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Beeman P17 Model 2004 Pneumatic Air Pellet Pistol

all right welcome back to another
episode of sportsman 101. today I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of
my family, the Beeman p17 pellet pistol. when I saw this pistol at the store for
only $35 a few months back I just had to have it. and no, it wasn’t on sale. so
Beeman p17 is actually a clone of the Beeman p3. the key difference between the
two is that p17 is made in China while the p3 is made in Germany by weihrauch, and while
the p3 cost somewhere around $240 the p17 cost under 50. that German version is
well known for its quality. I had read from other owners of the Chinese p17
about air pressure issues here and there but nothing that can’t be resolved with
a new o-ring and a few minutes of your time. that is well worth the $200
discount my opinion. in the last four months I put over 500 rounds through my p17
and I’ve yet to have any sort of issue with it. if I ever do have a problem Ill
make you guys a video on how to fix it. promise. so this is a pneumatic air
pistol meaning that it’s powered by an air piston rather than a co2 cartridge.
it fires 177 caliber LED pellets at 410 feet per second. the gun is nine inches
long along the top and weighs in at 27 ounces on a postage scale. it’s mostly
made of plastic but the inner workings inside the handle along with the Piston,
hammer, and the trigger are metal. there’s a set of fiber optic open sights on it,
the rear sight being adjustable for wind and elevation. I found this gun to be
extremely accurate by the way. once I had the sights dialed, in hitting a post it
note at 15 yards was pretty easy. now loading the p17 is pretty straightforward.
the hammer is actually just a latch that holds the pumping lever in place. so pull
that hammer back to release the lever and then push the lever all the way
forward exposing a piston. next insert your pellet into the tiny hole at the end.
this is the breech of your barrel so make sure the pellet is facing
down. I’m not putting a pellet in because I’m inside by the way. now pull that
lever all the way back into place on the gun. this takes about 30 pounds of
pressure, so not really something that a kid can do. your safety mechanism will
engage on its own whenever you load the gun, a very nice feature to have
especially for the forgetful types. the safety is the switch above the trigger
on the left side of the pistol. push it forward to disengage when you’re
ready to fire. honestly whenever I pick this thing up it feels like I’m holding
something worth over $100, certainly not the 35 I paid for it. it’s
really everything I hoped for and while some of you that have had an air
pressure issue with this gun may disagree with me, I firmly believe that
it is the best pellet pistol out there for your money. so if this video helped
you out and got you the information you needed please let me know by leaving a
like and sharing it with your friends. subscribe to see my upcoming videos,
there’s plenty on the way. and as always, thanks for watching and happy hunting!

7 thoughts on “Beeman P17 Model 2004 Pneumatic Air Pellet Pistol

  1. Just a tip , when closing the pistol l keep my hand just below the sight , if you press down with your hand on the sight you can knock the off , also the screws on the sight are not tight a bit of blue lock tight fixes it , good video .

  2. The only two things I had a problem with is the pin that runs through at the back under the rair chamber started to walk out just tighten the small grub screw . And the non fireing trigger , just take of the grip and hook the small Spring behind the big one , video on u tube , hope this might help , all the way from the uk

  3. Well having not had any trouble with my p17 , it went wrong big time last week, when closing the cocking arm nothing apart from air hissing out of the air chamber haven't a clue what's wrong so took it back to where I bought it ,they sent it to be repaired still not got it back will keep you updated 👍

  4. Just bought one tonight. I really like the feel of the pistol and have only gone through about 10 rounds. I have big fingers , so loading a pellet is a little bit of a task. Other than that I have no complaints. Especially for the $35.00 I paid for it. Seems to be pretty powerful for a single pump pneumatic. Looks awesome too, by the way! Great video. Subscribed and liked.

  5. pretty cool gun.>>>   it's powerful for a bb gun, it'll blast through both sides of a metal coffee can. and I love that it looks like a glock rather than those clear plastic ones.

  6. if someone has problems with pressure-> unscrew everything, clean it out and then lubricate everything. If pressure problems are still there you might want to change the Orings

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