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Beretta APX Carry, Naroh N1, Prime Ammo Lawsuit – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Beretta shrinks the
APX, a new Naroh pistol, and a battle between Prime and Ruag ammo! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to everyone watching this on right
now on an actual television. Let’s kick this weeks show off with some new
handguns. How about about them apples? First, Beretta has released a new version
of their APX called the APX Carry. Basically, this is a subcompact single stack
version of the APX. It has an removable serialized chassis with
the fire control group and that can be swapped around just like the full size gun. Let’s run down the features on the Carry. It is a 9mm striker fired semi auto with a
3 inch barrel. It also has a mag catch that can be swapped
from left to right side. The grip module can be swapped out for one
with heavier aftermarket stippling or a different color. The sights are easily removed with just a
set screw and the gun comes with 2 mags and 3 base plates. The base mag holds 6 rounds and they have
3 different base plates in the box. One that is a plus 2 extension, one that has
a pinky extension and then a flat base. It comes in at under an inch wide and is basically
the same size as the rest of the guns in this class. The way I look at this is sort of two fold. First its an expansion of the APX line which
is cool. It has the same styling on the slide and a
similar shape to the grip. Beyond that though, this is a replacement
for the Nano, whether or not beretta actually says so. The nano was a solid gun for its time, I did
a review on it back in 2012. It had some quirks but I liked it. This takes that same slim style of gun and
brings it up to speed with the kind of features that are expected on guns in that market segment. The pricing on that comes in at $450 msrp. And it will come in 4 different flavors off
the bat. What do you guys think about this? Does it have the power to take down the all
mighty M&P Shield or is it going to fall short? Obviously it doesn’t hold a candle to the
capacity of the P365, but is it good even without 11 rounds in the mag? Sound off below and let me know what you’re
thinking. Ruger, not wanting to be left out of the news
for a single week, has released a gun that has some folks scratching their heads and
others going heck yes! It’s called the Wrangler. Its a 6 shot, single action revolver chambered
in 22 long rifle. They’ll come in 3 different colors of cerakote,
black, bronze and silver. At first, I kind of thought, well who is this
for? I didn’t think there was a lot of demand for
it. Then I thought to myself, well what about
taking a new shooter to the range? Or if I ever wanted to practice single action
shooting without spending money on larger rounds? It’s got the same overall dimensions as the
Single Six from Ruger so basically it’s a training version of that. And then I saw the price. The MSRP is 250 bucks which puts it in a class
of guns that are affordable enough to not care about intended purpose and just have
for fun. And in more handgun news this week, a new
challenger appears! This is called the N1 from Naroh Arms. Long story short, its a hammer fired single
stack 9mm. It’s actually very similar in size to the
APX we covered earlier. It has a 3.125 inch barrel, 3 dot polymer
sights that are the same pattern as a Glock 43. Comes with 7 round mags one with a flush base
and one with a pinky extension. And unlike some other options in this arena,
it actually has picatinny rail under the nose. Being that this is a brand new pistol brand
that a lot of folks are unfamiliar with I’ll cover the more simplistic stuff too. It has a flip down lever for take down, It
has a square textured mag release button, which does not appear to be swappable, it
has some mild texturing on the grip, and a M&P look-alike slide catch. The slide itself has some nice serrations
on the front and rear as well as some jenny craig cuts on the top. Overall it looks pretty cool if you ask me. But here’s where things get interesting. Remember this is a hammer fired gun, Double
action only in fact, and on top of that is has a removable aluminum frame that is serialized,
so much like the APX we talked about earlier that is striker fired, this has the option
of swapping out grip modules. Although in the N1 press release, they say
it requires a gunsmith. A slight trade off for a newer company without
millions to dump into R&D. So to recap here, the N1 is a hammer fired
9mm with a removable chassis and I don’t think I’ve seen that before. The MSRP on the Naroh N1 is 410 bucks. That puts it right in line with some serious
competition. We shall see how that one fairs. We also have a bit of long gun news for you
guys this week. Brownells has a new version of the BRN 180
that we talked about at SHOT this year. Simply put, it’s a shorty upper version. 10.5 barrel, everything else is basically
the same just shorter. To be quite honest with you, I might prefer
the short version over the long one. LOL. Sorry I told myself I wouldn’t make toilet
jokes. The pricing on the BRN180S is 800 bucks. In more long gun news, Savage has continued
to expand on their MSR line of rifles with a new MSR 15 Long Range. Its chambered in 224 valkyrie, has a 22 inch
