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Benelli 828U Shotgun Review

hey guys Todd Helms out here today to
bring you the Benelli 8:28 you review and I’m gonna tell you why you need to
be looking at the Benelli 8:28 you for your next over-and-under shotgun gonna
run through all the features that make this shotgun unique and the technology
that really sets the Benelli apart from any of the other over and unders on the
market alright so obviously you can see we’re out here in a beautiful wyoming
morning trying to shoot some doves i spent a little bit slow there’s a lot of
crops still up but hey anytime you could get out and get a shotgun in your hands
especially one like the 8:28 you from Benelli why not right so I’m gonna run
down some of the features that make this shotgun very unique very revolutionary
if you will all of the advances that we’ve come to expect from Benelli in
their semi-autos have spilled over into the 8:28 you make it not only a fine
upland gun for shooting doves and we’ve had a chance to shoot some pheasants
with it as well earlier in the year but we’re gonna put it through its paces
this winter as well for duck season we’re going to take this beautiful
shotgun to the blind with us and make it pull double duty that’s one of the
beautiful things about an over-and-under and one of the great things about the
828 you is I know that this guns not going to have a problem doing both
alright so one of the first things that you’re gonna notice that’s different
about the 828 you versus any other over-and-under shotgun on the market is
this in the receiver we have a floating mechanism at first glance the first time
I saw this I thought man that’s odd why would you do that now that I’ve had a
chance to shoot some skeet with it and shoot some pheasants with it I’ve come
to understand and appreciate some of the features that really make this gun
unique like this little floating mechanism dealing here that
Benelli actually calls their patented steel locking system what it does is
when you pick up the 8:28 you you’ll notice and there’s nothing to this thing
it is light as a feather which is awesome in an over-and-under upland
shotgun because you’re gonna be carrying this thing quite frankly more than your
going to be shooting it in most cases so you want a light in the hand shotgun
that balances well at the same time otherwise it’ll hit anything with it one
of the features that helped make this gun so lightweight is the aluminum
receiver here that you that you’re looking at aluminum doesn’t hold up to
stress or wear and tear as well as steel doesn’t Benelli knew that they had to
come up with a way to mitigate the stresses and the fatigue from repeated
pounding of shotgun shells in an aluminum receiver this is the steel
locking system as you can see it moves it detents and it is steel what it does
is when I lock the barrels closed it keeps all of the pressure from the loads
being discharged in the barrels the only thing the only direction that those
pressures gasses have to travel is out the length of the barrels that allows
Benelli to lighten up the receiver on this shotgun by using aluminum other
other gun companies don’t do that they use steel receivers you’re gonna notice
that when you pick this up there’s nothing to it it’s super light like I
said and that is because of the aluminum receiver and the steel locking mechanism
that allows Benelli to really revolutionize the way energy and forces
are harnessed and used within the shotgun or absorbed if you will in a
shotgun one of the other things that really
catches your eye about the 828 U is that it’s very streamlined this is a very
svelte shotgun if you will it’s just slim and trim
another way that Benelli was able to keep this shotgun sleek was to
incorporate the ejectors into the barrels you don’t see ejectors sliding
back and forth and locking into the action itself of
the shotgun they are integrated right into the barrels and that really helps
Benelli maintain a slim profile and again a lighter weight overall shotgun
so you have basically a more enjoyable experience carrying a shotgun in the
field this is also a removable trigger group I’m not gonna pop it out here in
the field but if you go to Benelli’s website you will be able to see how this
trigger group this basically comes out of the receiver of the shotgun plus it
is completely laid out in detail for you in your owner’s manual of the 8:28 you
what this facilitates is it allows you to remove the entire trigger group and
really deep clean your receiver makes it that much easier to get that gunk and
crud out after a long weekend or week or let’s face it sometimes even a season of
use in the field this is a unique looking stock that’s one of the things
about the 8:28 you that you hear all the time it’s a fresh take on it the
