Best Gameplay on Frontlines! – Battlefield 5

hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here today I got another sick full round for ya not quite as full Ollis but
almost was playing frontlines on grand operations and before I knew it I had
not died it was running around looking everywhere for ammo at one point and
good ol attrition right it’s still great round and figured I share it with you
today hope you enjoy if he did be sure to leave a like and if he didn’t a
dislike and let’s talk shop in the comment section down below one no no no
stop being accurate I can’t hit you nothing good right now reload your
bullets what I want to shoot you might need the bullets oh what the
Wow I feel a little slow today I mean I was
good earlier a little slow all of a sudden I gotta focus in an accurate case
use of that car and you hit him cuz I see him there he is now
alright well I’ll take it you know you can take you take what all right sounds good conference sounds
good dude ow oh your time to fall at seventy-six so you’re talking about
battle supply by just reading your message gosh I gotcha gotcha I
understand oh my gosh oh my god that guy was here to help save me should have had that Oh Oh got him I got two bullets I’m no bullets I got a
run somewhere I’m gonna go Bob the Builder ham over here well suddenly a my sport bullets I’ll
take it I came over here for a moment in my mission I don’t there’s a me over
here two more bullets what the heck okay hey derpy what’s up dude
I was located to see till these dead bodies hopefully I can
get some ammo here I love this out of ammo again okay all right really feeling
the attrition right now the first time ever it’s the Mars yeah but I like the
way the snipers feel more so all right let’s hear look at all this stuff you can build and
you can’t build a mouse maybe shoot the other guy there we go find out Emma nice all
righty oh shoot she’s coming oh we’re good thank you to overpower see that is when people res is so
confusing sometimes I don’t know what a kid if you didn’t die this guy’s gonna get jumped okay there’s a key moving Tim Burley’s I think you can move into it they’re
young yeah I’m running 1440p and 165 Hertz can’t tell those a person when I see
these right there I’m gonna need more ammo in a second Wow Wow
yo desi what’s up dude thank you for the rez low on ammo though Oh God
thank you wow dude you really really stepped up there Jesus thank you take my
butt what get it back up and right on their spawn
I’m gonna get overrun I should have gotten that guy crap it and see who’s
down hopefully I don’t chase me down too much I got a reposition thank you for
the ammo Mike reload is bugged what’s bug nice gg that was a good comeback that
was nice 104 kills and I missed the first point I missed the whole of first
objective that was like she really good around 33 headshots killstreak 69 a
smile I had 43 kills that although I only died once I only died once I got
Reza’s RA I’m pretty sure that’s really a great game oh I gotta remember that
one thanks again for watching don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it
dislike if you didn’t and I’ll see you guys all in the next video

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