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Beginners Tutorial on being an Aggressive Single Bolt Sniper Recon Class – commentary

[ follow @Mumra2k ] I went 20-0 pretty much by myself On Team Death Match, on Caspian border When I say by myself, I mean I did not get revived once by any of my fellow team mates in the game so you’ll not see any defibrillators used on me. Before we start, let me introduce you to JetbatUnleashed who is lurking in the background say “hello” Jetbat (Jetbat) Salutations, gentlemen! My name is, Jetbat my apologies, I actually am sick. So if I sound like, Donald Duck, that’s probably why. (Mumra2k) I remember back in the MGO days when Merkent was teaching me to improve in the game. This is back in MGO1, one of the things that still stick with me to this day is how Merkent talked about using the environment at all times. Metal Gear Online (MGO) is a 3rd person shooter. So basically think of… (Jetbat) Gears of War (Mumra2k) Yes. Gears of War. The advantage of being in the 3rd person is that you see your character relative to the environment. So you know when you’re in decent cover as supposed to having no cover. I’m not at all used to Battlefield3’s FPS concept. So I have to mentally think to myself “Am I in an open field here?” “Am I inviting a 50/50 battle?” That’s another thing as well, that Merkent taught me. You don’t want a 50/50 encounter It’s not about who’s the fastest gun in the West It’s about who’s the smartest Players like; SnakeEater, NaxHiri, and DarkAlex are the MGO legends (according to Merkent) that were not necessarily the fastest shot, but they were the smartest on the Battlefield So basically, they chose their moments when they engaged the enemy It’s all about making those Battlefield decisions directly in the game and deciding when to engage and dictate the terms of engagement. This is also why I chose this type of playing style Being the sniper with the single bolt action rifle and also having the Magnum as my handgun meant no more spraying. It also means to me that when you take your shot you appear on the radar if you’re not using a silenced weapon. But even if you’re not using a silenced weapon, for someone like myself who own an AstroA40 headset or any other decent headset you know – even if against silenced weapons – the direction unless they’re really far away, where that bullet is coming from even if the shot doesn’t hit you. In my recent video, you see me be very map conscious I look at the map all the time like I’m driving and looking into the rear view mirror That’s what I try to encourage my clan mates to make use of Not that I’m any better than them, trust me they’re all better than me! A part from maybe, my good friend Gino who I’m trying to help out I try to say to people as I did in MGO, to make use of the radar map like it’s a rear view mirror or a side mirror. When you’re driving and learning to drive your teacher will always instruct you to keep checking your mirrors regularly. When I hear a gunfire sound I can glance at the radar and ask myself “where is that shot coming from?” Is it friendly fire or the enemy? You’ll see in my latest video I often check the radar and spin round going to where the danger is and and then decide whether to engage or not This type of style doesn’t come easy it requires a discipline If anybody watching wishes to adapt this type of style it is highly rewarding but with a lot of learning through dying to be done as well but I do appreciate how Battlefield3 is in rewarding players for playing the objective. Thankfully, with BF3 where it actually rewards you for such practices. How does somebody achieve this? In MGO you had access to practice doll rooms This isn’t available in Battlefield 3 Doll practice doesn’t exist The best thing I’ve done to simulate this is to enter a private server room and treat that as the practice room. Thanks to TrickPT, HeWhoDares had a practice server room for approximately 3 months What I did was create a closed quarters lobby room For instance, Ziba Tower, and then run around attempting to improve aim by quick scoping specific objects So once I’ve shot all the vases and stacked news papers, to save time in having to reset the room to get those target objects back I’d then test my accuracy by shooting the individual letters on the wall signs or even shooting the smoke alarms Once you’re satisfied and you want to perfect your aim against real opposition you can then return to the open public lobbies The closest thing to improving this style of play, for me would be to play Squad Death Match [SQDM], Gun Mastery mode [GM] and Team Death Match [TDM] in that order. Basically, you want the closest thing to Death Match, which would be Gun Mastery Mode but I’ll tell you why SQDM is even better On the consoles we have half the amount of players 12 verses 12 But with SQDM what you’re able to do is increase your numbers of opposition because the only team mates you have are in your squad and what that does is enable you do is play with your setup as supposed to Gun Mastery where you don’t have a say in your weapon setup. I’ve heard about those rooms where you can be specific for instance Snipers Only or Pistols only but I don’t have much experience of those. Do you know if that’s the case, Jetbat? (Jetbat) That I don’t know (Mumra2k) Anyway … I’ll continue So SQDM is the best way to improve in my opinion. Because you’re able to choose your weapons and hand gun and then get the highest rate of practice with that chosen setup against the most opposition Why do I play like this? The idea of playing like this is the pursuit of perfection via the hardest means I want to try and achieve the highest degree of accuracy and clinicalness and hopefully it also results in the highest teamwork. Being the recon class gives you a great ability to help team mates with the objectives by using the respawn beacon and usage of TUGs and MAVs and so on. There’s also something cool about being efficient and accurate with shots and knowing that when you killed with a head shot that you intended it it’s a lot less gonzo, going through bullets I often hear my team mates request for more ammunition because they use all of it up and become empty after 30 seconds into the game! And they’re shouting “SHIT I need Ammo!” [laughter] For me, I’m yet to experience becoming empty and without ammunition without having being killed first! The beauty of not going through all your ammunition as a recon is that you’re less likely to get spotted by the enemy on the radar and alert your position to everyone My goals for Battlefield 3 were decided early on during my online campaign I decided I want to achieve recon level 100 service star tags I’m unsure what I’ll do after achieving this but I want those gold tags and I want to earn it through this style of play being an aggressive sniper with high accuracy and clinical decision making because this style teaches you to do this Playing like this teaches you that you have to be objective and you have to be clinical you have to not only be accurate but also more aware of your weapon’s ammunition And also being smart in deciding when to reload and making best use of the support recon tools, too So depending on the map and mode I’ll chose whether to use the MAV over the TUGS So those are my personal goals and reasons why I play the way I do I hope that answers the many YouTube comments and questions Now you know why. At the time of recording this commentary I believe I’m a level 60 service star recon colonel so I’ve passed the half way line But there is still a long way to go (Jetbat) Who would have thought that video games would be deep and compelling mediums of entertainment? (Mumra2k) Well, not really … (Jetbat) Aw Mumra, don’t even get me arguing with you! Don’t even get me started! (Mumra2k) Well I’m going to wrap up here this is nicely double the limit of what I need so I’ll edit this down Thank you viewers for watching this has been another production I thank our lovely guest, Jetbat thank you for holding my hand through this (Jetbat) Of course, thank you for having me (Mumra2k) Even just knowing you were in the background willing to catch me if I fell was reassuring [laughter] (Jetbat) Don’t get me wrong, solo commentary is tough I still struggle with getting it spot on and perfect so I’m more than happy to help out whenever I can (Mumra2k) Hopefully, I might have the ability to do more of these in the future I hope you enjoyed the video. This is Mumra2k signing out. (Jetbat) See you later, fuckers! (Mumra2k) Goodbye [ Music by ] [ follow @Mumra2k ]

