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Beginner Gear & Weapon & Set Crafting Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Hello everyone and welcome to my crafting
tutorial for the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and in this video we talk about all topics related to armor and weapon crafting I received the last days some questions about crafting so i thought its a good idea to explain in depth how this process works Take a look in the description if you want
to jump direct to a specific topic So lets get started with an overview about
the Crafting Skills I use as an example the blacksmithing skill but the clothing and woodworking skills are similar To increase the skilline you have to gain
inspiration by deconstructing items create items or by doing the daily crafting quests Higher level and quality items created by
another player will give you the most inspiration if you deconstruct them You can only upgrade your passive abilities
when you have a certain level in your skillline Metallworking affects what kind of materials you can use for crafting Higher quality materials means a higher armor or weapon level When we craft later an item i will explain
this point a bit more The next skill is Keen Eye you don`t have to skill this, but i like to invest one point so it is easier for me to detect materials from a distance This skill will show a visual glow effect
on nodes On level 1 its 20 Meters, on level 2 30 meters and on level 3 the glow will show up when you
are 40 meters away Miner Hireling is a good way to get some more materials The Hirling will send you materials via mail
and if you upgrade it the item quantity and quality will increase Metal Extraction improves the chance of extracting ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful tempers from raw materials If you upgrade this skill you will increaces
the chance of extracting ingredients and the quality of the tempers The next skill Metallurgy is related to traits and anylizing The first rank allows you to research 2 items at once and lowers the research time by 5% the second rank lowers the search time
by 10% and the third rank allows you to research 3 itmes at once and lowers the research time by 25% and limits the research time to 30 days The last skill is Temper Expertise which increases the chance to improve items with tempers If we want to craft now an item we need to
go to a crafting station Crafting stations are typically found in towns and cities but also in various caves and dungeons At the Woodwoorking station you can craft
bows, staves and shields with wood At the Blacksmithing Station you can create weapons and armor parts with metal Heavy Armor is good if you need a high damage protection for example as a tank At the Clothing station you can create all
parts for the light armor and medium armor Light Armor is good for spell casters since it favours Magicka, Magicka Recovery and Spell Penetration and as a crafting material you need fibrous plants wood, fibrous plants and metal ores can be found all over Tamriel Medium armor supports Stamina, Stamina Recovery and Weapon Critical and it is made of different types of leather and hide which you can get from beasts The crafting process of blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking are identical so i will just use now the blacksmithing as an example On the top right we have various tabs Refine, Creation, Deconstruct, Improvement and Research We will talk in depth about every process
but we start now with Refining Refining means that we process our raw wood, plants or ore to refined material This process is needed since you can only
craft an item with refined materials You need 10 raw materials to turn them into refined materials and you have the chance to get, beside of the refined materials, trait materials and valueable improvement items To improve this chance you have to upgrade your extraction skills Deconstruction is a good way to recycle items and level up your crafting skills It will give you some materials back and you gather inspiration Deconstructing an item made by another player gives you the most inspiration You will get increased inspiration also from deconstructing higher level items,with better item quality and with the presence of traits Next we have creation where we can craft armor or weapons First we have Type where you can decide what kind of weapon or armor piece you want to create Then you have to choose what kind of Material you want to use The Material itself and the amount of the material determines what kind of level your item will have For example we need for a level 1 Chestpiece 7 Iron Ingots and for a level 14 13 Iron Ingots Its important to mention that if you want
to craft your first 160 cp armor the amount of crafting materials drasticly
increases So you would need for a 160cp Chestpiece 150 rubedite ingots With the Style you choose the look from your weapon and armor There are various Styles to find and learn Some are easier to aquire and some are more rare or difficult to find For some styles you need only one book to
learn the complete style For others you need to learn every chapter
so you are able to craft every piece of gear Of course you dont need all chapters if you are not interested in crafting every piece of this
