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Bear Spray vs Firearms – Captain Cody

Hello everybody captain Cody here from
global fishing reports. Today we’re gonna be talking about bear safety
more specifically firearms versus bear spray versus bear bells which one of
these three things will keep you most safe while hiking in bear country we’re
gonna look at research studies that actually compare the safety rates
between firearms pistols and long rifles versus bear spray versus bear bells and
making noise I’m on my way to shoot our bear safety video and guess what we’re
going we’re gonna do it on Bear Mountain all right guys we’re hiking along in
bear country and we just encountered some bear poop now how do we tell this
is brown bear poop or black bear poop we can tell it’s got a lot of berries oh
man in this case it’s got bear bells in it I made this brown bear poop that’s a
joke alright guys and that report that I was
talking about they compiled data for over a hundred years of firearm
incidences where a firearm was used against an aggressive bear in Alaska and
that report showed that long rifles were 76 percent effective at stopping a bear
long rifles are shotguns and rifles that same report showed that handguns were 84
percent effective at stopping bears and this is for stopping aggressive bear
behavior the other report written by the same lead author Tom Smith looked at
over 30 years of incidences involving both brown bears and black bears and
that showed that bear spray stopped undesirable bear behavior 92% of the
time so everybody always says bear spray is more effective than firearms well it
kind of determines the terminology of how they’re saying it but they’re very
comparable and in reality you’re gonna want to carry both what do you call bear
with no teeth a gummy bear no not this type of gummy bears you know it only has
gums no teeth a gummy bear personally guys I carry an 870 express
tactical shotgun it holds six plus one so I have seven rounds it’s a
pump-action shotgun it’s super reliable I grew up using an 870 so I’m very
proficient with it I feel confident in it I feel much more comfortable having
this than a pistol I like having both a shotgun and bear
spray because they’re both effective against bears and you always have that
non-lethal option personally I carry buckshot in my shotgun I was actually
trying to find some slugs but the only slugs that I found were jacketed slugs
and I did some reading online and jacketed slugs in a smoothbore shotgun
that’s not rifled can actually cause overpressurization issues so I didn’t
feel comfortable using a jacketed slug alright guys let’s talk about how to use
bear spray first the most important thing is always keep your bear spray
somewhere that it’s accessible the best place is on a belt
here on your hand so you always know where it is if you need to use it pull
it out there’s a safety cap on it you got to remove the safety cap this
won’t spray if the safety caps on to remove the safety cap all you got to do
is slide it off sometimes there’s a zip tie here which can make it difficult to
get this off make sure you cut the zip tie now whenever you spray bear spray
there’s about six seconds of total spray time in this can in particular always
check how much spray time you’re can particularly has which means you want to
spray it in to second verse hold it with two hands spray a little bit below the
Bears face and hold for two seconds hold for two seconds obviously if the bear is
charging you and you think it’s going to get there empty the whole can right at
his face it’s good to have two cans one accessible one in your backpack another
thing when you’re using bear spray guys is you got to take wind into account and
if it’s raining heavy if the winds coming at you and you’re spraying it be
prepared that that bear spray is going to be coming back at you and it’s going
to be stinging your eyes you know more intensely than pepper spray even would
if the bears coming towards you you can start to spray a little bit ahead of
time so the bear comes into that fog and is deterred but don’t spray too early
because then you waste your whole can and you never hit the bear at all
alright talking a little more about bear spray bear spray is not like bug spray
or you spray yourself with it and you spray your belongings with it and it’s
gonna deter the Bears spray and bear spray can actually make bears curious
and come over and try and figure out what’s going on so you don’t spray this
on your stuff you spray it directly in the face of a bear whenever you have a
close encounter with an aggressive bear so this is our bear spray frontiersman
bear attack deterrent make sure you read it and make sure that it says bear
attack deterrent and isn’t just regular pepper spray the other thing you want to
check is the expiration date this one expires oh to of 2021 so right now it’s
2019 I know that I’m alright this particular one has a glow-in-the-dark
cap which could be nice to find your bear spray at night and guys the safety
cap if you do take it off at slide right back on and once you have
its lid back on it won’t go off alright guys so this is a bear Bell as you can
hear it rattles it’s made by frontiersman this is the one I have and
on the bottom here it’s got a silencer so if that connects now it doesn’t make
any noise so you can silence it if you want typically and then this silencer
it’s got velcro on this side it’s got velcro on this side so you can cook it
like this typically I’ll just hook it to something like this while I’m hiking all
the times people have these on their dogs all noise can help a lot of people
in the study say all bear bells don’t help an audible voice is better and all
the ‘voice may be better but this is better than nothing so bear bells are a
good idea it’s not a foolproof plan but it helps I would say by far the most
important thing to do whenever you’re hiking in bear country is to make noise
make noise audibly coming through berries coming through just repeat that
phrase over and over again as you’re hiking you can sing songs you can talk
with a group of people anything you’re doing as long as you’re constantly
making noise that’s what you want to do walking quietly walking with soft feet
like you’re hunting that’s the bat that’s a bad idea that’s
the worst thing you can do but whenever you are hunting you have to be quiet so
whenever you’re hunting the best thing to do is to walk into open spaces open
spaces where you can see far ahead of you so you can see if there’s a bear a
bear can see you and that avoids getting too close to a bear unwantedly all right
guys because we are talking about using firearms for bear protection I did want
