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Best IWB Holster – Alien Gear 4.0 IWB Holster

at alien gear holsters we want every
product we design to be an all new better way to carry a than ever
before invented our passion for design began with the original cloak tuck IWB
holster which then quickly evolved into the award-winning 3.0 holster it’s time
once again to evolve the IWB holster the 4.0 IWB holster offers an entirely
new class of comfort the overall size of the holster has been reduced which makes
it more comfortable than ever before we have eliminated the four points of
retention and limited the Flex on a 3.0 and now we have a single point of
customized retention the 4.0 still has the same patented stainless spring steel
core as the 3.0 however the new design has allowed us to shrink this down which
provides much greater flexibility these new advancements vastly improve
comfort from the first time you wear the holster at the same time we’ve brought a
new level of safety to IWB holsters that has never been achieved before now with
its innovative new design the shape shift now covers both sides of the
trigger guard it’s crucial for a safe holster to have a rigid surface
protecting your trigger guard by using a custom engineered mold for each firearm
every detail of your shape is captured by the impact resistant shell
designed from the same polymer that some are made out of making it far
superior to Kydex beyond breathtaking aesthetics the new detailed shells
provides you with a perfect fitting IWB holster you will hear a satisfying click
each time you holster an updated cool vent neoprene lens the back
of the 4.0 IWB holster offering more breathable comfort than ever before it’s
the type of padded material that disperses the weight of your firearm
while softly conforming to your waistline after hundreds of prototypes
and thousands of man-hours we’ve managed to eliminate all Hardware found on the
coked-up 3.0 the back of the holster base is now fully covered by breathable
neoprene without any exposed metal and our new adjustable holster clips are
completely tools to adjust your can’t and right height
simply relocate your holster clips by hand and never worry about screws again every single detail on this holster
serves a purpose the 4.0 IWB holster is designed with an
entirely new retention system our all new adjustable retention unit allows for
customized retention by the turn of a twist lock if you prefer active
retention there’s even an optional bummer lose our IWB holster is now edge
bound and features an all-new texture that will provide you with a perfect
amount of drag to your draw the 4.0 is part of the shape-shift
modular holster system the transforms from Neff IWB holster to almost any
holster you can think of from shoulders to upend extension each one is more
comfortable and more concealable than any you’ve tried before and all covered
by our 30-day test drive and forever warranty the all-new 4.0 IWB holster
learn more at alien gear holsters dot com

100 thoughts on “Best IWB Holster – Alien Gear 4.0 IWB Holster

  1. Awesome set up and is what thy say it is.Thanks for the 4.0 well Designed for a LTC person looking forward to more products from you well Done hands up.

  2. I am a bit annoyed that I did not see this video when I visited the company website before purchasing the Galco kingtuck for my Sig Sauer P227

    Now I have to debate buying another holster for the same firearm

  3. **I am concerned that Alien Gear does not have the Kydex covering the magazine release. Hidden Hybrid Holsters DOES cover the mag release button.

  4. My new 4.0 will be here this week . I have a 3.0 for a little more then a year . wear it every day with no problems. Both holsters are IWB.

  5. For the people that have experience with both this and the 3.0 tuck, which do you prefer? worth the extra 20 bucks?

  6. Also, do you still offer the shell trade in with this? I have a PX4 Storm compact now and may switch to a gen 4 Glock 26 in a few months.

  7. My school system is considering arming some teachers. I am a former LEO with Active Shooter Response training. I need an absolutely concealable​ holster for my XDs 3.3, but…would also like some sort of active retention system akin to Safariland's ALS. Ideas?

