  1. you also have to consider that their skin is thicker than a human if they the skin and fat equivalent of a similar sizd mammal like an elephant they might no even need armor

  2. Zig-zagging downhill is one of the most effective ways to run from large creatures like moose so it should work for giants. As was said, they can build up a lot of momentum making turning and stopping difficult for them. If they are in a forest with narrow trunked trees, you are at a disadvantage as well because they could knock down or cut down the trees. The falling timber will harm you more than the giant if it falls on you. He is a bigger target but harder to hurt and more likely to be able to lift fallen trees off himself. You could dodge the trees, but it will be hard in the terrain, especially if a lot of tall trees fall. He could even rip up younger trees to throw to create obstacles and trap you in an area. The downhill solution at full speed is better. Cliff sides are better as you could run him off like early humans did to hunt mammoths.

  3. Just take a long sword and run between the giant's leg while holding the sword right top of you and slice the balls of the fantasy but if it didnt have like in beowulf then u sucked.

  4. I'd be interested in what could be said about some of the weapons on Attack on Titan as well as some of the titans themselves. Although I can see the swords they use to dispatch the titans wouldn't be as practical as I thought.

  5. The easiest way to fight a giant is get a wizard to use a paralysis spell, then a fire spell to follow up. Giant can't do a thing.

  6. Warhammers are best weapons for humans to use against giants break their feet and cause them to fall, then bash in the heads if you keep them basic not the way you modified them the way you modified them then use lots of ropes and chains to trip them and tie them up then remove their helmets and bash in their heads

  7. Surely you could make a crossbow powerful enough to put a bolt through a giants head. What's th most powerful crossbow ever built?

  8. A good pick would also be a throwing spear using an atlatl. It was the weapon of choice to hunt elephants. How they believe this was done is by using a large group and throw the spears all in. Then reload, the spears sticking in would slow it down quite drastically. However you do need to sneak up to it as your first volley needs to hurt it enough to give yourself time to reload.

  9. 16:30
    I read the most restrictive part of metal armor is actually heat. Wearing full plate made intense combat much more difficult because people will quickly get hyperthermia. It might be a reason it was primairily used on horseback as the physical excursion is less.

  10. Is their armor flammable? If so, that's a huge amount of fuel that will entomb them if you set them on fire. Fire arrows.

  11. 10:30 what are you talking about, humans jumping off something waist-high? When I was a teenager I'd jump off my roof no problem, that's like 8-9 feet high.

  12. The best way to fight Giants is FIRE! Petrol bombs, Molotov cocktails, scorched earth tactics, controlled low brush burning, ballistas throwing alcohol/petrol/oil/lard amphorae at them (with a burning cloth attached), or simply using Dragons against them 🙂

  13. i wonder how would war elephant's fair against giants if the giants would be only twice or three times the size of human,i think it would depend on the weaponry and intelligence of the giants

  14. Why not use light shock cavalry or chariots with harpoons or crossbows, heavy ammo, thick rope. Sure, the Giant could get a few of the things out, but if you get a few, then have them ride around the giant and go all Star Wars Hoth vs AT AT

  15. you've missed the single most effective weapon in a fantasy setting…..MAGIC…. a wizard who can throw a good lightning bolt, giants make a really big target…..

  16. caltrops was 1st thing I thought of when fighting giant great idea but a bow um no what if it still had its mobilty might be hard take time shoot it sO a crossbow load when can fire when able

  17. Shad my man…. You are completely Wrong and seem to lack imagination

    as an adventurer, you would simply lead him into a forest and work your way to
    getting behind him to slash his Achilles artery's and then getting away B4 he try's to step on you
    and if you feel like playing duck, duck, goose alittle longer make him chase you around to make him bleed out faster.

    BOOM !, How to be a successful giant slayer with nothing but a 1-handed sword !.

  18. If you cant take on giants physically, maybe attack them emotionally? "You were an unwanted pregnancy and no one likes you!"

  19. I see great similarity between the giant and the mammoth, prehistoric hunting techniques were mainly based on traps, especially with fire in the dark, near cliffs or in natural corridors. he used javelins a lot and always stayed away from the prey. but, of course, the Mammoths were less intelligent than the giant they thought of, and above all, they fled their opponents. I also state that the larger an animal, the less energy it expends to maintain its body temperature in a cold environment, which is why the ice age animals that have a current equivalent was generally larger. .

