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Best iPhone Microphone (& Android): RODE vs iRig vs BOYA Lavalier Mics!

– Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here, from Primal Video. I’m a big fan of lavalier microphones, especially the ones you can plug directly into your smartphones. Now, last week’s video, we ran
through how you can improve the use of your lavalier microphones, so in this video, I’m going to run through my top three lavalier
microphones that are available on the market today. And they are the Boya BY-M1, the Irig Lavalier, and the Rode smartLav+. So this isn’t going to
be a technical review of the three microphones, it’s
going to be a side by side or one after the other comparison
of the three microphones so that you can hear the
difference for yourself. (bass-heavy electronic beat) Now before we jump into this comparison, it’s important to let you know that we are filming
this using a smartphone. We are filming it using
a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could have been a 7 if it wasn’t recalled but we’re using a 5 for this video. So we’re also going to
cover just a little bit about each of the three microphones before we get to the comparison. So the Boya BY-M1, which is actually what you’re listening to right
now, sells for about $20 US. It has the biggest cable out
of the three microphones, which measures in at 18.7
feet, or around 5.7 meters, so it’s huge. But it does give you a
great deal of flexibility when you’re filming. Probably the biggest feature
with the Boya BY-M1 microphone is that it not only
works with smartphones, it also works with DSLRs and a lot of laptop and
desktop computers as well. It does however, take a
battery, a small LR44 battery, which is what you’d find in a watch, but in my experience, that
battery lasts a really long time. So now, on to the iRig
Lavalier microphone. Now, this one sells for $49.99 US and it has a cable length of 59.1 inches, which is 150 centimeters. So it’s much shorter than the Boya, but it’s still more than enough
to get some great results. Now what this microphone has
that the other two don’t have, is an additional 3.5 millimeter plug, which will allow you to either
plug in a set of headphones so that you can monitor the audio going through the microphone, or you can plug in a
second lavalier microphone so that you’re able to get two directly into your smartphone. You also have the option
of buying the iRig Lavalier in a bundle of two microphones. So the third microphone
then, is the Rode smartLav+ which is actually a huge improvement on the original Rode smartLav. Now this microphone sells for $79 US but the biggest downfall
with this microphone is the incredibly short cable length. It’s only 45.5 inches, or 115 centimeters, which means the areas
that you can use this and the ways that you an use this, you’re incredibly limited unless you buy the extension cable,
which they sell as well. But then, not only are you
up for an additional cost, typically with anything audio, every time you add an additional
extension cable or adapter, you’re potentially losing quality. So now, on to the comparison. As I said before this is the Boya BY-M1 you’re listening to right now. I’m just going to count to 10 twice for each of the three microphones and that way you can hear the difference one after the other. One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10, One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10. And now you’re listening to
the iRig Lavalier microphone. One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10, One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10. And this is the Rode smartLav+. One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10, One two three, four five
six, seven eight nine, 10. And now we’re back to the
Boya BY-M1 microphone. So you can tell straightaway that I think the biggest
difference between the three is the Boya is a bassier sound, which some people like
and some people hate but for me, it’s the best all-rounder, especially at the price point of $20. It’s the microphone that I use
for all of my weekly videos because of the flexibility that I have with being able to use it on smartphone, as we are now, or using a DSLR. The iRig as well, is a really solid option and is probably my second
pick out of the three, considering the price
point and also the fact that you can add in a second microphone which is great if you’re going
to be doing any interviews or having two people on camera at once without the need for
any additional adapters. The Rode smartLav+ is a
great microphone as well. It’s the most expensive
at that $79 price point and it does have the
shortest cable length, which for me, is a major drawback. If you’re after a microphone
with a really short cable, then that’s your pick. Let me know what microphones
you’re using below, in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe and
give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was useful. And end screen. If you are hating your video editing, if you’re struggling with it, if it’s taking up way too much time, then make sure you download our free PDF which is linked onscreen now. It’s the ultimate step by step process for editing your videos and
it’ll save you a ton of time. I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Best iPhone Microphone (& Android): RODE vs iRig vs BOYA Lavalier Mics!

  1. Hey Justin! My son and I have a youtube channel that we're trying to get off the ground. I'm ordering the Boya lav mic you reviewed here. Do we need two mics? or just one on me enough? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the review, I am new to all this . I watched another review earlier and I think I got confused and bought Irig PRE as well , in your experience do you think its necessary , I tried with and without it honestly I do not see the difference as yet. I still have 30 days to return it , I would really appreciate your advice on this. I am using an android phone to film my videos. Thank you for the editing link too!