17 thoughts on “Beginners Tutorial on being an Aggressive Single Bolt Sniper Recon Class – commentary

  1. You gotta start playing Search and Destroy on Call of Duty. Decision making and smart play and predicting your enemies' movements is really important there. You would like it a lot coming from MGO.

  2. If you aim infront of the eneemy that is running perpendicular to you and let him run into your crosshair you will get petter results as if you would follow them with your aim.

  3. Thanks, mate. You like that end streak, eh? I was determined to tempt fate and not just camp back towards the end even though I know I was on my way to a "Flawless".

  4. Damn, yea I know some people get sick at 60FPS. It's a shame because the response times at 60FPS are almost 2x better, they should have a limiting option in future games where you get same response times but halved FPS for people like you.

  5. played a 1500 ticket match today and was 80-25/ 2nd most kills was a guy with 50-someting/ my team 800-something to 300-something tickets and the damn game froze. i almost cried/ all those kills wasted.

  6. i havent seen all the video, but looks cool, hope to catch up with you on bf3 soon, ive been busy, and very tierd, late work too, next sunday im off and play all day πŸ˜€

  7. I understand now why the quickscope, thanks for uploading. Also watching this video, I realized that using your method, might help you getting a better aim on third person games like MGO since you are practically using the same aiming method we used there. Great video.

  8. Lovely video, man, love the commentaries, I love it when people share their ideas about their gaming experience, especially when they compare MGO to other shooters. I also pretty much watched your journey to lvl 15 in two go's, the commentaries were gorgeous. So yeah, please do more πŸ™‚ As for colour correction: it's not bad, but take it easy with the contrast settings. Stuff can look saturated pretty quick. Cheers!

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