  20. If the giants are known for bad dissipation of heat, maybe a good strategy could be to wear it off. Like attacking long range with a longbow (doesn't need to aim for the eye), juste to lure the giant into a chase (and due to its smaller size, the archer then hides). Another archer then attacks, from another angle, and so on. If giants are not intelligent, this can be nice. On uneven ground, the giant could hurt himself (ankles and knees). Another way could be "incendiary weapons". If you can set on fire the giant's gambeson, I guess it would be difficult for it to pull out the flames, unless it dives to the ground and roll (and badly hurt itself when diving).

  21. and their eyes on the branches(i don't know if "branches" is the right word but the ramifications on the top of the trees

  22. Assuming giant's are just humans (intelligence and physiologically) but bigger then You could just use a few flaming arrows or molotov cocktails-I mean a jug of dragon spit – the flames would be terrible for their already overheated bodies and even if they weren't mortality wounded they might retreat anyways since surface level burns hurt a lot more than the more serious and the more serious leave the skin weakened or completely stripped so they can't control their temperature as easily and will die of that or infection later.

  23. Hitting a giant in the chest could easily cause a pneumothorax, which for a human is debilitating enough. For a larger being that requires a lot more O2, I would imagine that this tactic could be highly effective.

  24. Your idea of bonfires to heat the air is ok, but burning projectiles could set the giant on fire or the area directly around it. Once exposed to fire the large lungs are a disadvantage as they suck in smoke and fan the flames. 🔥

  25. biggest and easyest target on a human is the femoral artery , it would be a bigger target on a giant. the legs would be most vulnerable so anything to get them wrapped up or tripping , maybe bolas

  26. Whenever I play a ranger-type character in a role playing game, whenever I run into a dragon, giant, or any excessively large creature, my first instinct is always "Pincushion its eyes!" Its extremely effective both realistically and RPGs. In an RPG it will do a number worth of damage (usually huge due to critical damage or vital damage depending on your system) and in reality it could be instantly lethal, or it could at least blind the giant, and a blind giant is much less deadly and much easier to avoid, as well as much more likely to fall and kill itself with the massive amount of momentum which would likely shatter its bones and deal massive concussive damage.

    Assuming the falling doesn't injure giants, then blind it and then proceed by surrounding it at a safe distance and peppering it with arrows (poisoned perhaps, or flaming) or set up a ballista and shoot it with that. If you are feeling particularly savage or vengeful toward it, have your men drop large caltrops to bring it down for sure, then secure chains to nearby large trees or boulders and then to huge barbed spears, have soldiers carefully close in and impale the giant's arms and legs and then once it is immobilized, brutally butcher it with axes,

    Due to this conclusion, the giant's natural enemy are the Mongols. A large force of mounted cavalry archers who are crack shots would be incredibly lethal and impossible to catch or kill by a giant.

  27. What about siege wepons like a balista or trebuchet? Plus I think cavery horse back with lances would be effective to cut throught any fur or padded amor they had plus the moment and speed of the horse wold be very effective. Depending on the type of giants they are.

  28. I feel that because of a giants high inertia and momentum, they couldn't change direction easily, so you could in theory sidestep a charging giant and rush to attack their Achilles tendon. The scythe would ruin this tactic though

  29. I'm suddenly reminded of that scene in the second 'Night At the Museum' movie. The tiny gladiators and cowboys are using their swords against the normal sized enemies. You see them slashing and thrusting their weapons and then it pulls back to show the men hopping on one foot, holding the other in pain.

  30. Hot oil with get them. Catapulting Javelins with a Bodkin point, Mass arrow volleys with flames, maybe have a pitch ditch and light that on fire, target the eyes , leg ligaments, spike battering rams? Not like you'll miss them with that massive target size.
    No way would I get close to them. If I did I'd be on horse. Attack those legs. I'd imagine they wouldn't be able to turn that fast.
    Pit traps with fecal matter would do. Infections might fester in them. They don't seem that intelligent so medicine may be primitive.
    Spiky barriers and caltrops would help. Poison can be used for extra effect.
    Are Giants easily scared? Maybe fire and loud noises can disorient them. Smoke as cover .
    For tactics a trap would do well. You could distract them with archers on horseback as you launch a Javelin at them. You could do psychological warfare with scaring them.
    You may want penetration over slicing.
    Attack them then draw them in to an ambush .
    Can you launch a Pike at them?

