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Best Glock Upgrades: 8 Custom Builds!

– If you’ve every wanted to get the deets on the myriad of Pew Pew
Tactical’s boutique glock builds, stick around because today
we are going to give you a quick rundown on our
Honda Civic handguns. (chill music) What is up guys? My name is John with, your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides and all things that go bang. We get a pretty good amount
of comments asking us to detail what exact parts we’re using in some of our more exotic glock builds. So we figured that a very
quick video detailing what is in our personal
guns might be pretty fun. As always, you can peep
the description below for a list of all of the
items and accessories featured here. So without further ado, let’s hop on in. First up, we’ve got our
editor Eric’s Gen 3 Glock 17. This is Eric’s home
defense gun, and by far the glock in our collection
with the most mileage on it. It’s approximately seven years old, with maybe 7000 rounds sent downrange. The stop recoil spring
has been swapped out for a stock replacement
when it began to wear out after about 5000 rounds. The slide stop and mag
release have been swapped with Glock OEM extended
versions, with the mag release being ground down a little
bit with sandpaper for comfort as it was callus inducing. The gun features some light
stippling for more grip but this was before stick-on
Talon grips were released. We likely wouldn’t stipple a gun nowadays since it is a permanent modification. The finger grooves have been ground down pretty significantly
since Eric’s personal grip doesn’t agree with them,
giving the grip a profile similar to that found
on Generation 5 Glocks. The stock 5.5 lb trigger
connector has been swapped for a Ghost 3.5 lb connector which lowers the trigger
pull by about a pound. The gun features factory
Glock night sights and a Streamlight TLR-1. Up next is a home-brewed
Polymer80 Glock 19. This gun is much more
of a fun project build than anything else, and we
certainly wouldn’t use it for any serious applications
like home defense or concealed carrying, but that being said it does look super cool
and serves as a platform to test a lot of new accessories on. As mentioned, the gun is
built on a tactical gray Polymer80 frame and
features a red Apex trigger, which in our opinion is
the best bang for the buck out of all Glock triggers
that we’ve tested. Upfront we’ve got an Inforce
APLc Glock weapon light, which fits perfectly flush
with a Glock 19’s frame. The Grey Ghost Precision
slide up top is made with such tight tolerances that
if you were planning to mount this on a Polymer80 you better
build yours really well. No Dremel jobs allowed. The Grey Ghost Precision
barrel is an upgrade over the factory Glock barrel and will provide a little bit better accuracy at range. Optics-wise we’ve got
a Trijicon RMR Type 2, with a 3.25 MOA dot and
Night Fision night sights, which are suppressor height
and do co-witness with the RMR. Up next is our Gen 3 Glock 34. This was Eric’s personal
competition gun for a while, due to its longer barrel,
slide, and sight radius. As you can see, the gun has a
pretty extreme stippling job on it, which quote
‘hurts almost everyone.’ The extended slide stop
and extended mag release are standard on a Glock 34. The gun’s got a ZEV Fulcrum
ultimate trigger installed, which is our favorite out
of all triggers tested in our Best Glock Trigger
article linked below. The gun’s got a tungsten
guide rod for extra weight in the front that helps tame muzzle rise, and a fiber optic sight
set for more on tactical. ♪ In the arms of the angels ♪ ♪ Fly away ♪ – My own personal Glock
17 isn’t terribly exciting but this is my current
home defense set up. The gun is more or less
factory, outside of a set of AmeriGlo suppressor-height night sights and the Streamlight TLR-1,
as I get a little wary performing gun surgery on
a thing I might absolutely need to function reliably
at some point in the future. The suppressor-height
sights are sorta cool, and I do enjoy the larger profile. In theory, they should
co-witness with an RMR if I ever decide to go that route. I intend to really get
more extensive trigger time through some classes I’ll
be taking later this year, and I’ll likely have a
few small tweaks that I’ll be making to this
gun further down the road. Up next is Eric’s Generation 3 Glock 19. This is a secondary home defense gun, and also occasionally a CCW. The gun features the same
extended slide stop, mag release, and Ghost 3.5 lb connector
as found in his Glock 17. With this gun he’s decided
to go with the stick-on Talon grips instead of
stippling, and it should be said that these are the rubberized Talon grips and not the sandpaper
versions, which helps prevent snagging if you are drawing
from inside of a waistband. The gun’s also got Glock
factory night sights and a TLR-7 which fits the
compact Glock 19 perfectly. Up next is our Polymer80 Glock 17. This is another fun build
in a full-size flavor, and features the windowed Brownell slide, which in our opinion is the best budget after market Glock slide. The windowed slide allows
the super-pimp gold titanium nitride Faxon
barrel to poke through, because if it doesn’t
look cool, why bother? Now because this is a fun build we have sacrificed performance for aesthetic and we’ve gone with a
gold velocity trigger which is not our favorite and
is actually a little bit mushy but looks great combined
with the color palette of the rest of the gun. Optics-wise we’re running
a Burris FastFire 3 with a 3 MOA dot connected to the slide via an outer impact Glock dovetail mount, which works for almost all red dots. There are no iron sights because eh. Up front we’ve got a Streamlight
TLR-8 light and laser combo which has come in handy for
night-time competitions. Up next we’ve got a Generation 3 Glock 26. This is primarily a backup and travel gun, and features an extended slide
stop, extended mag release, and the Talon stick-on grips
that we mentioned earlier. We’re running the same Ghost
3.5 lb trigger connector in this gun that you’ll find
in most of our other Glocks. And the Pearce mag extensions allow you to get a better grip on the
gun with the mag inserted. And last but not least,
we’ve got a Rainier Arm special edition Grey Ghost Precision slide that we are currently testing. Now we don’t have a whole
lot of range time on this guy quite yet, but it does feature
a Killer Innovations barrel which should be incredibly accurate because of the single point cutting method they use to create the rifling. Alright guys that’s
gonna do it for us today, thank you so much for watching. We hope you’ve enjoyed this Tour de Glock and if you did go ahead and
subscribe to the channel as we’ve got lots more content on the way. Once again my name is John
with Pew Pew Tactical, and we will see you next time. (chill electronic music)