over-and-under platform the stock is no different we’re starting here where the
receiver meets the stock we have what Benelli calls the Quadra fit system what
that does is it allows me to change the can’t so I can change the way this stock
goes from left to right how it sits on my shoulder it aligns to my face and I
can also change the rise and drop of the comb so if this gun if I’m for example
looking I mount the gun and I’m looking I could see the whole vent rib that
means my comb is too high and I need a little more drop in the heel of the
shotgun I need more of an angle and more of a downward angle at the back end of
the shotgun there are shims with the Quadra fit
system I pop off the recoil pad and I undo the assembly in here slide it off
find the proper shim that I think I need put it back in place and if it doesn’t
fit I can do it all over again nice thing is the 8:28 you is one of the
few shotguns on the market may be the only over-and-under shotgun on the
market to offer a truly customizable fit right out of the box
the next thing you notice about the stock on the shotgun is there is inlaid
rubber basically on the comb of the shotgun between the rubber on the comb
and what’s called the progressive comfort system which is basically inside
the stock here you can’t see it but there are baffles rubber polymer I guess
you would say baffles that are built into the butt of the shotgun and what
that does is as recoil increases more baffles are engaged to absorb that
recoil and basically make it so you’re not feeling that thump in your shoulder
of the shotgun coming back on you you know we’re out here shooting light dove
loads as today you’re not gonna notice recoil on a 7/8 ounce or a 1 ounce load
in fact I think I’m shooting these federal top guns are one ounce
load so that’s not very stout and I’m guaranteeing you right now
when I throw some heavy pheasant loads in this like I did earlier this year or
some heavy duck loads in this those baffles are going to take the sting out
of a long day of shooting for me with the 8:28 you as you can see this rib
this vent rib that Benelli puts on 8:28 you is different than just about
anything you’ve seen on a shotgun before it is carbon fiber it’s one more way
that Benelli has figured out how to cut weight while not sacrificing the swing
ability the point ability and the balance of this shotgun but more
important than what I think is cool about the carbon fiber vent rib are the
priori tadaryl’s traditional shotgun barrels get hammered out they get
slapped on a shotgun they get finished sure a lot of them get chrome lined or
moly lined but what Benelli does is they freeze their barrels in a cryo chamber
and what that does is it smooths out all of the imperfections that occur in the
manufacturing process of shotgun barrels and what that does is
it allows Benelli to harness some of the most consistent patterns that I have
personally ever seen come out of a standard factory choke tube
it’s the cryo system that’s what they call it called cryo barrels and their
choke tubes or cryo treated as well you notice I don’t have any aftermarket it’s
chokes in here the chokes that come with the 8:28 you are as good as you’re going
to get in a factory shotgun over and under shotguns are meant to be beautiful
as well as functional the Benelli 8:28U you captures all of that remarkably well
one of the things that I noticed as soon as I open the box on this shotgun is the
double-a walnut stock the grain is gorgeous they’ve finished it incredibly
well and it’s just one more thing that makes the Benelli 8:28U you stand out
from all of the competition but how does it shoot it shot extremely well in my
inline skeet tutorial videos and earlier in the year on some pheasants and the
gun performed flawlessly as I said I’m stoked to get it in the duck blind see
if I can knock down some mallards with it this year as well so I’m gonna shut
up here and get back to well get back to watching the skies and see if we could
find some doves alright so hey that’s your Benelli 8:28 review
and while you’re here guys don’t forget to swing down hit that subscribe button
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6 thoughts on “Benelli 828U Shotgun Review

  1. Nice review. I do notice that Benelli have listened to feedback and have improved some features of this gun over the past few years. Initially the safety set automatically on reload, and many didn't like this. Now it is manual slide on action (with an automatic option available). The 828 U Sport has only the manual slide on action. The 828 U Black edition is a very sexy version of this gun.

  2. I've had the black version for a little over 3 years now. Have almost shot 100 shells through it every weekend since then. It's been great, zero issues, I love it!

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