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Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun

Hi I’m Josh Ward with Benelli and we’re here in 2017 SHOT Show , where the talk of the show has been the new Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, we have managed to improve on perfection and take the the third model in the Super Black Eagle line and make it even better We’ve made it more reliable we’ve made it more comfortable to shoot and we’ve made it easier to you. We made it more reliable with the new easy locking bolt system which means the firearm will never come out of battery, no matter if you close the boat quietly when you’re in the woods or gets knocked around the duck line, we’ve made it more comfortable to shoot with a third-generation Comfortech stock which increases the number of Chevron’s here in the stock, as well as added this cheek tech pad here the ComforTech stoc cheek pad which helps to reduce the felt recoil even though the gun is point two pounds lighter than the previous model. We’ve made it the easier to use and we’ve got oversized controls here, oversized bolt handle, oversized vote relief larger safety we’ve added a large enlarge loading port make it easier to load shells and operates firearm under cold conditions with cold hands with gloved hand slid down the forearm makes it easier to get a stable grip no matter where you prefer to place your hand even redesigned the magazine cap no longer around it’s actually more of a triangle shape makes it easier to take one off when you want to clean their firearm right now it’s available it’s available in black and Max like Anibal patterns that will be available this summer in optics a timber and mossy bottom land available at with a 26 or 28 inch cryo barrel they have a rib hi vis frontside an extended choke now all of the enhancements made to be super black eagle 3 only a hundred dollars to the overall cost so about three dozen different unique features at this firearm and the price point of Honor dollars so that the super black eagle 3 them to talk about SHOT Show we encourage you to go by your retailer and pick one up take out to the range and shoot for yourself, you’re going to like it!

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