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Best Hunting Rifle for Women

What do you think is the best hunting rifle
for women? The best hunting rifles for women are designed
for women. They have a higher comb to accommodate a woman’s neck length, and the guns are
lighter. How is that different from the standard women’s
rifles? Most companies just chop half an inch off
the stock to accommodate a woman’s shorter reach. Makes sense, since women have shorter arms
than most guys. And, despite what feminists say, we don’t
match them on upper body strength. A woman’s rifle should have less recoil than a man’s
rifle, so purchase a rifle with a lower caliber like .270 or .300. What can you do to lessen recoil than get
a weaker gun? I want to know that if I’m attacked by a man or a bear – or manbearpig
– that I can take him down with one shot. Lighter stocks on primary guns seem appropriate
because the gun weighs less. However, the guns with lighter stocks have worse recoil. What can I do if the gun shop doesn’t have
a lady’s section? Smaller women should look at purchasing youth
models, denoted as YM. While designed for kids and teenagers, they fit a woman’s hands
better than a man’s rifle. I’d like to use a rifle that we already
have in the closet, instead of going out and buying a new one. If you already own a rifle or want to buy
a rifle not designed for a woman, just buy a new stock or have a shorter, custom one
made. What can I do to reduce recoil? It does me
no good if a warning shot knocks me over. You could use a muzzle break to reduce recoil,
or put butt pads on the rifle butt. That sounds like a joke. Wood stocks reduce recoil, but they add weight
to the gun. I’d rather have a rifle over the door to
deal with a dog attacking my kids or a stranger lurking outside the house than prayer and
911. Instead of calling a gun a lady’s rifle,
they are sometimes called compact models. These guns use standard stocks but design
the gun to have a shorter length of pull. Ah, so that the guys who need it won’t be
uncomfortable buying a woman’s gun.

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