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oh my gosh dude that was so dirty. alright yo what is going on guys real quick
I just wanted to show you what class setup I was using in the clips that you will see
in the rest of the video. Anyways, what we got running on our AX50 is
the 17 inch factory barrel, tac laser, stinguard arms assassin stock, sleight of hand for the
perk, and then finally we got stippled grip tape for our rear grip. And then thats it for the AX50, then I was
using a combat knife and I’ve been using this for mobility to get around the map a lot more
quicker. For my perks I have coldblooded, ghost and
amped. Amped so I can switch between my sniper and
my knife quickly. ANd then we got a throwing knife for our lethal. And then we got stim for tactical. And thats about it. If you guys do want to tryout this setup let
me know what you think of it. hopefully you guys do enjoy the rest of the
video and I will see you guys next time.

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