29 thoughts on “Best Glock Upgrades: 8 Custom Builds!

  1. Some feedback John: can you be less ‘sing songy’ in your vids? I’m not trolling. I don’t normally post a lot. Just want to see PPT take off and imho, I think you need to be less sing song; but not dead (think Visine guy). I’m not saying I could do better; just giving constructive feedback.

    The YAM was awesome. Keep that for sure. Keep me coming man, I’m looking forward to more.

    <let the troll replies begin here…>

  2. I'm really glad that PPT is expanding it's video library. I've always enjoyed the articles and I appreciate the effort that must go into creating video content. Good on ya!

  3. I would get a Overwatch Precision TAC trigger over a Apex but that's just me. 😁. I would add a slide lock lever to any gen Glock model. 👍. The Tango Down Vickers mag release is excellent. I like Trijicon HDs or TruGlo TFX Pro night sights. I add Glock factory safety orange mag base pads but the Vickers Tactical versions are good too. I would not suggest the Larry Vickers Glock 3-4 slide stop. The edges can be sharp, rough. 👎. They make a new gen 5 version but I have not tried it yet. I like KKM after market barrels but I got a Storm Lake .40 converted type barrel for my Glock grey 20 10mm. 😉. BTW, Cerakote Elite is good but the older Robar Guns NP3+ is impressive. 👍. I'd avoid the nickel type Metalife from Mahovsky. My Glock 21 .45acp had a few misfires & jams after I had Metalife added to the Glock upper. The QC-service was 👎 too.

  4. Why Does everybody always say they leave their gun stock for reliability purposes? If high quality aftermarket parts are purchased reliability doesn't change. The parts used in the stock Glock are to meet a certain price point as well as function properly If Glock could put more expensive parts in and it would cost them the same price to build they would do that. Upgrading certain components in your glock does not mean it's any less reliable in my opinion unless you start changing around spring rates on your firing pin and recoil spring. Again all this is my opinion but I have never had a single malfunction with any of my built glocks.

  5. Dude you seriously have some funky looking fingers. You need to shave your beard and cut your hair! It looks like you are trying way to hard to look like aaron.

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