barrel with a custom length gas system, what they are calling custom forged receivers,
a tunable brake, non reciprocating side charging handle, 2 stage trigger and a magpul PRS stock
out back. It’s interesting seeing new stuff from Savage
chambered in valkyrie. Maybe this is rebirth and a version that will
actually group well consistently. I’m gonna reach out to them to see about getting
one to test along with some of the new ammo and we’ll see if we can make it work. The MSRP on this is a not cheap but not unbelievable
considering the features, $1735. Izzy fire up the struggle bus we have new
passengers! This time is Adams Arms. They are a florida based gun company focusing
primarily on piston driven AR’s and it seems that they are in debt to the tune of 5.1 million
dollars. The company is now up for auction and with
intent for someone to buy them as a functional, or semi functional business. You gotta really want to get a hold of their
patents to be willing to instantly go 5 mill in debt but what do i know? I’m curious to see how that shakes out for
all the folks working there. Also on the struggle bus this week, Prime
ammo and their supplier Ruag AmmoTec. I’m going to try to condense this down as
much as possible because it’s pretty convoluted at this point. You’re probably familiar with Prime ammo. Well all of their ammo was loaded and supplied
by a company called RUAG AmmoTec. We will just call them RUAG to keep it short. Their relationship seemed to be going well
with Prime introducing a new 6mm cartridge back in late spring of 2018, but here’s the
catch. That never made it to market. The relationship went sideways. You may have seen a video from Prime’s CEO
Jim OShaughnessy recently on social media outlining their side of the story. In the video Jim says that prime has 100%
prepaid for all of the ammo and that RUAG is essentially trying to bully them out of
business to the point where right now, they have no money until this is settled and the
product and money tied up becomes movable again. He also accused RUAG of trying to reboot the
Norma brand to and use ammo designed by prime to destroy prime. There are a lot of folks standing behind Jim
and that company right now. It’s a compelling story for sure. But It’s not the entire story. Ruag put out a press release about this saying
that Prime is delinquent on payment for 1.2 million rounds of ammo and that Prime was
in the habit of receiving and selling ammo from RUAG without ever paying for it. So Prime says they paid, Ruag says they didn’t. Great. In the middle of all of that is a bunch of
emotions and money. Cases like this are tough for me to cover. I have friends on both sides of this case. I really like the Prime ammo and they’ve always
treated me well. I also like the people I’ve met from Ruag. BUT I am not about to get in the middle of
this despite how many phone calls and emails I’ve received trying to get me to go to bat
for one side or another. It’s a lot. The long and short of this issue is that contracts
matter and the courts are going to have to decide who is right and who is wrong. Who do you guys side with here? Do you think Prime is being bullied? Or are they just non payers? Sound off below and weigh in with
your thoughts. This week our questions are again coming from
the YouTube! Honestly, No. AR15 uppers are so easy to swap that I don’t
personally get the appeal of those systems. I understand that it has some potential benefits
but I just don’t see myself getting behind it in a big way. I think they’re neat. That’s it. I’m gonna have to say the 41AE. It was only available in the Jericho back
in the day and was a neat round. I would have said the 440 corbon but that
was sort of rebooted and is now the 429 DE. Well they already sort of do make that. The 50 beowulf was based on the 50AE and the
reason it’s a longer round as a whole is because they could never make that short and stubby
50AE work in an AR reliably. Maybe someone will be able to make it work
on a pistol caliber carbine platform now that those are super popular. Let’s be fair that’s not limited to gun stores. People in general are pretty rude these days
BUT gun stores oftentimes have a culture of “I know best and everyone else is a moron.” Its toxic as hell. The focus on customer service seems to be
dying off and is being replaced with fake bravado and chest pounding nonsense from people
behind the counter with little-man syndrome mixed with a healthy dose of miserable bastard-itis
and maybe a sprinkling of why is my life so terrible itis. Gun store clerks should be positive and helpful. They are the front line of the gun industry,
but sometimes they just don’t act like that. Sure not all gun store guys are jerks, I know
a lot of them that are great people, but the douche bags are certainly noticeable. And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed hit the bell, and consider supporting us via the links in
the video description below. We have amazon affiliate links, links for purchasing shirts and patches, this and that, this one and of course social media! And as always, thank you all for watching,
we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Beretta APX Carry, Naroh N1, Prime Ammo Lawsuit – TGC News!