  3. Great video, thanks! I just bought a rodelink wireless kit + sc4 adaptor, but when I start recording videos on my iPhone 6 or android phone (Honor 7), it still capture the sound from the phone and not the external mic. Anything I should do? Any app or settings in the phone to get the sound from the internal mic? Thanks for your kind help!

  4. When using headphones with iRig, are you forced to listen to your recorder voice, or can you just use them simply as regular headphones?

  5. i bought boya but it's not working on my xiomi redmi 3 pro video application… it's only working on my audio application…

  6. Sir I am getting a continuous hissing sound in background with my boya mic when connected to my smartphone. And i am not around other electrical equipments as well. Can u help me?

  7. Hi sir, I was planning to buy boya by m1 today because of its good reviews but I was wondering if it's only good for interviewing? How about for recording jam sessions like singing?

  8. I hope that someday you will do a video onbest carioid unidirectional lav mics that can be used in noisy city or public areas when videoing on a smartphone or DSLR. Carioid unidirectional lav mics are said to cut back about 50% on background noise. Maybe you could also comment on best omnidirectional mics that do not pick up so much background noise in public areas. Many thanks for all the great videos.

  9. Hey justin great review! One question, I want to buy the BOYA for my iPhone, is it possible to record video and sound with the BOYA at the same time? Thanks 😁

  10. I have the rode and I wonder how I can make a video with my phone using the microphone? The only think I can do is recording but not with the video. Is this even possible with our using 2 phones?

  11. If you are trying to show us what microphones sound like please turn off the background music because obviously we have no way to tell what's coming from the music and what's coming from the microphone. Please redo this test without background music. Otherwise it would be very helpful but extremely hard to differentiate from One mic to the next when there's 50% music

  12. Thanks for this comparison, Justin. In my opinion, the Boya is the clear winner by virtue of price and the longer cord. I love powered mics as it's been my experience you don't suffer signal loss with longer cables. Soundwise, I couldn't tell any difference between the 3 mics in the video but I am old with a lot of rock and roll in my younger years. 😁

  13. Do you think I could use one of these mics with my note 5 as a wireless recorder (video would be recorded from a DSLR) and sync the audio with the video when editing my video. I would use the camera's recorded audio to sync the note 5 recorded audio and then delete it before rendering my video. I only need to record 10' or so from the camera so I'm sure I'd have adequate volume to sync the two audio, Your thoughs, or is there a better way?

  14. Hi Justin! Great video, thanks! However I’m researching what mic to use for a gardening channel I want to start – do bluetooth mics exist for iPhone 7plus? Would you recommend it? Ideally want no cable so I can move around the allotment beds and borders and teach! I’m so new to this and would highly regard your advice! Thanks – looking forward to viewing many of your videos! 🙂

  15. hello Justin I have the Irig and I just want to know how did you remove the bass sound from the mic? are you using an app as well while recording? Thanks in advance my friend and thanks for the side by side comparison!

  16. One of the most amazing sleeper mics which almost no one talks about is the ISK little gem. It is a pencil mic and of course would need to be boomed overhead, but for its minuscule price of $50 it generates awesome sound. You ought to try to get one and review it. ISK is an interesting company and if this mic is any standard for the other mics they sell, they could end up giving Rode a run for their money.

  17. Hey Justin Brown, thank you so much for sharing these tips, but can you please tell me why I am not getting that type of audio quality with boya mike with iphone 8 plus the one that you are getting ? My friend is using this boya mike in this video and audio is average.

  18. Justin, Great video! I was going to interview 2 people with my iphone 6. 1) I can's seem to find the Boya 2 mic set-up??? 2) Do you like the smooth Q Gimbal? 3)
    If I get one, can I install that app, and also ProShot?

  19. Hi Justin, thank you for your great job. I love to watch your videos. I have a Boya BY-M1 and an iPhone 6. The sound is crisp, but there is a hissing sound all the time (and this hissing sound is not ambient or background noise, it seems "internal", like white noise). I do not know how to get rid of this hissing sound. I have googled a bit, and it seems it could be the gain of the iPhone 6 is too high. But I do not know how to set the gain of the external microphone in the iPhone. Could you help me on that? Thanks.

  20. Thank you for your suggestion. I buy the Bayo BY-M1. The voice is good but i dont know why is sound a bit weird like a phone recording…. it is my phone problem or my setting is wrong

  21. Hai, the video is really good. I need to connect the mic with my laptop and use it, or I need a wireless mic that has to be connected to my laptop. can you suggest me a better microphone for my purpose below 80$ range?

  22. So which one will reduce hissing the most in the background I want to get one of these as I use my phone for gaming videos and I want to have a good audio also when I get it in my iPhone it just says record in the iphones camera so when I tap record will it just use to phones mic or the other mic that I applied plz answer I rlly need help….

