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In this video we will go over all of the Assault
Rifles in Mass Effect Andromeda, the best augment setup for each gun, then compare those
to find the best Assault Rifle for you. Remember folks if you enjoy these videos,
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good stuff from Mass Effect Andromeda. Without further delay, let’s get into the
videoSo when it comes to assault rifles, I always
think of mid-range precision on one side and close to mid range blitzing and annihilation
on the other, As Assault Rifles can cover a number of different
uses, there will be 3 top picks, one focused on Precision players going for semi-automatic
headshot goodness at mid to close range, another going for complete carnage where only 50-70%
of shots will actually hit and when they do it just tears them in half or jackhammers
through some masonry and a midway point balanced between precision and obliteration. There will also be a 4th classification for
Special Weapons, these do not fit comfortably in the other 3 due to special attributes,
these 2 guns are the Soned and the Falcon, the Soned being a minigun and the Falcon being
a Grenade Launcher, these special guns will not be ranked with the others but will be
reviewed for their use.The testing process will be performed in Normal
difficulty. The guns will be tested at rank 2, Each gun will be briefly explained with recommended
augments & mods used, and why, followed by a testing of the gun at long, mid and close
range on a collection of standard targets. It should also be noted that my skills during
all testing are maxed out Assault Rifles and Combat Fitness in the Combat Skills tree with
a rank 2 Soldier Profile active, no other skills are active. The Guns being tested are:
Cyclone M-37 Falcon
M-8 Avenger M-96 Mattock
N7 Valkyrie P.A.W. Revenant
Sandstorm Sweeper
Thokin Soned
& The Zalkin For those wondering about the L-89 Halberd,
from everywhere I have looked, it would appear it is not possible to gain the Blueprint for
this weapon, you can obtain a rank 1 L-89 Halberd from the Weapons Merchant in the Kadara
Port, no other means appear to be there, on that subject, if anyone has obtained an L-89
Halberd of a different rank or the Blueprints to the weapon from anywhere, all information
on this would be hugely appreciated and welcome in the comments.The Cyclone fits into the Fully Automatic
classification with a low damage of 38 at Rank 2 and a rate of fire of 675, it’s clip
size is huge at 80 with equally decent reserves of 321, it starts to fail quite a bit with
its accuracy of 62, this is where balance would have been achieved if they had made
it a little more accurate, the weight is on the high side of medium at 26. I see the cyclone as a mini mini-gun. The augments for this gun are up for debate,
The vintage heat sink could be of use here, but the cyclones initial wind up before shooting
makes it less effective than most, the reload speed isn’t all that bad but the vintage heat
sink cannot negate the wind up speed, the bio-converter has the same issue though being
a much better option for fully automatic classified weapons as with such a weapon you don’t pause
between shots as much as you would semi-automatic, which will always lead to an overheat with
a heat sink. With the Cyclone and it’s 2 augment slots
without the cryo perk, I would suggest neither the vintage or bio-converter and simply rely
on ammo pods, using the augment slots for a double mod extension and maybe an aerial
performance optimizer for some high damage while hovering. For mods I would use a Barrel for Damage,
Magazine for Clip size, Scope for Accuracy and a Stock for Stability. The cyclone performed poorly at mid range,
the stability is a real issue and with it only starting to cause good damage after you’ve
been on the target for a few hits, it really shows its flaws. I did try the vintage heatsink on the weapon
anyway and this was better as while it has a huge capacity for ammunition, it goes through
it super fast without doing all that much carnage. I tried a third approach running in headfirst
to make use of the Aerial Performance Optimizer, this was noticeably more effective, but even
on normal this exposes you to such a degree, that it is very easy to die. If you had every shield, armour and health
boost out there, this could be a very fun weapon for close range hover death, but otherwise,
it is to be avoided. I think the +35% Rate of Fire when hovering
may give a better experience as opposed to the +35% damage, but that would, of course,
require a Vintage or Bio no matter what as you will empty your reserves so fast.The Avenger is a generic nothing special looking
Assault Rifle, at least it would seem by looking at the stats, with damage of 40, Rate of Fire
of 525, clip size of 48 and a max ammunition of 385 it feels like the cyclones baby brother,
then the accuracy of 77 starts to make it feel a little more balanced and then a nice
low 19 weight. This gun is worth a test, this assault rifle
fits into the Automatic Classification. The augments for this gun will be simple,
Vintage heat sink, though a bio-converter would be better if you have the skills in
life support and a double mod extension to fill it’s 2 augment slots. The mods to be used on this gun are a Barrel
for damage, Magazine for clip size, Scope for accuracy and a stock for stability, The penetration and headshot from a receiver
would be great but I deem it the least important mod for this gun. The field test on the M-8 Avenger showed its
stability was actually quite good, especially compared to the Cyclone, it’s damage felt
a little better also, I assume this is down to the higher accuracy and better stability
making more projectiles hit the target even though the rate of fire is lower and the damage
is similar. While better than the Cyclone in pretty much
every way as a whole as far as actual usage goes, this is still not an amazing Assault
rifle, it’s certainly usable and requires no research to gain the blueprints which is
great, but there are better options for the Fully Automatic Class.The P.A.W. or Particle Accelerator Weapon
is a kind of beam weapon that at least appears to shoot a continuous beam yet it is as with
everything based on basic numbers of 46 Damage at a rate of fire of 600 with a clip size
of 42, the damage is low but to be expected with a high rate of fire, the clip size is
also low until you consider that it has a built-in heat sink which makes it actually
not that bad, even so, with the built in sink its rate of fire compared to its damage is
lacking, that’s where the super high 112 accuracy comes in. The high accuracy is a strange thing to see
on a weapon that fits fully in the Automatic class, but is a standard for remnant weapons,
their low damage over time compared to Heleus and milky way is offset by high precision
and unlimited ammo. Many people swear by the P.A.W. mixed with
the Electrical Conduits or Plasma Augments and that the electrical especially is great
for shields & architects, but while it’s OK for that, a properly outfitted Piranha is
better and is usable in far more situations. The Augments we’ll be testing on the P.A.W.
are Double mod Slot, Equilibrium Regulator for 5% dmg moving slowly or 10% fast, this
can be changed out for whichever suits your playstyle better, but this seems the best
default choice, then fill with Kinetic Coils by default. We will also be trying the Bio Converter to
see how it performs, as my main problem with this gun in previous testing is its low clip
size, and while it’s already unlimited ammo, it’s worth a try, and another quick test with
the Bio mixed with Electrical Conduits as with the instant reload, the conduits may
be usable. Mods for this weapon are Barrel for damage,
scope, for just having a scope, the accuracy isn’t needed so if you prefer to hip fire
definitely go for the magazine for clip size, stock for stability and receiver for penetration
and headshot bonus. So, the field test started with the Equilibrium
build, the clip size once again brought the whole experience down, it’s a good weapon
for the damage with rate of fire, better than the stats would suggest, but the small clip
