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BEST ADL Sniper Equipment Guide & Explained [Ragnarok M Eternal Love]

100 thoughts on “BEST ADL Sniper Equipment Guide & Explained [Ragnarok M Eternal Love]

  1. My Normal state is Agi 84+105, Dex 119+152, Luk71+60
    I switched the State build For EP5 Ranger at last part of the Video, Sorry to confusing.

  2. My main char is stalker but for some reason i don't deal tons of dmg to monster, and i use Rmb +9 2slot with mino card n my dmg no buff is 2,5k ,my rune +40% triangle, should i change job to hunter? And sell my rmb to buy crab?

  3. Hi BlueBerries, do you have material list for the remaining 4 tiers of Mbow? Can u show it to us so we can be prepared for EP4? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I cant understand the rune build.. sorry.. can you pls post a better pic for it please. Thank you

  5. yes!! i will not sell my +10 malang (2) with 3.4% dmg inc.

    i thought mystery will be better on episode 4 since it will have a new tier.. thanks for the comparison!! I'm gonna stick with malang

  6. i always watch this video two thumbs up to you Sir, i hope u will notice me sir i want to know more about adl sniper. Thank you. ✌

  7. Best back gear Quiver if you reach 5k base dmg no ANY buff's at all . if not go for Devil wing instead for a while or the Sakura . If you are a big spender like other youtubers get champagne its a great back gear also.

  8. 480 stamin = 1m+ Raw zenny per day ( make sure you 1 hit mob) then add up the Mats that you get depends on what monster you kill . +Bonus card that you get on that day if lucky . I rather refine my own bow than buying it . if you feel unlucky then go buy it instead . Safe refine is not an option for me (not recommended i dont used ) unless you really unlucky on refine. Making +10 malang or Mystery bow is easy now days . but making +10 to 15 is hard and you need budget for that 1 fail = break automatically . it takes guts to make one and a lot of zenny for repair . if you have 2 slot +10 or higher bow Broken no problem repair since it use 1 slot bow only . i manage to make my Bow +15 just this month i spend like a total of 30m on repairs in different days . Mystery Bow is easy to make +15 in my opinion since its cheap. BTW im using Malang Snow Crab Bow planning to make another one Bow for anti decarding. 1 bow for boss hunt 1 bow for grinding.

  9. Thank you for the vid but wanna ask why FiB is useless in grinding and only useful for MVP? That part wasn’t clear. Thank you!

  10. Does anyone know what the stats given for tiers V, VI, VII, and VIII of the mystery bow? And does anyone know what the items needed are? Thanks!

  11. Hello, I would like to ask you something regarding ranger skill called "exceed break" from what i have seen and what was shared by player from CN server, each level if Exceed Break have incremental 10% crit damage with level 10 having 100% crit damage bonus. Was the translation wrong?

    Because episode 4.0 just hit us and our version of exceed break only have incremental 3% crit damage for each level with total of level 10 having only 30% crit damage. Please help me clarify this

  12. if my raw attack is 4.1k now i should continue to use sakura puppet until it has reach 5k then i change it back to quiver?

  13. thnx for the nice guide it helps a lot especially for those who are confused in many ways about building their equipment.

  14. Is zipper bear star card (acc card with atk n matk +3%) best card for ranger? Compare with GG card n kobold? Thank you

  15. Ty for this guide im a january player. Need to farm hard at mobs to keep up. In headgear im using Ice apple
    Back item sakura doll

  16. Is the attack bonus every attribute Dex. Or does equipment Dex work too for the atk bonus? Every 10 one

  17. Thanks for the info. I already bought mystery instead of crossbow.. huhuhu late to watch ur video.

  18. for the last part i think u should replace ur Ss with tights or ranger clothes while using mystery bow. cuz Ss is useless without malang.

  19. you conducted wrong test damage
    sniping suit is not meant to be paired with mystery bow
    therefore you should have used tights as a pair for mystery bow not sniping suit .
    that gives 12% extra more atk.

  20. Hello blue, can i ask rangers clothes + mystery vs sniping suit + malang who win it, all weapon +10, all cloth +5? I in sea server

  21. Hello .. is mbow tier7 or higher is worth it??.. coz i got mbow tier6.. i want to know the result .. tia more power

  22. Hi, can i ask if a +10 [2] mystery bow VIII would be better then a +10 [2] malang bow in ADL? especially when ep5 exceed break sets in. Im thinking if i should be selling my +10 [2] malang bow with arc2. am in SEA server and preparing for ep 5. Thanks!

  23. Hi I have a question. Since it is in chinese, i see the mys bow has +20% something. Isnt it arch crit dmg +20% meanwhile the malang has no arch .. so i suppose since crit dmg equals to 10% damage, the difference on the damage is 20% damage instead of 10%. Please correct me if iam wrong

  24. Hi. Thanks for the nice video. If I may ask you a question about at the end of this video. And you were saying that Crab type ranger need to put more atk% enchant than a crit% enchant? But if you can see our cards, equioments, deposite equipments and other supportive enchant are mostly +crit damage %. So, my question is do you think at the end of the day sniper with Mystery Bow will have more damage than Crab Type..?

    Thank you.

  25. Hi i dont know if its been to late, but can i get high res quality picture of ur cheap rune in this video? Thank you very much 😀

  26. Hey blue, im actually almost giving up of my sniper, if i send u pictures of my char can u fix him? Or i'll reboot to a LK, Thx and keep doing the best videos

  27. i love ur approach in explaining details… its so simple and yet so clear to understand… thank you so muchhh for the vid, all may questions have been answered!!! 😉

  28. I have malang +10 with 8.6% crit inc.. compare with Same malang with range damage 5% or 7.5% witch one better?

  29. Kobold card not greatest general?
    Bapho jr card not archer skel star card??

    Please answer..thank you

  30. Hi BlueBerries.
    In synthesis ep 5.0, for malang, there is caution "Has chance to release skill Fatal Arrow lv 1".
    How that working? Is the skill release auto effect? Or we release like active skill? Since we do not need any delay for keeping up trump proc 3?

  31. so if we had headgear that give + 10% wind damage we can deal more damage against non element dark fire water and ghost?

  32. hi bro.

    i only play RO on my phone, please help giving tips for with high efficiency players that's same like me.

  33. 蓝莓哥,如果我现在用+15神秘弓 ,我想换回+10喵弓 可以吗?我打出的伤害很低,而且喵弓提供攻速

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