  1. Most prized… The 1951 Remington 870 Wingmaster that my Great Grandfather bought new at the start of their second year in production and I later received from my Grandfather on my first dove hunting trip as a gift. Still rock solid and used today. Thousands of 12ga shells through it over 68 years and three owners without a single issue, unlike the current Remington 870. Worthy to note after a new 870 failed in 2015 and the issue was not properly addressed we switched to Mossberg and haven't looked back. 500 and 590 are great guns.

  2. The gun(s) that means the most to me:
    I inherited a pair of 8 inch .357 mag Colt Pythons from my late father. One chromed and the other blued with a Leupold 4x scope. They are sweet!

  3. So many carry guns on the market at this point, I still carry my gen 1 Walther PPS and don't see a reason to change, they got that gun right the first time.

  4. The gun I own that means the most to me is my M&P 15. I waited for so long to get one at a good price and slowly but surely added all the things I wanted to it. I'm still adding things to it. A polished trigger and back up sights will be the finishers to it.

  5. The gun that’s means the most to me is a 20ga mossberg 500 my dad got me when I was 12 or so. Kill many a squirrel with that thing.

  6. My most prized gun…. Win. Model 1894 Sioux commemorative 30-30
    Mom bought it for Dads Christmas in 1976. I got it when he passed. To this day it's never been loaded or fired.

  7. Great move by Ruger. Anyone who enjoys plinking with a 22LR should really try’s SA revolver. I trained my wife on my Single Six – she loves it.

  8. 1897 Winchester made in 1914. It was my grandpa’s shotgun that he used to put food on the table during the Great Depression.

  9. I have a Revelation pump action 20 gauge shotgun that was my first firearm. Dad traded a VW Beetle for it when I was a 12 or 13. The plastic safety button broke when I was in my late teens and my best friend made me one out of wood. It is not worth much money but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  10. The gun that means the most to me is my 1881-production Mauser Gewehr 1871/94 "Dovitiis" in 6.5mm (Ian from FW has a video on this type of rifle). It's an heirloom I received about two years ago shortly before my last remaining great uncle's passing due to cancer. He, although a good man and one of the coolest dudes I knew, was a complete gun muggle like the rest of my family. Poor guy didn't know what it was – thought it was an '03 Springfield of all things. It was one of only 2-3 guns in my entire extended family. It's close to worthless as a shooter cos the ammo is only available via expensive custom reloads, but it has a lot of sentimental value.

  11. Sad to hear about Adams Arms, but I guess that's just how it goes. They may not have retained relevance today, but they helped bring a nice product to the market back in the day when piston uppers weren't so ubiquitous.

  12. I would like to see their contract. Clearly one side or both have engaged in bad faith breach. The question I have is whether they limited consequentials. If so, that would allow a dirtbag to do an "efficient breach" as a leveraging method. Drag out the court procedings, let the little guy go under, settle for half the amount when they can't afford to say "no".

  13. I like it but, I have 4 berettas now! I’m NOT a fanboy of anyone. I just…. won’t do it.stop it! Please stop……

  14. Here me out before you say no;
    Go down to Prime and Ruag, go over the books, etc., and hekp them figgure that mess out.
    Don't actually take a side per se; Just sit down on the books, figgure out who has paid/been paid and for what, who owns what, and then let them decide how they want to settle the matter…

    Think of yourself as a marriage councillor for businesses. 🤣

    Ehem, about your question… None. Being legally homeless meant I can't possess a gun. Even my knife is "iffy." 🙄

  15. Some of the major benefits I see with the multicaliber systems like the one offered by LEO is that the gun becomes A LOT easier to clean plus you can store and transport the firearms easier as well. Transportation with one is especially nice for those of us who like to remain incognito as smaller, more normal sized bags draw less attention that your more normal sized gun cases.

  16. The NANO had some quirks……. meaning it DIDN'T FUNCTION…..EVER! Every one we sold came back with problems. We ended up telling people we wouldn't sell them.

  17. Tanfoglio combat 45acp with a threaded barrel and comp. It's what I learned to shoot on and has the lightest trigger I have ever found in SA.

  18. The gun that means the most to me is my old Remington 514 bolt action, single shot, .22LR. My grandfather bought it when my mom was a kid. He passed it down to her, and then when I was old enough, she passed it down to me.
    It's a great little rifle, and it's crazy accurate. I may have some cooler and more expensive guns, but that old 514 is by far my favorite.

  19. Touching base to find out if anyone from the Gun Collective will be attending the 2nd Amendment Rally on the steps of the state house in Harrisburg. Gun Owners of America will be there. Kotaboy32 Tactical will also be attending. I look forward to meeting the rest of my 2A family. See you on the steps of the state house.