size and constant overheating happens just as the damage starts to build to full. I do not recommend the P.A.W. at this build. However, the second test using the Bio-Converter
made this gun very very good, the bio-converter mixed with the vintage isn’t a waste, it’s
a match made in heaven, sure they both give unlimited ammo, but if you pause for a second,
the heat sink still kicks in to reload the charge without a health knock, the bio-converter
also gives you chance to reach max DPS and properly melt those larger anointed and such. The stability takes a bit of getting used
to but once you have, keeping a constant headshot will kill them so quickly. The third and kinda fun build was the Bio
converter with Electrical Conduits, people had mentioned in the comments about me not
testing the electrical conduits enough on the P.A.W. and with my main issue being clip
size, this was worth a try. It did not at all disappoint, it was standard
against the average enemy, but against a shielded target, they were obliterated. Range, is certainly an issue, this gun has
a short range really, midway into medium at best, about 60 meters or so I’ve found and
the electrical conduit shortens that further, but if you are within the needed range, this
is just lethal against those enemies. I loved this setup so much, I went and found
a Fiend to test armour for a larger target, this is where it really pointed out that it
is a shield only weapon, it didn’t do terribly, but a shotgun, either Piranha or Dhan would
be far superior here. After that I went and found a small little
sub-vault and took on some Remnant, turns out it melts those super fast too, it is on
par if not a little faster on observers than my level 3 Vanilla Dhan, without a solid test
I can’t say which is better. But, I will definitely be making a custom
P.A.W. with electrical conduits and bio-converter to take with me to my next Architect rumble
and see how it performs on the legs and face vs the Piranha.The Revenant is another Fully Automatic class
Assault Rifle that boasts rate of fire and capacity above all, it’s damage is low at
45 and rate of fire high at 620, the clip size is a monster at 96 with a max capacity
of 463, seems ok so far, but then you see the accuracy is an awful 59 and the weight
is a heavy 30. At a first look this rifle doesn’t seem all
that, it’s clip size being large feels like it may allow for a vintage to be usable, but
with the high rate of fire, the clip size with vintage would be taken to around the
same as the PAW leading to the same problems without the possibility to fix with a bio-converter,
so, with that said, I would not suggest this weapon with a heat sink and instead only Bio
converter which of course requires some tech skill for health regen for long term use. You could use this gun without an unlimited
ammo source of course which would be preferable to a heat sink. The main problem to solve on this gun is the
accuracy, so that can be done by either using at super close range or by fitting a seeking
plasma augment, we’ll test both to see if it’s worth the trouble. The augments used in this test will be Equilibrium
Regulator with double mod and a kinetic coil for build one, the Equilibrium will shine
in this test as without accuracy this gun require close range and therefore movement
will be essential during its use, the 2nd build will consist of a Bio converter, Seeking
Plasma and double mod extension. The mods recommended for this gun are Barrel
for damage, Magazine for clip size, Scope for Accuracy and stock for stability. The field tests for the Revenant were interesting
indeed, the Equilibrium build was ineffective at range as predicted but quite fun and effective
when just waltzing toward the enemy letting rip. This build is just not usable above normal
difficulty, of course, I class it as a fun in normal build, it is definitely fun. The second build however with the seeking
plasma show promise leading to very real headshots at mid-range, if not a little slow on the
build up, the seeking plasma system slows the projectile so it’ll take a second to get
there but once it does it’s quite deadly. The first build proved a surprise beast one
on one, or even 2 at once with Fiends, as you are likely always moving, the Equilibrium
augment shines and its size renders the low accuracy inconsequential, so vs a Fiend, the
first build is quite effective, but having such a narrow field of use makes this a general
no-go for practical reasons.The Thokin is a fully automatic assault rifle
that seems great on paper with a fairly manageable negative attribute, its damage is low but higher than most at
this rate of fire level being 59 on the damage and 750 on the rate of fire, it’s accuracy
is 75 which is a bit crap but not the worst, it’s weight is a balmy 22 and it’s bad points
are the clip size and max ammo, it’s clip size of 32 and max ammo of 205 makes this
a must for a bio-converter, the clip is already super low so a vintage with this rate of fire
would have you overheating far more than actually firing. The accuracy isn’t horrible and with a scope
and stock, this could be usable. The augments for this build are the Bio Converter,
double mod extension and kinetic coil. The mods are a barrel for damage, magazine
for clip size, scope for accuracy and a stock for stability. I was thoroughly surprised by the Thokin during
the field test, it was extremely enjoyable and with the bio-converter made very short
work of the kett, It’s low clip size also made extremely short
work of my health but it was still manageable taking down 2 bases in a short time with no
access to health pods until the end. The damage was even acceptable against the
Fiend that decide to crash the party. This gun absolutely needs a Bio-Converter
to function well, but with it, it is a beast, the built in lesser plasma tracking provided
the boost, the accuracy needed and made headshots relatively realistic for all targets taking
them down super fast, made short work of the shields too.The N7 Valkyrie is the first assault rifle
in our Balanced class of midway burst weapons between Precision and fully automatic, Its damage is on the high side of medium at
140 with an impressive 500 rate of fire, the clip size is 26 which is adequate and has
an acceptable but not impressive ammo capacity of 165, but with an accuracy of 97 and a tiny
weight of 15, this gun is a real contender. For augments we can fix it’s only main weakness
of ammo capacity by putting in a vintage heat sink, this is not a gun that absolutely needs
a bio-converter, but if you already have the skills for team support and life support then
definitely put in the bio-converter for a fully unleashed rifle. Insanity as with pretty much all, damn near
demands the bio-converter do to the mob requiring more of a projectile investment in their deaths,
this is an ultra-rare wep so by default holds 4 augments, the second should be a double
mod slot extension and the remaining 2 and potentially 3 be stacks with minor damage
increases, the default being kinetic coil. As for mods, stability is a must with this
gun, the second shot of the burst fire will often be lost if you don’t attend to this,
so a stock is the number one here, while accuracy isn’t a must, the scope is, so scope, and
the final 2 being barrel for damage and receiver for penetration and headshot bonus. The field test of the Valkyrie was a lot of
fun, the only drawbacks are the stability for the second shot hitting and the vintage
heat sink cooling down, if you can spare for life support and use this on the close side
of medium range then you will be unstoppable, whether this gun is amazing or not depends
on getting that second shot to hit, if you have the stabilizing skills and a stock mod,
and get close enough, you can get a double headshot 2-3 times a second which just melts
the enemies health it’s fairly crazy really. This was my original rifle choice, and it’s
burst function always annoyed me, I prefer a slightly more powerful single shot for higher
precision shooting, but this is still a super nice weapon even for someone like me and my
playstyle.The Sweeper is another addition to the Balanced
Class, having a 3 shot burst mode of fire, It has a medium damage of 101 with a high
