Beretta PX 4 Storm CO2 Blowback Air Pistol |India|

now to synchronize my audio with the
video okay this should have synchronized the audio in the video. hello and welcome
this video is brought to you by Team Shooting Futuristic , we are based off
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video if you feel that I am speaking too fast or my accent is not something which
is easily understandable by you, you could go down here and turn on these
subtitles from the YouTube setting the beretta px4 storm BioBricks this is a
4.5 millimeter co2 air pistol that files both pilots and bb’s
and yes it does have a Curt rifle steel barrel inside this isn’t exactly a chief
knockoff of the actual beretta px4 storm but instead it’s a fully functional and
a deadly accurate co2 blowback replica of the actual gun it is manufactured by
Umarex in germany and it is licensed by beretta in italy themselves i have to
say although it’s just an air pistol it does look more real and more deadly than
my actual gun the trigger action of this gun is both double-action and
single-action meaning it can fire with the hammer and unconstitution and in
cocks position the outstanding feature is the gas blowback slide Aniyah it does
give it a realistic feel I mean as realistic as the male pistol can get the
slide and some other parts are metal and the low receiver is made of polymer just
like on the will behave for storm although the safety mechanism like on
the wheel px4 storm does not work the same way on this one but it wouldn’t be
easier to do that with a pellet gun co2 pellet gun so the safety mechanism is
right over here this is right now on face position and let me just move it
right now it’s on fire position so when I say this gun is realistic this is what
I kind of clean also I may have used some VFX and CGI in that clip the
magazine is to rotate tweakers of eight rounds eh now because it’s a pellet
pistol it is not possible to have a conventional magazine in it so they have
a rotate to eclipse the magazine supports were to my ex calls a fast
action swap so basically even change the magazine in very short amount of time
the pistol does have fixed front and rear sight and these sights are also
marked with white dots so it makes the target acquisition pretty easier also
the slide stop on this pistol does not seem to do anything
but I cannot see how they would add a slide stop automatic slide log a rotate
free clip or a pilot pistol this gun is powered by coil and co2
cartridges and one cartridge can cost up to or one 150 rupees in India depending
on the brand like CrossFit course wait that’s nevermind
during the initial few shots the recoil does seem a lot more similar to what it
would be on a 22 match pistol you cannot exactly compare the recoil of
a twin projectile traveling at 120 meters per second with a 40 Green
projectile traveling at 330 meters per second of about 60 shots you would feel
that the gas pressure has gone low because the blowback would not be as
powerful as Whitworth and this light may stop to function properly the safest
lessor can be more accurate than I am and this was the result of me shooting
it at 10 meters I’m not sure if whom Rex has built it for 10 meters or not but
I’m not used to the trigger this pistol has it has a two-stage trigger which
does feel like a three-stage trigger in double action mode this is the first
pull this is the second pull where the clip has rotated and this is the third
and in single action mode the first pull the clip has rotated and the Kinect’s
file I would not exactly call this pistol very accurate when it comes to
rapid firing because of the really long trigger reset on this although they
could have made this a lot more accurate if they did something to the mechanism
like making the clip rotate when the slide moves back or something like would
be trivial but it’s not exactly if you are comparing a hundred euro a pistol
with something like a 1,800 euro match pistol all of this pistol can be quite a
lot of fun to shoot even if you’re a casual gun owner or maybe a serious
competition shooter you could certainly enjoy shooting this pistol always
shooting in match environments or in match conditions may not be good for
your stress levels unless you’re a psychopath or a sociopath
this particular one cost about twenty six thousand and if you are interested
in buying one you can contact us so one of the most frequently asked question I
have come across is which one should people buy like the revolver or the it
is not named special now it’s actually dependent on what preference do you have
a or thematic pistol or a revolver if you want to own a semi-automatic rescue
confident and capable of maintaining it you should go for a pistol otherwise if
you want something which requires minimum
and is where we reliable you should go for the revolver keep in mind the pistol
does have about two hundred and forty-one joules of muzzle energy
whereas the revolver only has about 141 choose of muscle energy alright I’ve got
many comments from people saying that it has problems while feeding the
ammunition and it first of all make sure that you are feeding me right ammo in
the pistol make sure that the magazine is properly inserted into the magazine
well you’re not supposed to move the slider into direction you only supposed
to rake it in one direction pull it back and release it and you pose a slight
back you just release it one of the comments was from Foxtrot 97 he says
that American Eagle is not matched grid and you can have 48 grain of supersonic
move close to my screen supersonic 48 grain and 22 long-rifle
that American Eagle is not much quicker I never said that it was much great in
the video and if 48 grain supersonic 22 long-rifle Lapua did some experiments a
couple of years ago with 48 grain emanation and 22 long rifles but it was
a failure because first shooters did not like be recoil it is not possible to
make a 48 grain projectile in 22 long-rifle
go faster than the speed of sound and still be complying with the semi chamber
pressure specifications also the other reason why it failed was well in
shooting sports community should especially our most of them are very
very sensitive to recoil I mean I heard people complain inquire about the
vehicle over a liter and x10 86 or 1080 for being too much for them to handle it
is not the vehicle that makes it inaccurate but it is the ballistics
especially when you’re shooting so close to the border of pee speed of sound
things can get very sensitive depending on the temperature of the environment
you are shooting in and when the bullet drops down to the supersonic barrier or
goes below it it can fall off balance and be inaccurate and short 48 grain
supersonic matter marine 22 long-rifle that’s a very bad idea
don’t do that this is something that would happen if you do that I won josh
is asking how do you import ammo and can you give me the link to the website
well basically if you’re arms dealer you would have your own channels and your
own legal procedures to input but if you’re a normal person who is not a
dealer or anything and you want to import them you just have to qualify at
the national championships so that you can apply for import license or you
could just take life or the annual membership of the National Rifle
Association of India and you can buy ammunition from them and well that’s
about it and just like the last thing I’m out

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