  31. For the next FANTASY RE-ARMED what about ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul version)?

    You always say that the good monsters are the ones that are stronger than the heroes, from that point of view woudn't ghouls be the perfect nemesis?

    They are stronger, faster and more durable than humans.
    For an exemple: the weaker ghouls are about 4 to 7 times stronger than human athletes, and those same times faster.
    The upper limit of their powers are still blurr, the strongest ghoul, Ken Kaneki, is able to take direct hits from MBTs (main battle tanks) to his kagune like it was nothing.

    A kagune is a ghoul's predatory organ, and there are 4 types of kagune: ukaku, koukaku, rinkaku and bikaku.

    -The bikaku looks like a tail, as it is released by the tail bone region of the body,as a weaponized functional limb it can be used to pierce, to pommel and some times to cut the opponent.

    -The rinkaku kagune most of the times resembles tenticals and it is released from the back of the ghoul, around the kidneys area, as a weapon it can be used the same way as the bikaku, but usualy rinkaku users have up to 4 kagunes, and on some rare instances they can have 8 kagunes. But it comes with a cost, their body and kagunes are more frail and can be broken more easily by ghouls of other types if they have similar strength. Their main advantage is their faster regeneration.

    -The koukaku kagune is like a sword that sticks out of the shoulder and involves the arm, this kagune is released below the shoulder blade. It is a sword that also protects the arm like it was a shield and armor hybrid, alowing to cover the torso. It is the only kagune type that can resist a shard attack from a ukaku, but is the most dense kagune, therefore it is harder to keep up with the other types in speed (this is lore wise because I don't think the extra weight would make any difference given how strong ghouls are).

    -The ukaku kagune resembles wings and comes from the upper shoulder. As the ukaku users have higher metabolic rate, they are the fastest ghouls but lack in stamina. They can shoot shards out off their kagune and use it (the kagune) as a shield and a bashing weapon, aldo with less sucess in the last one.

    Note: All kagunes are retractable as they need to blend in with their only food source, humans.
    They can only eat human flesh, if they try to eat anything else they can get food poisoned and won't be fed.
    All ghouls can regenerate their wounds, what happens it that the rinkaku users regenerate faster.
    Without showing their kagune or kakugan there is nothing to differ them from a normal human.

    The kakugan is the state their eyes enter when they are on danger or hungry. A eye in the kakugan state has black sclera and blood red iris. When the ghoul has activated his/her kakugan it means that their blood is full of adrenaline and, as a result, are stronger and faster.

    Please note:The majority of the ghoul population is strong enough to tear apart a van made of steel with their own hands, and resilient enough to be impossible to pierce the skin with knives, swords or spears.

    If they eat other ghouls they can become kakujas. A kakuja is much stronger than a normal ghoul, depending on how strong the ghoul was before becoming a kakuja, and their kagunes have a second stage more developed than the original one.

    The only ways for a human to kill a ghoul are: to stab the eye and get to the brain; to poison the ghoul; to starve him to death; or to burn their house while they sleep and hopefully burn them to death.

    The ghoul's only weak points are the eyes.

    How do you think the ghoul hunters should be equipped and what tatics should they use?

  32. If you are foolish enough to charge a giant with a sling
    Consider this
    That is a giant leather and rope weapon with a boulder in it.
    It can easily be used by the giant as a flail at close range.
    You’d be a blood smoothie at the flick of their wrist

  33. If the giant is tall enough you can run between it's legs cutting at the crotch might be a viable option. There's a lot of blood flow and tender bits there.