rate of fire for a balanced weapon at 450, it is very similar in type to the Valkyrie, The max clip size of 30 fits well with a balanced
class weapon with a built-in heat sink leading to the possibility of using without a bio-converter
as high, though, as with the sandstorm, if you have the tech skills already or are playing
insanity difficulty, a bio is a must as you won’t kill the enemies quick enough in insanity
to prevent overheating. Its accuracy is super high at 104 and its
weight is nice at 19, As with the Valkyrie we can assume it’s crux
will be those 2nd and 3rd shots hitting due to recoil, the higher rate of fire should
help with this. The augments to be tested are the Bio Converter,
double mod slot and kinetic coil, it should be noted that a seeking plasma would be effective
as extending the range. The recommended mods are Barrel for damage,
Scope so you have a scope, Stock for stability and receiver for penetration and headshot
bonus. The Sweeper performed in a mediocre fashion
during the field test, it was a little better at longer ranges than I expected and the power
is there from time to time, but it felt like a lesser version of the valkyrie. The main difference being that the sweeper
has a vintage heat sink built in so pairing with the bio make for a nice mingling of augments,
but that trade off of the damage and general responsiveness of the weapon isn’t worth it. If you want this kind of weapon, the Valkyrie
is better.The Zalkin fits into the Balanced class of
assault rifles, it is not automatic and lacks the precision to be.. well.. precision, but
it has a unique effect with a built-in plasma charge system, its damage is a medium 94, with a relatively
high rate of fire of 475, though that rate of fire is wasted if you are to use the guns
maximum potential which is the plasma charge system, without it, I would infer its use
is quite bad, but I will remain open minded for the test. Its clip size is 38 which is charging is great
but if not is awful, the max ammo is acceptable at 246 and its accuracy is somewhat lacking
at 72 with a nice weight of 19. The augments for this one, in theory, should
work well with a vintage heatsink, if you are charging then it will likely not overheat,
if however, you use it as a quick shot which would be pointless for this gun, it will overheat
very quick and require a bio-converter for sure. So we’ll be going with a Vintage heat sink
and a double mod slot to fill it’s 2 augment slots. The mods for this gun, when used to charge,
would require little stability enhancement so barrel for damage, magazine for clip size,
scope for accuracy and receiver for penetration and headshot bonus. In the field test, the Zalkin proved to be
a very strange weapon, it’s charge system proved to be almost entirely useless, but
the single shot was actually effective doing very high damage in a short time, high enough
to take down a destined before overheat, The points they added to the ‘charge system’
when balancing this weapon have made it fall short, if they had not included this worthless
system and added a little more accuracy this gun could have been a very good precision
weapon. Stretching the timing with the burst charge
shots to it’s limits provides awful damage and doesn’t fire as you would expect it to,
all at once, it instead releases them one after another in quick succession, it does
this at a rate you could match yourself without having to charge for a fraction of a second
first, this not only wastes time but takes away some control of those bullets. With the clip size being less of an issue
than first thought, the vintage is still effective yet a bio-converter would, of course, be better
and needed for insanity.The Mattock is our next assault rifle and
fits perfectly into the Precision Class with a lack of burst or automatic fire settings
yet a very high accuracy of 90, A medium damage of 73 is offset by a super high rate of fire
of 405, which is medium, for automatic, but for single shot is a little much if anything,
this will allow you to shoot as fast as your finger allows. The Mattocks weight is a nice low 19 and has
a fairly decent clip size of 26 and max ammo reserves of 205, the clip size may prove troublesome
considering its damage with the vintage heat sink, but I fear that is still the best option. The Augments used in this test are the Vintage
Heat Sink and the double mod extension to fill the 2 augment slots, the Bio Converter
would be a must on insanity due to the higher health to down meaning the vintage heatsink
would overheat often rendering it nowhere near as useful. The mods used are the Barrel for Damage, Magazine
for Clip Size, scope for accuracy and Receiver for penetration and headshot bonus. The Mattock field test was awful with the
vintage heatsink, it barely took anything down before overheating super fast, It was just about unusable, so I decided to
do another test with the bio-converter and this gun really start to shine with this augment,
the instant reload with not all that much of an affect on health with the Team Support
was great, the rate of fire of the mattock really comes into it here, it still takes
a fair few shots to take an enemy down but if your finger is quick enough it won’t take
long, though long battles will be quite taxing to your finger fatigue. The overly high rate of fire also allows you
to use mods that reduce the rate of fire while increasing the Penetration and headshot damage
as it will still be faster than you need. Fun and very effective for those who wish
to gain 8-inch finger biceps, but due to the low damage per shot, there is better in the
precision class.The Sandstorm fits into the Precision classification
with damage on the high side being 187 mixed with a nice rate of fire of 210 making it
fantastic for those with a quick trigger finger who live for the headshot, the max clip size
of 19 is fully acceptable for a precision shooter and a maximum ammo capacity of 93
making it ok on vanilla but really shining with certain augments. The accuracy really brings this gun to the
front at 101 with a weight of 26 putting it on the high side of medium. The augments for this gun should definitely
include either a vintage heatsink or a bio-converter. I think the Vintage heat sink really goes
well with this weapon due to it’s firing rate, while it’s rate of fire is a nice balance
to the damage, it is semi-automatic and will require pumping and not just a hold down and
prey, this mixed with this gun typically being used for headshots mean you can down a number
of enemies in even half the clip, which is what you’ll have, using the vintage heatsink,
but as such, you will rarely ever overheat due to you yourself cooling down between enemies. This is not true however for insanity mode
where the bio-converter would be the better choice, enemies require more shots to take
down, so you would likely overheat more often. So Vintage heat sink for Normal and maybe
hardcore with Bio-Converter as a must for Insanity, mix that with Double Mod Extension
and a kinetic Coil to fill it’s 3 Augment slots at default and you’re a happy chap. For mods this gun excels in accuracy, so that
is one mod you don’t really need to invest in, so going for a Barrel for Damage, Magazine
for Clip Size, Stock for Stability and a Receiver for Penetration and Headshot damage will do
you very well on this weapon. The test went quite well, taking down enemies
from cover at a comfortable rate, headshots really took health down quickly and allowed
for the clip to regenerate at a speed that for the most part prevented an overheat, allowing
for continuous and consistent damage. It’s effectiveness against shielded enemies
at only rank 2 with the bare minimum combat skills and minor armoured enemies, was, satisfactory
implying good damage against larger armoured enemies at higher ranks. I have been using the Sandstorm at rank IV
recently with great success and can say for sure that it is quite capable as a backup
to your shotgun on Fiends and above.The M-37 Falcon is the first of our Special
Classification assault rifles, as it is actually a grenade launcher, who knows why it’s in
assault rifles but it is so here we go. The M-37 Falcon fires grenades that ricochet
off flat surfaces and explode on impact with enemy targets, the rounds hit for a hefty