  23. Hi justin. Do you edit the audio after recording? I have a Boya but it's been capturing lots of white noise… So it takes me forever to actually export my videos, covert them to audio, remove the noise via audacity, and then export and add it back to the video. 😥😥 How do you do it with your videos?? Thank you so much for all the great help and tips you post in your channel! 😊

  24. it seems that the sound of rode smartlav+ is just a little bit clearer than that of boya and irig. I intended to replace my boya with rode, but after watching your video, I don't think I should do that.

  25. I have a boy by m1 and I tried to use it with a microphone headphone splitter so I could listen to audio and record my voice but it won’t work.

    Have any tips to help? I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet about it

  26. I bought Boya and it finally arrived today, so today im going to test it. BTW all mics that you tested sound good. Best regards.

  27. i have bought boya, but even a built in mic in my macbookpro sounds better. i regret i didn't go for something better sounding tbh…

  28. I followed your advice and purchased the Boya BY- M1 and when it plugs into my Samsung S8 it comes up as a headset and the mic does not work.
    I'm sure there is a setting somewhere I can alter but can't figure it out.

  29. For all of us with Samsung phones and the microphones don't work with the video the only solution is to download an alternative camera app! The Samsung camera app does not let you use an external mic

  30. I am going to be video outside cooking show and have a water fall in back ground from pool what is best for the filming….I am wanting to use the Rode FilmMaker Kit…Please advice…I love your video

  31. Justin, you do amazing job! I love your videos! And can you also say something about this microphone? I heard it's good lav mic

  32. Hello Justin! Thanks for all your awesome videos! After watching your videos, I decided to download filmic pro and Boya BY-M1 for my cooking video using my iPhoneX. I was able to use the Boya BY-M1 for my first video. But now, every time I plug the Boya into my iPhone X, filmic pro recognize it, but there are statics so loud and couldn't hear my voice at all. Also filmic pro always so the sound to the max of it. Please help and let me know why is that so? Thank in advance!

  33. I have been so many reviews on these models this may be the only one i did not hear a difference.Its like you did not change the recorded audio at all

  34. Is there anything special (like $50 more special 🤷‍♀️) with the boya m1 lightning mic besides not having to use an adapter?
    BOYA DM1 Lavalier Microphone Lapel Clip on Mic with Lightning Connector Compatible with iOS iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus iPad iPod Nano Touch Using for YouTube, Interview, Podcast, Speech, Conference, Vlog

  35. Can I use the rode smartlav plus directly while recording video on my phone? I dont want to use an audio recording app.

  36. Tried the Boya on an iPhone X and I’m getting very inconsistent audio. I basically have to whisper or place it really far away to get clear audio. For the most part the audio is overdriven. What am I doing wrong?

  37. I have a Saramonics Wireless Lavalier which works fine with DSLR. Please give me a solution so that I can use it with my Android Smartphone.

  38. Justin I hope you can advise.
    I have a wireless mic system, it is a Sony URX P2, it will not work with the Samsung 10+. After many promises by Samsung Tech they have not got back to me, (go off the script and they are totally lost). In the end I bought Movo VXR 10GY just to prove I did not have a problem with the phone and it works extremely well, no thanks to Samsung. Have you any idea what the problem could be. I have tried without success to get the frequency range of the Samsung Tech department, could it be that? Any ideas !!


  39. I don't like the long cables to get tangled. I like a short cord with an extension cord. I'd buy the Boya if it had a short cord. I think I'll go with the irig.

  40. What mic would be best to use for a Zoom H1 hand recorder to get the same omni directional sound capture it has as default but with the chance of avoiding the handling noise on it? I am really looking into this option but not sure if lavalier mics are good for picking up a lot of sound all around?

    Nice videos have watched 2 of them so far and the Boya mic is ridiculously cheap so might pick that up anyway.

  41. I'm so glad I found this video. I bought the cheapest of the three (boya) and wasn't sure about the quality but it seems great. Thanks for the video!

  42. Dear Justin,
    thank you for this video
    Am looking for a wireless microphone that i can use during my latino dance classes .
    I was thinking of the boya or the lavalier connected to my iphone 8 which itself is related via a bluetooth devise to a sound amplifier.
    I have no need to record my voice during the sessions.
    Do you think that I can use these microphone with my iphone without performing any recording but only to voice louder during classes ?
    I have tried to obtain views on same from many sources but no one could answer my query.
    Looking forward for a revert.
    Kind regards,


  43. How does your boya sound so good? Mine sounds like a tin can. Haha Tried hours editing mine on audscity too and still sounds awful. Great video btw.

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