17 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 – Shotgun Pro Tips

  1. Not really. That is probably coming from a guy who has never used a shotgun other than the USAS-12 with Frag Rounds pre-patch.

  2. This is the only advantage the weapon really has. The assault rifles and the carbines are the dominant weapons in the game. They will destroy a shotgun at almost any situation but point blank range. Get your facts straight. If you think that shotguns are easier to use than the weapons in the assault or engineer category, you probably haven't even played the game yourself.

  3. TDM isn't even a game mode meant for BF. It is just out there to please the CoD players that recently got introduced into the game. And yes I play TDM quite often to get montage clips for my "Lock & Load" series and it is just described by rediculously bad spawns. Still, any assault rifle or carbine will beat you in any situation other than point blank range ingagements.

  4. I read these comments and people are full of shit, so far 625 870 kills, several kills in the 300 meter range, and I don't have to shoot five shots at every person to get a kill.

  5. Great video! I try to use the shotgun at almost every map, so your tips really helped me! I prefer using the DAO-12 with extended mags. Shotguns can really destroy the enemy team if you use it the right way.

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