  20. A Ruger P89DC. My uncle gave it to me as a graduation gift from college. He has since passed and I can’t imagine ever getting rid of it.

  21. The gun that means the most is my Sig P228 it's not that it's necessarily my best gun . It is very similar to a weapon I carried quite a lot while I served in the US Army in the 80's & 90's . The one I have is also a W. German made gun with a serial # that puts its production at 1989 . I used one just like it in Panama that year . The gun just makes me feel somehow closer to the person I was then . Trappings of a soldier I guess ,things that bring back memories of your time in service ,some good some bad, but all necessary .

  22. The gun that means the most to me, is my Winchester model 1897. It was bought new in 1898 by my Great Great Great grandfather.

  23. Yes people can be rude in all retail businesses but gun stores in particular have a big problem with this. I think it is more noticeable when youre trying to buy a very expensive thing. You don't notice rudeness as much in say a clothing store, while not cheap its also not as expensive as a typical firearm. Most stores that are selling expensive things will typically bend over backwards to kiss up or more colorfully put suck your dick.

  24. The gun I have that means the most to me is one I got from my father its his 60's issue Colt Python blue 6" 357 Mag… mint condition with original box and sales receipt

  25. Do you think a good quality carbine such as the Ruger Security carbine is a viable defense weapon for folks on a budget?

  26. Well that's why collecting & holding onto receipts is very important. Hope Prime & Ruag figure out their shit & get things back to flowing.

  27. My LGS SPAR Firearms (a PA company employing Pennsylvanians!) is always great to customers. No I don't work there but, apparently go there enough they know my name.

  28. When my father passed away, he didn't have a will which designated what things went to who. My brother got the lions share of firearms that had sentimental value to the both of us. Though I did get his Gen 2 Glock 19. I try to carry it every time I walk out the door (depending on where I will be going and what I will be doing, stay safe, stay legal). It never failed him (it replaced his 1970's vintage Star SM Super for semi-truck carry) and he thankfully never had to fire it in anger (as we all should hope). That's the closest I can get to one that means the most to me.

    A close second would be the Remington 552 Speedmaster that my brother wasn't too interested in, which I have since replaced the broken front sight. It shoots GLORIOUSLY so long as I do my part, a literal tack driver of a rifle.

    P.S.: #FCKCNCR

  29. How can you ask a question about a financial dispute between two companies based on what either has said? None of us work in the accounting departments for either company. How do we know if they paid on time or not?

  30. Hornady released a new bullet for long range shooting called the A-tip. I would like to know your thoughts on it. Good idea or snake oil?

  31. I have a Savage 99 in 300 Savage that was my great grandfather's. He was a hunting guide in PA back in the day. The stock is signed by the famous baseball players Left Gomez and Tom Hedrick. There are also several photos of him and Harry Truman on a hunt in the 1930s in the Truman presidential library.

  32. The gun that means the most to me is my Wildey magnum in .475 wildey magnum(I also have a .45 win mag barrel) it took over a decade to save up the funds but my patience payed off and that's why it means so much is because of the heavy time investment and the long search to find one.

  33. Seeing a lot more hammer-fired subcompacts. I guess people are realizing they're harder to push out-of-battery if you end up on the floor.

  34. I just want to say that while gun stores occasionally have bad employees, they often have the best customer service in my experience: respectful and knowledgeable at the same time. My interest in firearms since age 16 (and earlier) was partially encouraged by very respectful local gun store employees, really among the few people that will talk to you based on your level of knowledge rather than assuming things based on your age. Conversely, my worst experience was with hypocritical dealers at a gun show. For me, the good employees far outweigh the bad ones in leaving an impression of the industry overall.

  35. gun that i own that means most to me….uh ok so theres 3….tied.
    in no order
    1. chiappa c9-12 pump action shotgun
    reason: ive owned it the longest. everything ive wanted out of a shotgun, this is it. never had any issues. never had a reason to trade up. its the oldest in my collection
    2. ruger redhawk model 5032 (45acp/45colt)
    reason: ive never carried a gun more than i carry this gun. ive grown such a bond to it. and ive tried making that bond stronger. i had it cerekoted black. i missed it. which is odd because i hate stainless guns. its the first handgun i exceeded 1200 ft lbs of energy with. its the first gun ive shot reloads through. its my first gun for alot of things now that i think of it.
    3. iver johnson 32sw top break.
    reason: i bought it as a box of parts. me and my dad fixed it together. we put all the parts together and sanded some, filed some, and made the rest. we made 2 actually. made. i mean we repaired two. he has the 2 inch, i have the 3.

