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Battlefield Long Range Sniping Tips and Tutorial – Easy Trick for Record Breaking Sniper Headshots

Hello YouTube, today I will be showing you
guys how to score very long sniper kills in any Battlefield game by using what I like
to call “bullet drop compensation”. As you can see in my Battlefield 4 and Battlefield
1 clips, they both have something in common: I’m aiming my scope very high above the target,
and the red marker of the enemy is directly centered. The Battlefield 1 Trench Scope will also scale
meter distance in the right corner. If possible, you should spot your enemy with
in game equipment like the BF1 Trench Scope to prompt the red triangle marker on your
screen, for more visual aid. When I first scored these types of kills,
I realized the upward position of the scope had to be spot on and measured very carefully,
which gave me the idea of taping a ruler to the T.V screen or monitor. You will need a transparent ruler and tape
for this to work, so you can align the target on your T.V., while playing your game. While attaching the ruler, hold down the Left
Trigger, or the button that makes you aim down your sight, and place the ruler in the
bottom tracer of the scope accordingly. I used a rubber band to hold the button down
while placing. If the shot is too low, you add an increment
upward, and if the shot sails high, an increment in the ruler is subtracted. With enough precision in this type of shooting,
you will have a much better idea of where your bullet is landing. You can adjust your aiming accordingly, and
with accuracy. I hope this trick can help you score longer
headshots, and move up your leaderboard rankings. Good sniping, good game, and subscribe for

16 thoughts on “Battlefield Long Range Sniping Tips and Tutorial – Easy Trick for Record Breaking Sniper Headshots

  1. Another thing to mention for BF1 is the type of sniper you use. The SMLE's scope doesn't have the power to track bullet drop anymore, it used to in the beta. Even with the Trench Scope, you can't see where your bullet is going. Because of this change, you should either use the Russian 1895 Sniper or the M1903 Sniper

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