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what why did it stop
why did it stop damn it Hey everyone azura here, we got some more Ross MkIII gameplay for you today. It is hands down the best bolt action rifle for aggressive sniping it is a mix of the M95 and the Lee enfield. It also does not have the T post scope that a lot of people did not like. If you haven’t seen my review of the gun, please go check it out in the description below. Please consider liking and subscribing to the channel if you think the video has earned it, otherwise enjoy. aw come on actually walked in front of a shot
got him oh gosh I died what the hell Alright I think I am going to get shot anyway but I think I got a semi out no come on dude got him how is he over there already tons of people here we have to push oh got him oh what
there is a guy right there what am I doing I got you cutie oh geeze I almost had him oh thank you I am literally running around like a maniac
I am being so dumb

15 thoughts on “BEST BOLT ACTION RIFLE – Ross Mk III

  1. It is definitety the best rifle now! it is fast it feels great and it works well for short to long range👍 awesome vid with the ross!!

  2. Awesome sniping dude, I like the ross, but I do like the kar 98 a little better. What customization do you use for the ross?

  3. Honestly though, why can't DICE just add the customizable option for a 2x magnification scope option to all sniper rifles just like the Selbstlader 1906? Something like the Ross rifle will benefit greatly from it since it's a weapon catered towards more aggressive players.

  4. Okay for starters you're using that rifle wrong, yes it is the best bolt action rifle for aggressive sniping but use it with the iron sights so you never have to scope out. I've gone on so many streaks with that setup it's been amazing and another thing is, I'm getting real tired of all the video reviews for BFV on YouTube are almost always on PC. You losers do realize most people play on console and show casing accuracy with a rifle on PC is so much more easier to do than on console that you're deceiving most people who watch this.

  5. I keep hearing people going on about how it's "useless shit" or something while I'm here laughing in no bullet drop

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