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Bean’s Secret Weapon | Funny Clip | Classic Mr. Bean

Whistler’s mother’s cookies chocolate chip whistlers father’s beer mug and Here’s a really cute one for the younger brother range whistlers whistle. Yeah, you just blow up around. Yeah, yeah Mommy I don’t feel well *small puff* *Mr.Bean takes vomited bag* WTF DUDE BOOM!! LIQUID EXPLOSION BABY!!! WTF WHY DID HE HAVE TO SMELL IT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Hey Any second now think we’re looking for a brad pitt look-alike THAT FACE THO *thinks of a great idea to get into more trouble* THE FACE AGAIN! Police 1: WTF HE HAS A GUN! Mr.Bean: OH SHIT I’VE BEEN SPOTTED!!! Police 1: Lets go closer to him Police 2: OK Mr.Bean: ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!!ABORT!! Police 1: POLICE!! Yeah I know I made this subtitles Mr.Bean: RUN BOIS!!! OH WTF ANOTHER TWO PEOPLE!! Mr.Bean: OH SHET I HAVE BEEN SPOTTED 2 Police Guards: RUN AFTER HIM!!! Police 2: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH POLICE GUARDS :MOVE BITCHES!!!!! Not you, BITCH!!! Carefully take out your weapon holding the butt with two fingers only HAHAHAHAHA “hold the butt” Slowly place it on the floor and take three steps back fyi If I was mr.bean I would say “NO fuck you this is my gun go fuck off” GUYS ITS COLD!!! GIVE MR.BEAN A HOT-COCO WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS Mr.. Bean are you presently on any kind of medication? Not that I know Well you can certainly use some So doctor uh yes, okay, dr. Bean, uh well you made it Nice flight Well this is Kevin oh and This is Jennifer she’s been very excited about meeting you Oh my wife Allison Oh David could I just have the tiniest talk with you in the kitchen all right. Yeah, I Appreciate that on first viewing he seems a little Eccentric David there are Martians who have been exiled from Mars for looking weird who looked less weird than this guy he has an original Quality he goes hi today Hey, can you do this I can do this Beep Wow Magic oh, okay, so you’re gonna. Tell me this today. Yes today today today today seems like a good day Morning Elmer Welcome to my world Expect it in Grierson’s office at 9:00 a.m.. Now. This is a man who does not like to be kept waiting? Okay absolutely you bet all right We should make a move we’re very light Oh Doctor if you when you’re ready Ah David finally And this must be our professor from across the sea yes George gruesome, this is dr. Bean, I’m delighted doctor Heard a great deal about your doctor Great deal of you And this is Bernie’s charge of PR an absolute honor doctor all right. Thank you and Walter Huntley our merchandise manager Nice to meet you come on take a seat doctor Let me take that old thing This is very out of date Thank you before we settle in Mike what feast your eyes on these

100 thoughts on “Bean’s Secret Weapon | Funny Clip | Classic Mr. Bean

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  3. Mr bean!! U are a true legend. U made me laugh during my child hood. And still till this day u never get old. True legend and icon!! Will never be another like Mr bean.

  4. 7:51 When I was a child I thought he was dancing and laughed so hard now I watch again and realize what his position is, I laugh even harder lol

  5. I watched this movie around sometime that I can even remember. It didn't feel like in 1997. Good memories. Wish! I could go back to past.

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