  36. What gun means the most to me? Hum….most like that 4 inch barrel, 5 shot Rossi revolver. The thing has magical accuracy. Not sure why but everyone, even inexperienced shooters just hit everything with it. More importantly though, it was my mother's favorite. It was the second firearm I got her to try out and she fell in love with it.

  37. I think the gun that means the most to me is my Yugoslavian SKS. It was the 1st gun that I bought when I moved out of my folks house. It was an expansion of my own personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Plus its a fun gun and easy to take care for a beginner.

  38. The firearm I own that means the most to me is a Savage Model 1899 250-3000 Savage Takedown Rifle. Mine was manufactured in 1918 and I inherited from my dad when he passed away. He was an avid deer hunter and took down more than 40 deer with this firearm. His cousin had a matching firearm and that is also still in the family,

  39. Seems to me that Ruger has alway's sold Single Action 6 .22 Cal pistols. They just made it a little more affordable.

  40. I have a Remington 1100 Trap edition that my grandfather shot in the Olympics with. I also have an old Sears and Roebucks single shot from my other grandfather that is just as special to me. Any advice on where I can go to get a new stock made for the Sears and Roebucks

  41. 3:45 Many farmers/ranchers carry inexpensive revolvers to take care of pesty snakes and other varmints. Trappers desire the same characteristics. Our sporting goods store sells many inexpensive (Heritage) 22 LR revolvers for this reason. This will be a good competitor.

  42. Not Just Gun's in Mason, MI are awesome to deal with. They have taken the "I know whats best for you idiots" gun store clerk turned it on its head.

  43. Went into a fairly new gun shop on Velp Ave in Green Bay Wi. Kinda felt like I was belittled. I left never went back !

  44. Easy enough to check bank records. If there is a transfer, paid. If no transfer, send Bruno over for a … chat.

  45. I think the gun I own that means the most to me is my Colt Vest Pocket .25 Auto. My great-great-grandfather used to carry is daily, as did my great-grandfather, and then my dad carried it for a long time. It still works like a champ!

  46. I'd have to say that the APX Carry could really shine if they offer additional options later on such as a longer slide and barrel or additional grip frames. Something to make this compete with the Glock 48 might really help it out in the long run.

  47. my gandmothers stevens visable loader 22, 100 year old gun killed many a woodchuck even one chasing my father. and its really fun to shoot!

  48. I like the slide serration style of the APX series. If I had to use the full size version, I would feel confident about it. Looks like its built for adrenaline filled serious use situations. That's all I have to say about that.

  49. Guns that mean the most to me. Glock 19 with light & night sights and Colt LE6920 with light & aimpoint. Both guns I can stake my life on that dont cost more than some mortgage payments combined.

  50. The gun who means more to my self is the iconic colt 1911 in 45acp the gun you received when you graduated from HCM in Mexico City

  51. Concerning the Wrangler, you’re soo way off. Heritage is making a killing and Ruger is smart to jump in.

  52. If anyone gather enough information for the prime ammo, and make an actual ( factual ) comment. That would be great. This is the kind of in fighting that shooters (like my self) hate. Don't bring a none settled matter to the table, with out an out come of decision. No one needs to comment. No facts or litigation out comes provided.

  53. The firearm that means the most to me is an 7.7 arisaka my great uncle brought back from World War II . It was passed down to my dad and then to me and also was the first gunI ever hunted with . It will be Passed down to my kids eventually

  54. I have a solutuon.i don't need a gun store clerk.. I have online.. If they get rid of that then gun stores better create vending machines so that I don't have to talk to those d bags.

  55. I refuse to answer a question you don’t answer yourself first. So, what is your favorite? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

  56. I feel the same about my guns as I do my children I love them all but I will sell them if the price is right;-)

  57. The gun that means the most to me is a colt match target 2 16” it’s not the best AR in the world and it’s not the most futuristic looking rig but that rifle was what started my love affair with firearms and it was the last thing my dad bought me before he passed away

  58. Speaking in terms of size of the Sig p365, how does the N1 compare?
    I'd love to see them side by side.
    I said wow when I saw the new N1 but thought to myself, "looks like a 7 shot 365

  59. Removable Chassis Hammer Fired Polymer Grip frame gun – did you forget about the Sig P250? (most people have, which is too bad)

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