341 damage and it is worth noting that these are grenades so that damage is Area of Effect
damage and so will hit multiple targets near the original, the area of effect is quite
small though so don’t expect too much, far less than an Omni-Grenade. The rate of fire is that of a low to medium
rate sniper rifles at 90, this is actually fairly well balanced considering the damage
per shot. A max clip size of 10 seems about right with
a max ammunition of an ‘on the low side’ 39, it’s accuracy is quite good at 72 and a surprisingly
low weight for what it is at 22. For augments, a Vintage or Bio converter is
absolutely necessary for this weapon considering it’s low capacity, too low to take up a spot
in your loadout, a vintage is acceptable as the standard but if you have the skills to
put into Life Support in the Team Support Tech tree, then bio-converter is definitely
better for keeping the clip size large. It is also worth exploring the use of this
weapon without a Vintage or Bio and instead using an Aerial Performance Optimizer as this
gun would logically stand out for far better angles when shooting a close range from above,
so I will test both. This gun can only make good use out of 2 mods,
so a double mod extension is not optimal, instead, stack your kinetic coil as default. For mods on this weapon, the penetration is
rendered moot via the ricochet and even if the AOE effect could travel through surfaces
with the penetration, it is such a small Area it would be pointless, Also while the accuracy is good, the scope
would be a hindrance and the stability is a non-issue on such a slow rate of fire weapon
for the most part, so Barrel for Damage and Magazine for Clip size. For this test I actually made 3 guns, The
first was with the Vintage heat sink and the rest Kinetic Coils as per the default stackables. It was surprisingly effective providing you
hit the target head on, the ricochet system is so pedantic, you require some supreme MLG
status to be able to hit more than a third of the time on a bounce in usual terrain. The second being an Aerial Performance Optimizer
setup filling gaps with Kinetic Coils, this had the same problem as the cyclone of being
way too exposed when hovering, I had hoped it would be better considering the damage
is confined to short burst instead of holding down a trigger but my experience showed a
fairly sharpish death. The Third was with an Aerial Performance Optimizer,
Plasma Charge System and Plasma Seeking System, now this sound like it may work, but once
tested it is logical why it does not, the Seeking Plasma augment keeps the general damage
there while making the projectile go in a fairly nice straight line, this even overpowers
the arc of the Plasma Charge, the plasma charge system gives you the ability to charge the
shot for a triple threat of projectiles which actually does hardly any more damage and the
time spent charging and setting this up makes it pointless to use, add this to hovering,
and it once again requires MLG precision and timing, and even when you do pull it off,
it less effective than just aiming and shooting. The Falcon has a pretty damn good range, it
barely arcs anyway, so can shoot nice and straight at medium range with ease, even further
than you’d expect. I see this gun as a good hip fire fun-time-gun,
it’s satisfying and actually does decent damage provided you whack em head on. I won’t use this as part of my loadout, but
it does have its charms.Aaaah the Soned, the big ass special class
Mini-gun, It has a low damage of 43 but a huge rate
of fire of 850, this is offset by the spinup speed which takes almost a second to begin
firing, but this can be gotten used to fairly quickly for timing it in. The maximum clip size is more than just huge
at 192 with a max capacity of 463, it’s accuracy is its primary downfall at 44 with another
big hit to the power users with a weight of 46. The augments required for this weapon are
Seeking Plasma System, this is a must as it negates the inherent awful accuracy, a bio-converter
is also a very very useful DPS increase taking away not only the reload but all but the initial
spin up, stick a double mod extension also with a Kinetic coil to finish as a default. The mods for this weapon are easy, it can’t
use a scope, so Barrel for damage, magazine for clip size which adds a lot to a gun like
this, stock for stability and receiver for penetration and headshot bonus. The Soned was super, super, interesting, It fails at my previous testing method of
running out and shooting stuff but does better than I expected in cover, this should definitely
be used in cover for a number of reasons, the obvious one is of course, less bullets
hitting you, but also when you are in cover if you have life support and more in the team
support tech tree, the bio-converter is completely negated without having to use tech skills. The clip is just so damn big that your in
cover regen is more than the bio takes, this means that you can keep the Soned going indefinitely. The only problem with this is that the stability
requires you to occasionally adjust so eventually your mouse will drop off the edge of your
mouse mat, but by then you’ve cleared a camp. Quite a cool fun weapon, it’s weight will
prevent its use by most, and it’s not generally all that practical, but for fun, it is definitely
a winner.So my top picks will be on the 3 categories,
Automatic, Balanced and Precision. The Top pick for Automatic is the Thokin followed
very very closely by the P.A.W., the 2 being on par for shielded foes and the like with
the Thokin pulling above it in it’s wider range of targets, the P.A.W. is only effective
against Shielded to a large degree when combined with the Electrical Conduits and Bio Converter,
whereas the Thokin still performs adequately on armoured targets. The top pick for Balanced is the Valkyrie,
it’s a classic really, it’s satisfying, accurate and if you use it properly, very effective. and the Top pick for Precision as some of
you may know from comments and the Livestream, the Sandstorm, The Mattock was close behind, but I feel the
Sandstorm has an edge in the precision class, it’s even usable as shorter range sniper rifle
for those wanting an assault rifle with only 2 spots in their loadout. Do you agree with these or think they’re complete
rubbish? Let me know in the comments.A Quick note on Augments and Mods, Remember that mods have different version
which give a great effect at the cost of something else, for some, having the weight increase
for an extra damage percentage might be great, or even some guns that require no headshot
bonus could have a higher penetration with a calibrated receiver version. It’s always worth considering those little
refinements, This also plays into augments, other than
the vintage, bio, seeking, and double mod slot when mentioned, the other slots are refinable
to your playstyle, if it didn’t require a vintage or bio then you could use another
type of special augment like the equilibrium or a shield booster, there are many that may
help your specifically, whether you prefer to hover shoot a lot or walk while shooting,
and as far as the filler augments go, I always say kinetic coil as default as it’s just a
flat 3% damage increase, but you could refine it by using anti-armour, or anti-shield augments
for 5% on that instead of 3% overall, there are also many 5% increases to biotic powers,
tech powers, recharging etc etc, there’s a huge huge list, so experiment to refine it
to you.This has been the biggest guide slash field
test slash showcase I have ever done, I went far more in depth than before due to comments
criticising my testing methods, so it’s important you let me know how you feel about this, was
this too long, or would you prefer it to be more concise? or are you happy to get every
last bit of info possible? The length and of course work requirement
for this one was so big that I’ll be splitting Pistols up into S.M.G.’s and Pistols as 2
separate videos. If you enjoyed this video or found it remotely
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  1. Let me know how you feel about the full-on in depth videos, did this video go too far with the information? let me know if this 30 minute monster was too much!

