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Battlefield 4 Compare Sniper Rifle M98B & SRR-61

M98B VS SRR-61 M98B reload time full reload 4.8s short reload 3s M98B Muzzle velocity 650m/s suppressed 340m/s Bullet drop
9.81 m/s² SRR-61 SRR-61 Reload time full 4.8s short 3s SRR-61 Muzzle veloicity 620m/s suppressed 330m/s Bullet drop
6 m/s² M98B CQB review Fastest muzzle velocity and good mag size good at for CQB SRR-61 CQB review mag size lower than M98B good at for CQB too but mag size little low so I recomend for camping M98B have nice performance mid-range to high velocity hit 🙂 High velocity is kill enemy when they during situation assessment but sniper noobs M98B have some bullet drop so that can’t hit moving enemy SRR-61 have low bullet drop Headshot lol have lowest bullet drop can easy long lange battle but velocity lower than M98B so confusion of predict fire Thanks for watching (leave your comment for fix syntax Error)

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