  8. I really don't like that the polymer mold does not wrap around the whole pistol. It was ok on the older models since the kydex was locked onto the backing on both sides. The polymer is only locked to one side of the backing on the 4.0. Not just that, but I am very active, I would think that the little tool that holds the polymer to the backing (the retention adjustment tool) would fall off as I wear the holster. I do like the new style belt clips that do not require hardwear. That is nice. On the 1.0 the hardwear used to bug me. I still wear the 3.0. The leather loops wear out to fast, but the plastic belt clips hold up better than I thought they would. Probably why they are recommend when you purchase a holster. The big problem all these holster have is they do not fully cover the trigger guard. Which is the main purpose of a holster. That needs to be improved. Alien gear is a good company and sells their products at a reasonable price. So I am sure as they keep coming out with new products they will eventually fix these problems.

  9. Dam you Alien gear! Now I got to try and talk the misses into letting me spend more money on another holster!

  10. Will the shapeshift ever be made available for firearms with a light attachment? Say, Shield 9 with Streamlight TLR6?

  11. Anyone have the glock 19 and used this holster? And maybe a bigger guy like myself. I’m considering getting one and trying to cut down on printing as much as possible.


  12. About time thank you alien gear ill be purchasing a few, I've done some reaserch on many diffrent holsters and all i can say is "WOW" bravo

  13. I’ve been wondering about getting an iwb holster for my S&W m&p9 vtac but I don’t know if it will fit an alien gear holster with the vtac sights of anyone knows it would sure help

  14. "Best IWB holster…"

    "If you have a Glock. If you have almost anything else then fuck you because we don't make the shell for it."

  15. I've got the 3.0 that I've worn every day for two years now, and I highly doubt that anything else could be considered an improvement over it.

  16. Your holsters are the BEST!!!!. After mine is on for a few minutes-I wear it at 2 oclock- appendix carry-I forget I have it on. I have gained weight to the point my pants are tight and still it is easy to forget that I have it on. It is that comfortable. I will be buying this new one as soon as I figure out which pistol I am going to get. I may be getting a full sized pistol and getting this holster IWB. I have no doubt it will still be very comfortable, and give me a quick and easy draw.

  17. Wish I would have got the starter kit. Picked up the 4.0 iwb to try it out and I am impressed to say the least. Very comfortable. Buy this!

  18. It really looks like a great holster, and I have money in hand. Problem is that I have an M&P 2.0 Compact that was launched in September 2017, and over a year later they still don't make the 4.0 for it or any of the 2.0 sizes and calibers. Running a bit behind.

  19. Man, I just got the 3.5 because you don't make this for the ruger security 9. The 3.5 is nice but this just looks amazing. I miss the full trigger guard coverage and that nice little click. Seems like you guys fixed everything i dont like about the 3.5 with this. Good job! Hopefully it doesnt take too long to get on par at least with all the different shells you have for your other holsters.

  20. Worst customer service! I don’t recommend purchasing from this company. They do not refund s and handling if you return an item. Complete waste!

  21. Please recommend a holster for PPQ M2 4inch. Need open carry for work. And one CC. I carry on hip or kidney. Nothing big and bulky.

  22. Dear AlienGear Company,

    I am looking for the 4.0 IWB holster for my Glock 21 Gen4 in .45ACP.

    I can not find a holster for it on your website.
    Are there future plans, a holster for the Glock 20 Platform?
    I would really appreciate an answer!


  23. Why does your website show up unsecure and as an unsafe site to visit and is flagged as to not provide sensitive info every time I visit it? Hmmm

  24. I can't buy this for my gun because they haven't made it for my gun yet. This is absolutely not acceptable!!!

  25. You know shit happens and regardless of our personal reasons, our choice of gun tends to change as well. So my question to whoever can answer, do you just buy another CCW IWB holster from alien gear? Or can you just change the Kydex? And typing this, I just caught myself, the shell would work differently from the Kydex so I can't even switch it out?

  26. I have the owb shape shift holster and it came with the trigger guard for the iwb holsters. So if I buy the iwb holster does it come with the clip to attach the Shell too the pad.

  27. How long do I have to wait to have this for my CZ SP01 TACTICAL ? A month ? 6 months a year ? 10 years ? Like seriously what the hell is taking so long ? Dont you people make enough money to hire more people ? What if I pay you double then can I get my holster made now ?

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