  2. just so people know, the scope is optional on the sweeper, you dont really need it, my build uses the sweeper with barrel and stock and i annihilate enemies on insanity with just that

  3. Testing assault rifles at rank2 is effectively pointless. They are the class of weapon that benefits most from upgrades. (due to the hidden stat stability and other things)
    A rank 1-2 AR can suck and not work for the play style you want, but an X rank can. The performance varies greatly.
    Similar to how the Suppressor in ME3 is shit outside of head shots at R1 but is the most broken gun at X rank.
    Accuracy issues are also invalidated by seeking rounds.
    Profiles, armour etc and mods only widen the range of inaccuracies.

  4. For fun I enjoyed PAW with sticky grenade mod. Always wanted to test sonid with a grenade mod for an entertaining fireworks display.

  5. could you do this same kind of analysis and maybe a top 5 ranking of these weapons in multiplayer. I'm trying to find a non sniper option that's reliable in multiplayer.

  6. If you wouldn't mind, try this build on an assault rifle:

    Sticky Grenade Launcher
    Double Mod Extension
    and Kenetic Coil(s)

    … I promise I wouldn't stear you wrong. I was using the PAW but I am sure any LARGE magazine Assault Rifle would be amazing. give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you please.

  7. what is the blue thing that pops up sometimes when you use the scope.

    And just as an IMO scopes on automatic weapons is a no go. otherwise nice vid informative

  8. i agree 95% with this 🙂 the Mattock is my favorite precision weapon because of my trigger finger biceps making it just as fast as most automatic. True i have yet to actually been needing to play with a bio-converter so i wouldnt know the downsides. But sandstorm is just to slow and does the same that my N7-Valiant already does but worse. otherwise keep up the awesome job and i love your in debt analysis of augments. Definitely some guns i need to go out and have fun with. BTW my load-out is Piranha, Mattock and Black widow.

  9. Nice video keep looking forward to more. For me I use Valkyrie with the plasma charge system it's very enjoy to play in close-mid range by spamming plasma bomb with nice dmg and clip-size.

  10. I like the video but for some reason you never add extended mag to the PAW. It does work. A easy tip to follow when using the PAW is just before you hit 0% use a power. It will be back up to 100% in no time.

  11. I always thought that the semiautomatic rifles are useful only in games where you can one shot all enemies. Since this game makes all enemies damage sponges, a full auto or burst fire seems like the only choices for me. Based on that, the N-7 Valkyrrie is the best AR in my opinion. My favorite ARs in the trilogy were the Geth Pulse Rifle in ME1 (second highest damage, highest accuracy, shield piercing), the Vindictator in ME2 (burst fire, good for piercing shields, but could take down bad guys in one burst with headshots) and the Adas in ME3 (dead on accurate, no recoil, good damage, staggered bad guys). The Valkyrie is the Vindicator of this game.

  12. You're a little obsessed with bio converter and the other anti-reload mod…. Reloading isnt the end of the freakin world man.

