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Best Camcorders For Youtube Firearm Videos. TacticalNoob42 Shoutout. Sony Handycam

yo this is mattv2099 welcome to the 2099 project my 2099ers. this is another high-speed low drag table top review uh… actually this video is a shot out
to tacticalnoob42 who is doing a making shooting videos for noobs series so if you’re a noob and you want to make some youtube videos he will give you some advice I’m just going to show you what cameras I use this is the first camerai I bought for making youtube videos i believe this is the best bang for the
buck camera that exists for HD this camera is the sony handycam HDR-CX190 its a three hundred dollar camera that was
just discontinued and you can purchase it for about two hundred bucks if you can find them and it’s awesome there’s no bells and whistles it’s not a touchscreen its button it doesn’t have any internal memory
so you have to buy a memory stick thats the only thing that sucks extra batteries are expensive but just out of the box for a two hundred dollar camera and if you buy a 16 gig memory card memory card you’re fucking rollin you’re making youtube videos HD insert a clip but uh… this camera is as much a torture test survivor as my epic glock 17 here’s the froglube glock this camera has had jello, pudding honey all that shit in all those early videos where i was torturing that glock with food this camera got tortured the lens was coated in food every time its manual that’s cool thing
about it so this is it and get this
camera get it nownow they’re on sale because its
discontinued get them before you cannot get them anymore the camera im filming this with right now is this camera i have two of them i just bought another one because so i guess buy this camera if youre a total noob sony hdr0cx190 will quickly say here is another sony handycam that uh… i don’t think it’s really
worth the money i pay for it its more expensive as internal memory that’s cool it does a sixty frames per second which is neat but im not set up to handle it automatic shutter touch screen but for the extra money not worth it decentcamera this ones better for the money id rather have a couple of these than one of these next camera this is the hdr-cx260 decent camera but not worth it for the money here’s the uber camera this is the hdr-pj710 again discontinue camera thirteen earned on
camera on sale for eigh hundred and fifty dollars see the the lenses on gyroscopes so it shoots all really smooth i don’t need this as a projector big dong battery the last a long time touch screen everything kind of neat not necessary another thing that can break i guess if you really want to spend some money and get a really good camera oh yeah its got a larger lens that’s important you get that bug effect with the smaller lenses whereas you shooting your video with small
lens it appears as though youre farther away so with this one with the bigger lens and awesome zoom and you can get just amazing high-quality close ups and shit and of camera expert as you can
probably tell but as my professional opinion real quick moving on this is sony’s version of the gopro
this is if you want a hundred twenty frames per second
that’s four times slow-motion for less than two hundred dollars you buy this i bought this instead of the gopro
because for redundancy with batteries and
cables and because i wanted to try something else besides the gopro i didn’t want to buy the ultimate ultimate mondo hero of doom so i bought this for a couple hundred dollars mine was on sale one more camera. this camera i bought because of tacticalnoob because of his his recommendation i havent even used it yet its brand new sony cybershot dsc-hx20v it was on sale a hundred dollars off at walmart i don’t know three three fifty four nine
on camera who was two hundred and forty nine its a three fifty or four hundred dollar camera i paid two forty nine at walmart right now is great time to buy cameras you can find crazy good deals right now discontinued models all that shit this is one hundred percent recommendation from tacticalnoob42 better be good camera this is going to be my edc camera super small lightweight pocket camera i can keep with me and film random shit when i am adventuring so those are my cameras if you’ve seen my videos and like the video quality most of them were filmed with this and this and in the recent videos like uh… shoutout to larzul chip video was that a lot of some of that was this especially the
points where people were saying hey somebody actually said int he comments that was some smooth steady hand work that was because of the gyroscopes on this bitch that’s really cool that lens is dirty thats what sucks when you do videos like mine you get splatters all over the lens iphone 5 1080p i filmed a few things with it ive uploaded just a second or two here
and there another good edc camera its got the bug effect its got this tiny ass lens so when you film it looks like you’re a million miles away thats why you want bigger lenses and shit if you can afford them get something like this shout out tacticalnoob42 check out his channel

100 thoughts on “Best Camcorders For Youtube Firearm Videos. TacticalNoob42 Shoutout. Sony Handycam

  1. No one NEEDS to record HD footage. That kind of power should only be in the hands of the police and the military. I really hope that Miss Fienstein finds away to get these high definition assault camcorders off the streets.

  2. Civilians call it a camera. Operators call it a camcorder. Either an operator types in the titles to your videos or your yotube reviews persona is a civilian.

  3. both personalities reside within me. I am both an operator and a non-operator. I never know which bad ass I will channel.

  4. I have a decent job. very few bills. I live super cheaply. Almost no debt (Student loads still exist and cost me 80$ per month). Car insurance is like 30$ a month. My monthly bills are less than 1000$.

  5. yeah. I wish I could do that. IF it were less than 5,000$ I'd be all over it. But for 20-100k I'd rather put that money towards a house!

  6. Never used anything other than Sony. I loved the HDR-cx190 so much I kept buying sony. The cx260 was a bummer. But the pj710 reassured my sony love. So then I went and bought the cybershot and action cam!

  7. all camera's should be sony's and all sony's should be hdr-cx190

    your responiblilty to be ready for youtube never ends.

  8. I recently bought the CX190 off Amazon for 180.00 shipped after watching this review. Excellent camera.

  9. Your first cam is my favorite also. Wish they still made them. Broke my Bloggie sport today. Mounted it to my 10 Gauge. It could handle 223 and 308.

  10. Yes it was. Going to Wennie For duck and goose hunt wanted to video my shots. Last year and earlier years Big Foot from Swamp People was our guide. Hope he is still guiding.

  11. good stuff i have the same handycam Matt did it ever seem to you whenever your uploading or editing the footage does'nt seem to be as good or is it something with my computer? 

  12. Some good info on stuff I know very little about. Now I can make YouTube videos. I'll take a M&P and shove play dough and shit in it and see how it functions. Huh, I'm surprised no one else does this shit. I'll call myself fps2099'merica. Or not. I do have a Sony handy can and they are bad ass. Wish I could find mine

  13. Wich camera produces the lowest quality. And wich is the smallest one. And witch one is the smallest that produces the best quality or I sit all the same

  14. i use an old flip camera and my samsung galaxy s5 for the most part. though i need to make more videos for my gear channel. just wondering your opinion on those two cameras and if you have any experience with them? 

  15. How do you use this camera outside in bright light? i  see many youtube videos done outside and seems to me it be difficult to see the screen when recording outside in bright light wuth this camera.

  16. I just got a Samsung HMX-F90 for Xmas, but now I think I'll go spend some of my own money and buy a Sony for my YouTube videos. I really like that one with the gyroscopes.

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  18. Where is your camera set up? I want to start filming crafting videos and need footage of my hands. Is your camera on a tripod behind you? And how is the audio on the Sony handycam? Would I need an external mic?

  19. I've had a Sony Handicam for like 14 years. I love it. I should actually pull it out and charge and use it, to make sure my battery doesn't break x_x It's been a few years.

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