to go over the basic safety rules of a firearm the two most important safety
rules of a firearm is always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction that
means never point the muzzle across your muzzle against anything you don’t plan
to shoot safety rule number two is treat every gun as if it’s loaded that means
even if you know your guns unloaded treat it as if it’s loaded
obviously keep your safety on while you’re hiking and the
woods so we’re talking about bear safety talking about firearms and carrying bear
spray and going hiking in the woods and
camping in the woods and the truth is there’s only three fatal bear attacks in
North America on average every year heart disease kills 600,000 people per
year so that means going to your favorite fast-food restaurant getting a
burger fries and a soft drink is 200,000 times more likely to kill you than going
on a camping trip or going hiking in the woods that means you’re 20 million a
percent more likely to die of a heart attack than you are a bear attack so
what I’m saying guys if you’re planning on going hiking you’re planning on going
camping and you were worried about bears don’t be worried about bears
what do you call freezing bear a bear just because there’s only three fatal
bear attacks in North America every year doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t takes
bear seriously just in Anchorage in 2016 34 built bears were killed 17 of them
were killed by civilians that were protecting themselves or protecting
their property and another 17 bears were killed by State Police or Wildlife
officials in the state of Alaska and that’s just in Anchorage so if you look
at the whole country there are a lot of instances where bears are shot and
killed to stop aggressive behavior and unfortunately a lot of these bears are
killed at the fault of humans humans leave food around which then brings
bears into the same area that humans reside and they don’t want to leave
because they’re being fed one reason I really wanted to make this video is
because last year I was hiking in Juneau Alaska I was doing a nine-hour hike I
was on my way back down I was about eight hours into it and I’m just walking
back and I’m really tired and I’m walking quiet and I came across
the bear about 30 feet away from me and it just looks at me and I actually
didn’t have a backpack I had nothing with me at all and this bear is just
looking at me it’s not running away and it was a pretty scary experience and I
really wish that I had bear spray or that
had a firearm or I had been making more noise to scare this bear away and I
actually just slowly backed up and once I was out of sight I left the area
that’s actually the most important thing whenever you encounter a bear don’t
panic don’t run away because if you run away the bears natural instinct is to
chase you so if you ever have a close encounter with a bear the most important
thing is to not run the general rule of thumb is if it’s a black bear act big
make a lot of noise get to slightly higher ground so you look even bigger
and try and scare the bear away with brown bears and grizzly bears it’s
different you’re supposed to play dead you’re supposed to act small you’re
definitely not supposed to run maybe slowly leave the area but one thing with
all bear encounters every encounter is unique you have to read the Bears
behavior there’s a lot of rules don’t do this do that but every bear encounter is
different so there’s no hard and fast rules never run from a bear right well
what if you’re three steps away from a house where you can get inside and the
bear is 50 yards away you can run and you can get to safety so you’re running
from a bear but it’s not exactly the same thing the three main reasons why
people have problems with bears it’s because they cross a mother with their
cubs number one they come up on a carcass or some food source that the
bear is protective or three they invade that bears personal space accidentally
so they’re hiking too quietly they’re not hiking in open areas and they come
into close up proximity so the bear is just acting out of defense so here’s
some of the material that I printed out that we’re gonna be going through
Anchorage Daily News nearly four times more bears were shot dead this year than
in Anchorage in 2016 this is defense of life or property game animal kill report
so if you kill a bear in Alaska you have to fill out one of these reports if it’s
in self-defense or if you’re protecting your property and this is an interesting
read to read through all the paperwork you have to do if you have to shoot a
bear in self-defense this is a report about the effectiveness
of bear spray in Alaska this report compiled all of the data from 1985 to
2006 here’s a report by the same author the same lead author Tom Smith or again
he compiled all the data but this time it’s the effective use of firearms for
bear deterrents this is what you should know about bear spray how to use it to
reiterate a few points first most important when you’re walking in bear
country it’s important to make a lot of noise and to try and walk in open spaces
if you’re doing that 99% of the time the Bears gonna run away and there’s not
going to be an incident whenever you do have to deal with a bear that has
undesirable bear behavior or aggressive bear behavior that’s where having a
firearm or having a can of bear spray comes into play to review the statistics
for long rifles such as shotguns and rifles they’re effective at stopping
aggressive bear behavior seventy six percent of the time pistols
eighty-four percent of the time bear spray is 92 percent of effective at
stopping undesirable bear behavior but undesirable bear behavior is different
than aggressive bear behavior so in my opinion I would say that firearms
probably are more effective at stopping a bear that’s attacking you even though
the statistics show that bear spray is more effective so whenever you’re in the
woods I would say the best option is to carry both carry bear spray and carry a
firearm make a lot of noise and you won’t be one of the three people every
year that get killed by a bear what does Pooh Bear call his girlfriend honey what do you want hey a one and a half
year old grizzly bear I hope you guys enjoyed that video if you did please
give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel also leave a comment tell us
about a close bear encounter that you had thanks for watching guys going
through bears coming through movie all this big bear coming what do I got to do
oh yeah I always forget to do that Wow crazy guy you

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