  34. Travis’s eyes split wide open. I could see the fear carving away at his usual stoic face. Thump, thump. We meant to hunt bear. We should have never left the safety of the mountains. It’s a shame. The air is so refreshing down in the valley. Thump, thump. “Travis, we need to get out of here.” I whispered to my elder brother. He pointed across the meadow. “When I say so, run like hell to that forest. Don’t look back. We will regroup and figure out what to do.” It has been nice having him back from the war this fall. He has really grown into his beard. War does that to ya I guess. “Now! Run, Godfrey!” I left the shadow of the bolder and immediately I saw our villain. A giant, ready with his sling. I guess we were not alone in the hunt. We were his game. The forest once across the field was now across the country. It took what felt like 15 minutes to reach the tree line. When I got there I could taste the copper flavor of blood. The air was thick enough to sustain my body. I could have ran for hours. “Godfrey. Get over here.” I ran to my brother. “How are we going to get out of here? There is a giant between us and home now.” Travis looked me in the eye with contempt for his foolishness little brother. “We can do plenty of things. We can walk deep into the woods and circle the valley. We could climb this mountain out of the giants range of breathable air. We could, shit!” By now, I really needed to, but I knew that he wasn’t talking about that. Smoke, I could smell smoke and horror took me. It hadn’t rained in two moons. The forest floor was covered in dry leaves. He was trying to smoke us out. “No no no!” Travis exclaimed. He thought for a second. “Godfrey, nock your bow.” In his tone I could tell that he meant goodbye. “Aim small. Get in as close as you can, then take out his eye.” “How am I supposed to get in close to that?!” “I will distract him. Walk up behind him when you are close, wait till he releases his stone from the sling then yell. When you see his eye, take it out and run back home.” “Releases his stone? Don’t tell me you are making yourself bait!” “We don’t have time, Godfrey! Follow my orders and do it quickly! Now you go left around the fire, I am going right. Now let’s go, better to be bashed to death than burned alive.” He began to run from me before turning and shouting, “Now, Godfrey!” Then he was off. I approached the left of the fire at the tree line. The giant was slinging his rocks the size of two of my fists at my brother a hundred yards away. His back was as planed turned from me. I approached the giant as quickly and quietly as I could. The longer Travis was out there the more likely we wouldn’t get out of here. One of them almost got him. He was slowing. Fatigue was eating his plan. I stopped. I could get closer, but I needed to do something. As I raised my bow I could hear Travis yelling faintly under the sound of the swing of the sling, “Closer, Godfrey! Closer!” I knew that he was right, and the fear of missing took me by the throat. I imagined the giant’s steal boot crushing my frame.” I awoke from my nightmare. The giant had released his stone and was now reloading his sling. I yelled a yell to wake the dead and fired my bow when I caught his eyes. Direct hit! By some wonderful magic, the day was saved!

    The giant fell to the ground, and revealed the true costs of this magic. God no. Travis vanished. I ran past the giant and my fears possessed my legs to a sprint. “Travis!” No “Travis!” The tall grass had a long impact in it. My stomach turned and I began to hurl. Only then did I begin to understand why. Blood, legs, his rib cage. He’s gone. Sure everything that made up Travis was opened up to my obsession, but the structure of God’s handiwork had been miserably defaced. The life of a man just seconds ago correcting my approach in his usual demeaning tone, extinguished. Smoke of an orphaned forest fire blocked out the sun. I sat on the grass and cried. I can’t get the smell of his blood out of my nose. To this day smoke blocks out my sun.

  35. My evil cleric can & will imprison pipe smoking wizards with unholy word. Beer guzzling dwarves too. Banish them & send them insane. A restoration spell can heal insanity, although Speak Truth spell is suitable with RCA Bipolar victims

  36. Because a giant is so tall smoke may work well, in the right conditions you could light grass fires upwind to blind and suffocate it while you hamstring it. And then you either light more fires around it and let the smoke do the work, or butcher it at your leisure.

    On another note if you had woomeras(spear throwers) you could do nasty ranged damage with steel tipped spears at a medium range possibly against armour (they make nice holes through road signs) with a good degree of accuracy.

  37. The funny thing that I can imagine the setting where somekind of people like Eskimos that can use dog sledges to lure giant using crossbows or some kind darts or as an ultimate weapon some kind of mobile version of greek fire that can melt giant's structure in a second

  38. What about Chinese rockets? To set the giant on fire?

    -Its some pretty big animals in hot climate, elephant?