  13. I just started playing Andromeda and this really came in handy to know beforehand to better understand the weapon n game play mechanic's.

  14. Such Call of Duty bro. Begging for likes from the very beginning of the vid, and then attaching scope to everything including your penis, so that you can right-click aim with it. What's missing is some dubstep in the background, and some gambling site ads, too. Or G2A, something obnoxious like that, to fit the general theme.

  15. This could have been a 20-second video that just said to not use any of them as they are all garbage and to just grab a vanquisher and 1 of these 3 (Charger, Equalizer, or Hurricane). AR as they are atm are next to useless.

  16. im using a PAW whit Electric Cond. and bioconverterwhit doublemod, i like it but thinkin bout changing to Thokin whit Plasmaseeker, bioconverter and doublemod….cant help it but i hate scopes on ARs, the aiming is too slow.
    also running a phiranha whit the same augs….love it

  17. Im using black widow and sonned, yes sonned its awesome, with mass accuracy and stability possible i feel like rambo.

  18. Just wanted to add one thing here. I really enjoy your work, you are doing a great job so don't get discouraged. You have great content and, like me, you go the extra mile to show not only the best, but why it's the best. I enjoy your content and if I ever get another chance to continue my YouTube I will highly recommend your channel in my videos for reference is its related. I would trust your judgment.

    Any way, still looking into mixed mod combinations. So far the sticky grenade is hands down the best augmentation for assault rifles in my opinion. That being said, i prefer it on the PAW sense it already comes with a never ending supply of ammo and has a descent magazine. Any high mag assault rifle should do great with this mod. That being said, I don't have very many, would you mind testing out the mod on a larger magazine weapon. combo it with the vintage heat sink and let me know how it goes. I'm very curious.

    On the PAW its amazing. My reasoning:

    Infinite ammo without wasting a Vintage Heat Sink

    Great amount of damage, even more than any other augmentation I have found thus far

    Though small, has AOE damage. Bonus to that is not only can it do some damage to nearby enemies but it also detonates nearby explosive canisters. No BS on this, I took down a FIEND in one magazine because of this. He was charging and as my grenades went off, they hit several nearby canisters causing insane damage. Swear, 100% to 20% in just a few seconds.

    The grenades are actually very accurate and do not drop off so you don't have to ark the weapon.

    The only draw back is you lose critical hit damage but the greatness far outweighs the negative.

    Sorry the long box but I wanted to let you know what I found. In a side note, I have not combined the Vintage Heat Sink with the sticky grenades so it may have unwanted side effects. Either way, give it a shot and let me know what you think. I really think you'll add it to your arsenal.

  19. Using P.A.W with dmg increase and clip size increase. Loving it for unlimited ammo and uber accuracy.
    One thing I don't understand is why you use half assault half sniper rifle? If you are at 70-100m range, use sniper rifle with 1k dmg and 5clip size. Those hybrids assault/sniper is very bad at versatility. My opinion…

  20. I really liked this video, and it really gave me a good idea of which weapons I should experiment with given my playstyle. I did have one question: I don't know how effective some of the behavior augments are when combined (the seeking and explosive plasma augments certainly come to mind). If a video on augment combinations isn't feasible, I may try it tonight and update this post so you can try it yourself and give a recommendation.

  21. M-37 Falcon pretty much = Junkrat from Overwatch, though unable to feed enemy offensive capabilities (which is a good thing… still, accuracy and damage aren't good. Imagine if damage to shields on Insanity boosted damage capabilities of enemies… Holy hell that would be nuts, but fun to deal with). Reliant on knowing grenade arcs and very much glass cannon. Borderline unusable. Makes me sad, Junkrat's my favorite character in OW, but I can't use that playstyle in ME:A. Loved doing surprise Junkrat flanks in Overwatch and obliterating enemy defensive positions. Could have been a good thing for this game.

    Your point about it being way too useless when hovering solidifies this point. Some of my best kills in Overwatch have come from me using Concussive Mine to launch myself over an unaware enemy and unload my Frag Launcher in their face from behind. The hover system in this game slows that down too much and you end up way too exposed to enemy fire. It lacks the surprise element. The rate of fire on the M-37 Falcon is also much slower than Junkrat's Frag Launcher. He has a max clip size of 5 which can be unloaded within 6.5 seconds, with a reaload time of 1.5 seconds (I think). Accuracy depends on angle of course, it's a grenade launcher, but assume all 5 hit at a 45 degree angle at 90 (I think? Haven't played OW in a week or so) dmg a pop vs. a target in cover. Junkrat does more damage in 5 shots than any Pathfinder using a fully upgraded M-37 Falcon under ideal circumstances. Makes me even sadder. I love me some Aussie anarchists.

    Yeah, I know, apples and oranges, different game styles, etc. I just can't help but try to equalize the M-37 to Junk's Frag Launcher. It's too similar. Same way the Reegar Carbine Shotgun is like Zarya's particle cannon without her shielding abilities. Fun as hell to play though.

  22. My #1 gun that has never left me down surprisingly is the Sandstorm with the Plasma Charge System, strange combination but damn it works well on taking out multiple enemies effectively, smashing the big ones down hard and not caring about accuracy because the explosions end up making hitting enemies easy

  23. 1. What do you think about a lightning Revenant? It should remove the problem of low accuracy and it fries targets pretty fast.
    2. I wonder how the assault rifles handle grenade modifications. The Falcon is a weapon for Junkrat mains. I wonder if modified for instant explosion on impact it would turn into a weapon for Pharah mains.

  24. Thanks for the info man, great detail. Helped to know what I should dump research points and resources into

  25. You can't do double mod extension and bio-converter in the same gun because they are the same class of augment. This in reference to the Insanity Sandstorm build you proposed. Not that it breaks the gun, you'll just have to drop the stock or receiver.

  26. I don't get it why people want to prioritize on getting that overheating system. I've beaten the game on hard difficulty and ammo was never a problem.

