Bedside Gun Safe / GunVault Micro Vault

How’s it going guys and welcome back As you can see we’re in a little bit
different setting this time that’s because we’re talking about how secure your
firearms in your home Now one of the most important parts of being a
responsible gun owner is making sure that unauthorized people don’t get
access to your firearms And that’s even more important if you have kids
obviously The problem most people run into is how do i keep my gun secure but
still be able to get to it quickly if I need to And the reason we’re here in my bedroom
is because one of the most popular places to keep your home defense gun is
right beside your bed The problem with that is most people end up just keeping it on
the top of the nightstand like that or they’ll put it in the drawer but that’s not
very secure so i’m going to show you what i came up
with and there’s a lot of different products on the market out there that
try to solve this problem if you come up with something better something
different make sure you let us know in the
comments below Now let me show you what I went with Now one method I’ve used in
the past as one of these mattress holsters which worked out great it keeps it very accessible it’s right
there beside you and it’s even pretty concealed when the bed is made but you still can’t really say that is
secure Some of the best solutions i found are the GunVault products the one I chose was the MVB this is the biometric micro vault Now if you watch this review today and
you decide you want to get one for yourself I’ve put a link in the description below
so you can get a find one they usually run around a hundred and eighty
bucks and this thing is very well made I believe it’s an -gauge steel and it has
a strength lock no-pry mechanism so it’s going to be hard for somebody to
pry it open it does come with a four-foot security cable if you want to wrap it around your bedpost And it runs off of a
nine volt battery and it does have a low battery light indicator right there just
in case you’re like me and you always forget to change the batteries and
things that will help you remember that But just in case it does come with two
override keys and one other thing it comes with that I’ve never seen before
is one of these Flambeau zerust corrosion protection blocks Now supposedly this
thing is supposed to protect from rust I’m not sure how well that works but i’m
going to use it anyway now if we open it up you’ll see that it
has a really nice foam backing and it will hold up to a full size pistol
and backup magazine Now this is the full size Smith & Wesson
M&P nine millimeter and yes it is loaded because it wouldn’t be doing me any good if
it wasn’t now obviously the coolest thing about
this safe is the fingerprint reader so all you have to do is hit that button swipe your finger and it opens right up
and you can load up to a hundred and twenty finger prints in there So after you get done loading all your
fingers and your wife fingers you might as well go ahead and load up
your toes because why not you never know And this biometric is really quick and
easy to do even in the dark so it’s pretty much as fast as you can
get without just leaving it out on the table now obviously this thing isn’t
completely theft proof it’s mainly just to keep your kids or guests from getting
curious But just to help keep this guy from sprouting legs and running off it does have mounting holes so you can
screw it to your nightstand and as you can see that bad boy aint going nowhere
now fellas before you do this we know our wives are not going to be happy
about us drilling holes into that beautiful mahogany nightstand and their
mother gave e but i’m thinking this is one of those situations where it’s a
little bit better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission and if that doesn’t work i recommend
flowers wood filler and some fresh flowers Thank you all for watching make sure you
go over and check out my other video about securing your home defense shotgun Please like share and subscribe and
we’ll see you guys next time yeah

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