    In prehistorical hotter climates the dinosaurs dominated?

  39. I think you've hit on something that's way more effective than you think. Because of their mass and height tripping and falling would actually be pretty devastating to a giant. If a baby tripping does nothing but a human tripping hurts, a giant tripping might seriously injure them. I think trip wire (it'd have to be very strong) would make much better traps and in melee entangling them like the AT-AT would be super effective. Even if they don't die from the fall now their head is at ground level right in eye-stabbing range, which you already said was the best way to do it

  40. a sharp wire between two trees at giant-ankle hight, at the very least it would trip them, at most cut their ankles apart, probably wouldn't go all the way through, but it would hurt

  41. Get behind the big guy. Ham- string the back of his legs. Immobilizes and takes down to a level that ca be killed. The Romans used such a tactic against elephants.

  42. 5:34 Yes they would have greater lung capacity but they would also breath way slower than humans, because they need to have a lower metabolism so that they don't produce that much heat, and that means all their biological processes, such as breathing, is also slower. After all breathing also uses energy and using/producing energy produces heat

  43. I like the idea of a bec de corbin if the giant's armor is lighter and your pike formation fails. A pointed end for thrusting at the back of the knee or inner thigh/groin, you could get lucky with a blow to the kneecap using the hammer head.
    The idea being if you can immobilize it you dont need to fight it, once a giant is kneeling on the ground immobilized by pain you can give it space for your archers to approach and execute with head shots.

  44. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the number one most useful weapon to use against giants, gravity. If you have ever fallen down, and weren't able to put your arms out in time, then you will know the feeling of being dazed after your head hits the ground. Now scale that up to a giant's height and there is a good chance that the force they would experience could give them a concussion, if not kill them. Therefore, the best way to kill a giant would be to lure it to unstable ground, or into a tripwire or swinging log trap, and then pounce on it when it hits the ground to finish it off.

  45. if you manage to sneak up on a giant with a pike just stick it in the crown juwels. it will go down possibly giving you time to run or stab his eye

  46. I was thinking while watching this, what about soft terrain like swamp/marshland… Sink the Giant, we should be able to walk on soil that would sink a giant (not comfortably but still).
    Or siege engines.

  47. Could arrows with flaming oil cloth be used against giants wearing thick padded armour? The armour is already a good thermal insulator and the fire would overheat the giant, making it tire out a lot faster, and slowly get rid of the armour for the pike men

  48. There is one thing, I am slightly disappointed that you didn't bring up horses. Like the biggest issue with a giant is that if it gets too close it will simply end you, and you need to keep your distance. Well what better way to move fast away from a giant is there that is better than on horseback? Not much in the medieval period.

  49. Medic here
    There are bones behind the eyes. It is thinner than the frontal skull but hitting the eye with an arrow doesn't guarantee the arrow will pierce the brain. There are openings in those bones but the arrow might not make it that far either. Arrows get stuck in flesh instead of piercing all the way through and a gigantic eyeball would probably slow the arrow enough that it can't pierce the bones behind the eyes. Blinding the giant (and other large creatures) is still a good idea of course but it doesn't necessarily kill them directly.

    Heat production based on creature size: Larger animals produce more overall heat which makes sense and generally they would need to have a way to lose that heat. That can be done by living in cold climates or by having larger surface area to lose that heat. An elephant would be a good illustration, big ears for fanning off heat. Breathing rapidly does help with heat exchange (such as dogs) but they are of course limited. If a giant was to be surrounded by fire it is quite likely to pass out from a heat stroke or at the minimum give them a nasty headache.

    Exhaustion is actually quite a common fighting/hunting technique. You don't have to strike an opponent down especially if they are heavily armored or big. Tiring them out works too. Especially because their body weight will tire themselves out (as Shad said, by a factor of 8 if their body is twice as large.) Humans are able to run marathons but a tiger or elephant can't. Even with humans, a heavily armored warrior simply can't fight for as long as a lightly armored one.

  50. If you are forced into a melee with giants if you have a large group of people I imagine a pike phalanx might be effective. That’s the only melee strategy I see being viable. Outside of that just kill them with ranged weapons or run away.

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