  27. I wasn't gonna sub at first. not from bad content or anything like that! yer pretty good at what you do honestly.
    but just wasn't sure if I needed to sub to a channel that, from what my stupid feed says, focuses on one game.
    after seeing how long the vid was and how many thing you had to cover I took to the description and found time stamps! glorious time stamps! for not just doing great content on a gimme I honestly love. but for being wise enough to include that time saving feature in your description?… mwell.. shit how can I not sub to a smart content creator like you, bud?

    went back and checked. you got a fuck lot more to ya than just me Andromeda. Stoked I subbed man. can't wait for more content!

  28. i don't think there are any assault rifles that require a scope except the markman style rifles (that are ment for mid to longer range engagements) that do require them for longer range accuracy, for the P.A.W there is a constant stream of attack with almost no drift unlike any other assault rifle in mass effect andromeda it also has the highest accuracy available for assault class rifles (which are generaally ment for close to mid range engagements), they are great for easy and normal runs but there are no rifles that can deal damage very heavily in higher difficulties (so best go for a shotgun biotic god type build for those difficulties), it's generally best to use a barrel along with some kind of extended clip mags, a bio converter and electrical conduit also suit the assault rifles except for certain rifles.

  29. You are a true asset to gamers. Please, as long as you are YouTubing, continue this level of quality. Fuck….everything about this video is great.

  30. nice vid, sadly research points are hard to come by and if your like me that wanna try em all its a pain in the ahole

  31. Nothing more needs be said. Personally, Bioconverter just gets me killed fast, and I overheat too much with Vintage. I do without, and rely on Turbocharge. Good enough for hardcore; haven't done insanity yet.

    Still, I prefer the sniper/shotgun combo. Haven't seen any reason to carry an assault rifle.

  32. I think this video setup is ideal, especially with the addition of the time links in the description. So the viewer get the control to get all the info he wants and the duration or just jump to the one segment he needs.

  33. Your videos are SO informative I am using them to help my builds (on my 4th run through) keep them coming. By the way the video was not too long as far as I am concerned considering the amount of info I gleaned from it.

  34. Seeking plasma works great with the M37.   Gets rid of the annoying bouncing, and allows you to shoot around cover to an extent.    The rounds still do splash damage as well.

  35. how is this game fun on anything less than insanity. makes me feel like the lower difficulties were built for idiots who dont know how to use synergistic builds with skills and just shoot their pew pew rifles

  36. Xaine, your guide is SO extensive and well presented. I really liked the fact you added the data along the footage. It really helps.
    *Thank you*, I've already watched most of your guides.
    Please keep them coming, you deserve hundred times more subs.
    Have a nice day tips fedora

  37. I haven't gone through all the comments but, I am curious on your opinion of the pathfinder weapons? And how they rank in your system.

  38. on my second playthrough the weapon vendor at Kadara had a rank 8 Halberd. But as far as I know its not possible to find the blueprint

  39. Once again superb! I'm looking at running a vanguard with two assault rifles instead of a shotgun – and I'm looking – in particular – at a falcon with sticky grenades aug as a shotgun replacement. Alongside a PAW with electric conduit.) Any thoughts?

  40. What is the fucking point of having an assault rifle if the only way to make it stronger is by using some pussy ass electricity? Idgaf about no electricity. I want to make my mattock stronger. Why even make assault rifles if they start off with such low damage.

    Its like im forced to use a pistol and sniper rifle. Because the assault rifles are so fucking weak.

    Now i have to add some bullshit to my mattock and make it into some alien bullshit. I want my fucking mattock. Fuck this andromeda bullshit.

  41. Hey Xaine, love your Videos. Not much of an automatic rifle nut. But was wondering if you could give advise between the Burst Fire and Semi-Automatic Rifles. (Balanced and Precision as you would put it.) I'm torn between the Valkyrie which comes highly recommended here in the Balanced category and the Sandstorm that's in a different group. Any thoughts on the two? I know its apples versus oranges but I would like to hear your thoughts. Much appreciated. Thanks!

  42. i was watching this to figure out what gun i should use for the remainder of my insanity playtrough, then i realized that i finished it a couple of days ago

  43. i love the Sweeper with plasma guided mod
    it suits the defensive i want for my weapons on my biotic.
    it outclassed the thokin for me because this one with the Dhan sg i carry already left me ammoless in a sone with scarce ammo boxes ^^

  44. You oughta redo this. The new patch may have fixed the beam emitter. I'm personally rocking a Valkyrie with Bio converter, Beam Emitter, and Automatic fire. It kills fiends so much faster than the PAW.

  45. I have officially created the best assault rifle and quite possibly the best weapon in general. I've tried countless builds & this is by far the best. It shreds armor, shields & health alike. Craft an N7 Valkyrie, place the Automatic Fire mod on it, a Bio Converter, double mod extension, & whatever else you want to buff the damage. Augs, you want the highest possible stability mod, and obviously damage & clip too, but stability is most important. This has the best and highest combination of per shot damage & fire rate of any gun in the game & the bio converter makes it godly because it fixes the only hindrance, the initial low clip. With this Valkyrie build you can rip a stable, super accurate, never ending, lightning fast stream of instant hit bullets that does nearly 200 damage per shot (with augs) at a 600 fire rate!!! I've tried this build on every other viable weapon & nothing even comes close in comparison. I named my perfect Valkyrie creation "Beauty" and my N7 Piranha "The Beast". ENJOY!!!

  46. Thanks for doing all the legwork Xaine 👍 I notice you don't use the beam conversion? although I didn't check the video date before commenting, maybe this was pre beam… Anywho, the beam adds +200% to stability, this means the N7 Valkyrie with a stock can hold a headshot beam (beam turns it into a full auto as opposed to 2-round burst) at pretty extreme ranges with almost no muzzle movement at all (this on my second playthrough as a biotic with AR skills at 5 iirc). I normally build mine with beam, and kinetics. I love the heatsink but not here. This thing is such an OP beast I don't use it all the time, so the low ammo thing isn't a problem. Teamed with incendiary ammo and Lance or Push a focused biotic toon can chain detonate a whole room of Kett for less than half a magazine and you still have a pull ready to prime a biotic combo and something to detonate. Regular Kett grunts you drop by tapping mb1 twice with the gun at level VII which uses 2 or 3 of the available ammo. and twice that much for the shielded ones. Using just this weapon at level VII and biotics the Kett boss on Voeld went down after his second shield drop, and without me needing to pick up ammo, it's just sooo accurate, just point and melt 😆

  47. Am seeking advice for an AR. Sticky Grenades seem to be nerfed, and my past models are now ineffective. I see a utility AR that is helpful against mobs, and perhaps concealed foes. What AR design is recommended? Thx

  48. Valkyrie (augments = auto fire, bio converter, 2mod extension, kinetic coil x 2) It makes insanity easy….its broken strong. Your welcome.