style Sometimes you can find rare style book which can teach you a complete style I can recommend you the Addon AI Research Grid which shows you an overview about your traits and the styles you learned and it works for all your characters Sadly there is ingame no preview how your armor will look like on your character Because of that i created some armor and weapon showcase videos where you can take a look if you like the style:) Last but not least we have to decide what Trait we want Traits are small bonuses that can be applied to your weapon and armor You can only have one trait per crafted item
You need the specific Trait Stone to the Trait you want to apply and there are different
traits for armor and weapons You can find this trait stones by deconstructing, by refining materials or by looting containers like barrels, crates, etc. or you can buy
them in the guild store of course There are various traits you can choose from and some are maybe better than other ones The training trait for example is an excellent choice if you just started the game and you want to level a bit faster since it increases
the experience from killing enemies We will talk more about traits if we reach
the topic Research and Improvement For now we craft our first piece of gear So we decided to make a chestpiece, level
1 with 7 iron ingots, choose a style we like and a trait we want In this case i will choose now the training
trait. And we are done:) Now we talk about improvement To improve our items we need different tempers first we can improve our item from normal
to fine, then from fine to superior, from superior to epic and from epic to legendary If you try to upgrade and item and you use
less tempers there is a chance that you destroy the item and temper in the process So if you want to be safe use the maximum number of tempers so you have a 100% chance for upgrading As you can see with upgrading we improve the armor and our trait If we improve an item from a set you will
increase the bonus from that too You can get this improvement materials from
refining, deconstructing, from the hirling and the daily crafting quest Dont forget to upgrade your expertise skill
to reduce the number of tempers needed for a successfull improvement Next we talk about Research Here we analyze traits so we are able to craft them To learn a trait you need an item with the specific train on In the research process the item will get
destroyed, so dont use anything valuable what you want to keep For example if if you want to craft a chestpiece
with the training trait on it you must find first a chestpiece with the training trait and then research it at the crafting table You have to unlock each trait for each item
seperatlely. As an example if you learn your your first trait for the chestpiece it takes
6 hours, the second trait for the chestpiece takes 12 hours, and the next one 24hours, etc Since the research time increases more and
more for each item you researched it is important to start as early as possible to learn your
traits and upgrading your crafting skills to
lower the research time and and that you are able to research multiple items at once. Learning traits not only takes a huge amount of time it is also important if you are interested in crafting sets since you need a specific amount of reseached traits to craft a set Crafted Sets can be crafted with the set bonuses in any type of weapon and armor You have to go to the crafting station designated to that specific set you want to create This set crafting stations you can find overall in Tamriel For example if we want to craft now the nights silence set we need two traits researched and have to go to Stonefalls, Auridon or Glenumbra As you can see the interface looks same like the normal crafting but at the top right you can switch between crafting and crafting sets Beside of that the process of crafting is the same as we choose what kind of item we want to create, the materials, the style and the trait you want to have You need a various amounts of traits learned for the different crafted sets At the moment the maximum amount of traits is 9 Some set locations you can find in multiple areas For others there is only one specific location For example the Twice Born Star Set crafting station is only located in Craglorn As mentioned before if you improve an item from a set you will improve all bonuses on this set too Each set provides different bonuses If you want to have all 5 bonuses active you
need to wear 5 pieces of this set At the moment we are only able to craft weapon and armor parts as a set With 2 traits you can craft Death’s Wind,
Night’s Silence and the Ashen Grip Set With 3 traits you can craft Torug’s Pact, Twilight’s Embrace, Armor of the Seducer and the Trial by Fire set With 4 traits you can craft Magnus’ Gift, Hist Bark and the Whitestrake’s Retribution set With 5 traits you can craft Vampire’s Kiss,
Song of Lamae, Alessia’s Bulwark, Noble’s Conquest Tava’s Favor and the Kvatch Gladiator set With 6 traits you can craft Night Mother’s Gaze, Law of Julianos, Willow’s Path and the Hunding’s Rage set With 7 traits you can craft Redistributor, Clever Alchemist and the Varen’s Legacy set With 8 traits you can craft Kragrenac’s hope, Orgnum’s Scales, Eyes of Mara, Shalidor’s Curse, Oblivion’s Foe, Spectre’s Eye and the Way of the Arena set With 9 traits you can craft Twice-Born Star, Armor Master, Morkuldin, Eternal Hunt and
Pelinal’s Aptitude set Thanks for watching and hopefully i could
answer all your questions related to the crafting process in the Elderscrolls Online It would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave a comment I wish you a nice day and until next time Bye bye!

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