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Beretta 92S 9mm Pistols – Surplus NRA Good / Very Good

Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Monday, August the 29th. I want to tell you about a new shipment of
Beretta 92S pistols that we’ve just received. You can see some of the crates that they’re
in here. Really nice surplus pistols. These were Italian police or military trade
ins. It is the 92S, so it’s one of the earlier
types. Has the mag release here on the bottom rather
than at the trigger guard. Otherwise pretty much just like the M9s that
you’re familiar with, and the 92Fs. Safety is here. Very smooth actions as you can see. It actually releases really easily. Mags are dropped free. Let me give you a little sampling of the pistols
that we have. This particular shipment came in these really
cool crates. Now I know some of you folks are going to
be calling and asking can you get the crate. Miss Jordan has already claimed dibs on this
crate. It looks like something that came over on
the Titanic, doesn’t it folks? The old time luggage. I know Jordan has a trip planned for this
fall over to England. She’s going to be going by ship, and she’s
going to have her manservant drag these things on along with all her clothes and shoes, possible
her cat. You’re taking the cat right Jordan? [inaudible 00:01:24] Very good. She’s laughing behind the camera. I’m going to catch the proverbial heck when
we’re done with filming here. Anyway, a nice lot of 92s. The last ones we got were pre-boughts for
the most part. These came just stacked in the crates. Now a lot of times people ask us, why don’t
you take greater care of the firearms? Honestly, we have respect for firearms. We do try to take care of them. As you can see, this is the way they come
from the importer. They’re just all piled in there on top of
one another. Overall, a very nice group of guns. Let’s look in one more, over here Jordan,
to get an overall representation. These are classified from the importer as
good, very good. I would say that’s true for the most part
that we’ve seen. You’re going to see some handling marks. You’re going to see some scuffs where they’ve
been up against one another. Functionally, very, very nice. A lot of pistols. If you’ll follow me we’ve got a couple more. These came in wooden crates. We’ll take a look at a few more. The last time we got these Berettas they sold
out very quickly. Standard 9mm Luger Parabellum. 15 round magazines. Some after market mags fit, some after market
mags do not fit. I want to show you the difference. I want to show you some mag options that we
have. We’re going to cut. I’m going to go grab a couple of mags, and
we’ll be right back. All right folks, we’re back. Let me tell you about the extra mag options
on these. We carry a couple of different kind of Beretta
mags here. One is the Korean made mag. Great mag, does not work with the 92S pistol,
it only works with the M9 variations and the FSs. The only cutaway is high in the grip section. A mag fro this pistol needs to have the retaining
notch at the bottom of the magazine, as you can see here. Now, fortunately I got to hand it to the people
as ProMag. We carry ProMag. This is the ProMag Flush Fit 17 round mag. They did their latch lock both for the M9
style and fro the 92S style here at the bottom. As you can see, the ProMag fits beautifully. We have run a dry test through this and actually
fed rounds. We’ve been outside and fed the rounds through
flawlessly. They drop free as you can see. We also have the extended capacity. I believe this one is a 32 round mag. Again, it locks beautifully. You can see from the inside of the chamber,
you can see the mag feed lips up in there. Again, it is a drop free mag. Additional mags, if you’re buying the gun,
you want to get additional mags with it, we do offer the ProMag in the 17 round and the
32 round. Both work very well. Come take a look at these pistols folks. They won’t last long. We always sell out before we can get more. The Beretta 92S. Nice little pistol. We appreciate you shopping with us. As always, come check us out at

28 thoughts on “Beretta 92S 9mm Pistols – Surplus NRA Good / Very Good

  1. Anyone know where I can find replacement grips for these? I got one of these a few years ago and it's really smooth

  2. I just went on the site and you guys have these at a good price for the condition. Might have to pick one up. I've always liked the 92 just not the price tag on the M9/92FS.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the Magazine. I bought one of these last time you had them and have not been able to find another magazine for it. I'll be ordering one of your promags..

  4. Holy smoke,  love to get my hands on about 2-3.  Those are the old Beretta 92S?  Probably made around the late 1970's,  early 80's.  Before the U.S.,  showed any interest in the Joint Service Pistol Program,  which started around 1981.

  5. Just bought 2 of these from you guys 1 hand select and 1 regular. Seeing this video was uploaded in august hoping im not getting bottom of the barrel. Either way fantastic deal looking forward to them

  6. All those glorious guns in those big boxes. It's really cool to see. I always think about how slowly but surely each one will be sent of to all corners of the US to gun enthusiasts.

  7. This is the handgun my father had during his service in Italian State Police. He has just retired and already miss it, have fun with those toys, served us very well. Cheers from Italy.

  8. Back 2 Dream again still want one so Bad it hurts !! sadly 4 me all $$ now go 2 Wife's Med need's so Family 1st guns down the list alot Merry Christmas 2 All! Awesome clean gun's like new Great deal 😉 !! Truesure trove betcha a thrill 2 open a crate WoW'Eeeeeeee

  9. Please don’t give Pro Mag the credit for putting both cuts in the magazine. They’re just copying the Beretta 92 FS mags. Beretta did that. They wanted backwards compatibility.

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