  49. How did the PAW with electric conduits work against the architects?

    I'm trying it out now with electric, bio, double mod, and kinetic and it seems to do less dmg than a Valkyrie with full auto, beam, double mod and kinetic. Will full auto help on a PAW?

    Thanks for these videos!

  50. tried many of that, but valkirie with beam augmentation beats everything from close to mid range + black widow for long range.

  51. Great review! I do think that you missed an opportunity with the N7 Valkyrie though. An automatic fire mod paired with extended mag size eats through almost anything, and with it's accuracy the recoil is very predictable and easy to control.

  52. I don't in anyway understand the machine gun aug. It makes the gun weaker. I want a strong, powerful weapon, not a weaker one.

  53. All reviews seem to miss a really good Augmentation for the Sandstorm. This rifle is very accurate and you do not have to waste a mod slot for accuracy as it is already accurate. It is also very stable so again no wasted mod slot for stability. Now………put the Burst Fire augment on this rifle and enjoy. Even at range it hits with multiple hits and just eats up enemies. Try it you will love it.
    I play as an Adept so Bio Converter is not an option and in reality there is no shortage of ammo in this game , ammo boxes are everywhere. As for the vintage heat sink most of the time I find it to be a problem not a solution as it cuts down my reload time and overheats very quickly most of the time and also conflicts with other very good augments and the use of some augments will not allow the vintage heat sink in any event. Such as if you put a shield oscillator on the Isharay……..the game will not allow you to also use the heat sink. However 25 percent shield each shot is much more valuable than unlimited ammo when ammo is not really a concern to begin with. And you do have a backup ………eh……..there is only one enemy in this game where you might run out of ammo and that is the Destroyer in the Remnant Tiller, depending on what weapon you have that one situation is the only one in the game where ammo might become a concern. And that is not really a concern as like I said……you do have a back up eh??
    Try burst fire on the Sandstorm, it becomes the perfect assault rifle. For mods add a large clip size, a penetrating receiver ,and a higher damage barrel and you are all set. Of course as an Adept I just hit the Destroyer with singularity and shockwave combo and eat up its shields and then burn it down with the Sandstorm. A Krogan Bemoth..Bemouth……..whatever they are are easily dealt with with burst fire on the Sandstorm and all other enemies are considered lesser enemies and the Burst Fire just eats them for lunch. Of course you can also switch profiles in mid fight for more weapon damge if you prefer. Use them that is what they are for.


  54. What's your opinion of the N7 Valkyrie as an Automatic? I've been using it and finding it pretty handy on Hardcore, with VHS so I don't have to worry about ammo (Bio-Converter I'm just not comfortable with due to the clip size issue with VHS). The clip is rather low, unfortunately, but it puts a lot of high-power rounds downrange, and it recharges while I'm dodging around (which I tend to do a decent amount of, especially against things like Architects), using powers or melee (IE, Energy Drain or vanguard charging into a melee to recharge shields, or health as well with a Carfalon) or to put my head down so I can recharge defenses for a moment.

  55. On my Valkyrie I mod it with full auto augment, kinetic coil, then have augments for biotic damage/recharge and double mod slots. Mods I use are barrel, magazine, stock, receiver. This turns the Valkyrie into the best full auto assault rifles in the game due to have the full auto augment giving it a larger magazine size, easily manageable recoil, while taking not hits to it's accuracy. It does get a damage reduction but it is still far higher then any full auto weapon in the game. It's rather brutal.

  56. why do you shoot the last bullet on charge up weapons… especially at 0:20; you even waited a couple of seconds but then proceeded to fire another shot anyway…

  57. is it weird that i like the m-8 avenger because it's nothing special? As it's an average AR means it preforms ok in most situations, which what i mostly want in a AR, and it's free research value is a nice extra bonus

  58. Dude don't yap on about how you rate them and what category you put them in. Just say what they are and what they do. As for Andromeda. I love the Sandstorm Assault rifle best. But I was disappointed that the Revenant Assault rifle seem to have less damage then it did in Mass Effect 3. Still change is always good.

  59. I know it has nothing to do with this vid specifically, but you should make a vid about the fact that the "automatic firing mod" also makes weapons using the "plasma charge system" also fire fully automatic if you hold the trigger slightly. Which allows you to have weapons shooting 3 shots FULLY AUTO instead of single shots, only thing is that you cant use the autofire mod on already automatic weapons…🤔

  60. I keep finding it funny how you keep saying that the bio-converter is a must on insanity…. When enemies might take more shots to kill yes but they also deal more damage so not staying in cover(like you do in the vid) just won't work, i prefer my health not getting drained when shooting lol ESPECIALLY not on insanity, i always use the heat sink because enemies don't regen health anyway and i can just use powers in the meantime

  61. I’m glad to see the Revenant made it over, but why not the Typhoon? They included EVERY N7 weapon except the Typhoon!

  62. One gun I noticed you didn’t go over was the X5 Ghost assault rifle. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have it in some other video though. I notice you use the Double Mod Extension and Bio Converter argumentation quiets bit. How do you get more of the Double Mod? I have one but it’s in use on my shotgun. Is there a reliable way to farm for the Double Mod?

  63. Falcon and Equalizer are the two best rifles and pistols that I have come across. Falcon at long distance takes skill to lob the shot, but its fantastic, both are great as stock weapons, and if you add mods they are kickass.

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