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BATTLEFIELD 1: M1907 SL Sweeper Review – Best Close Quarters Weapon?

Hey Everyone, its Map Mover and in this Episode
I want to give my opinion on the M1907 SL Sweeper one of the M1907 SL variants available
in Battlefield 1. The M1907 SL Sweeper is a weapon available
in the medic class and the thing I like the most about the Medic Class is the ability
to quickly self heal and get yourself back into the fight quickly. Now in the Medic Class you have a series of
fast firing semi automatic weapons, all of which are typically high damaging but requiring
3 to 4 shots to the body to get a kill depending on the range you engage at. Well all the M1907 SL Variants require between
3 to 5 shots to get a kill, meaning that this weapon is just as viable in close quarters,
but manages to not do as well the further out you reach with it. Added to this is the fact that the M1907SL
variants have the slowest muzzle velocity of all the medic class rifles meaning that
it becomes harder to hit moving targets at range because you have to lead more than with
the other rifles on offer. So where does this weapon fit in then? It
obviously does less damage and has a slower muzzle velocity so whats the point of it? Well, I’ll tell you, firstly the m1907 SL
Sweeper has the second lowest vertical recoil of all the medic class rifles at 0.56 beaten
only by the autoloading 8 .25 extended, but that weapon does even less damage than the
sweeper and that weapon doesn’t have the main benefit which the m1907 sl sweeper provides
and this benefit is of course it’s ability to fire at fully auto! Now, there are a few drawbacks to firing fully
auto, mainly that your accuracy will suffer greatly, so it is better to burst in two to
three shots ideally, but bursting is quite easily managed thanks to its low recoil and
quite low fire rate. So when you’re caught in a face to face engagement
or have a number of enemies in very close proximity to you, you dont need to worry about
spam tapping your trigger you can simply hold onto the trigger and destroy your opponents
especially with the hip fire of this weapon which really is fantastic for enemies that
are around the 10 metre mark or closer. So Ideally where you’ll want to be using this
weapon is as an aggressive, close quarters player, moving around at speed and keeping
yourself out of the cross hairs of enemy marksmen and the best way to do this is by strafing
and hip firing at the same time for close quarters enemies. Now you can get a few accurate shots off at
distanced enemies providing theyre not moving around too much, but just bear in mind the
likelihood of getting a kill will be dependent on those enemies having already sustained
damage for you to be able to finish them off because of this weapons low damage at distance. Its certainly worth trying to damage enemies
to help your team, but sometimes this could result in you missing a close range enemy
or running out of the rounds you need to take advantage of this weapons automatic capability
if someone happens to rush up into you. Now given that you’ll want to be as light
as possible for this setup I’d recommend going without the bayonet. Now there are no specific
statistics yet on the bayonets penalties, however one thing I can be certain of is that
your characters movement speed improves without it and so if you’re going to be strafing around
and destroying close range targets you will want to be as fast as possible while doing
so. The bayonet is a fantastic weapon to use,
but it usually results in you getting killed shortly after going in for a charge so it
really isnt the most tactical option anyway, unless you feel you need to use it for that
extra sprint boost when getting into and out of cover. I’d also recommend customising the sights
to have the lowest magnification zoom possible given that you’ll primarily be engaging at
close range and you might want to ADS for those enemies that are around the 20-30 metre
mark. As I mentioned earlier, I would advise against
engaging enemies further away because the damage drop off starts from the 20 metre mark
and becomes almost twice as less powerful per shot when you engage at over 40 metres
so just be mindful of this weapons lack of power at those ranges and try to position
yourself around a lot of cover. Use your med bags to quickly heal yourself
and move around into other nearby positions of cover to surprise and harrass enemies that
are trying to move onto your team’s positions. Finally, I strongly recommend this weapon
due to its fully auto capability and the fact that it falls into the medic class with the
ability to quickly self heal makes this setup a personal favourite, just be careful about
not overreaching with this weapon. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review of
the M1907 SL sweeper and i’m looking forward to doing the next one. Let me know what you think in the comments
below and of course if you want to see more then please hit that subscribe button! I’ll see you all again soon, Map Mover Out!

41 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1: M1907 SL Sweeper Review – Best Close Quarters Weapon?

  1. Great review! It was already my fav weapon but after seeing this video I know much more about the 'sweeper' so I can play better. Thank you!

  2. Great vid:) – Us Gamers gotta "stick together" lol I have left a like and subscribed. If you would go check out my channel and subscribe if you like the content! Hope you Enjoy my friend!

  3. has the rate of fire been nerfed on this because on the ps4 it feels like theres a bit of a delay between shots

  4. I have been using the M1907 SL Sweeper for a while and did not know it was auto fire 0_o

    I have been spamming the trigger like an SKS. I don't know if I can ever shoot full auto now. This thing is the bees knees for Argonne Forest conquest. Crazy hip fire when needed.

    Nice vid BTW.

  5. The sweeper is definitely my favorite gun in the game. Being able to heal yourself and your teammates as well as revive as the medic class is great. I found this gun to be much more forgiving than the other rifles since it's the only fully auto gun. It's great up close and if you take your time it's easy to take out targets at medium-long distance. It's a jack of all trades. I almost gave up on the medic until I started using this gun. I'm new to battlefield and I honestly suck at aiming, but the fact that I can kind of pray and spray while working on my aim helps a lot.

  6. In a close to mid range fight this thing is a surgeon. It is possible to reach out and touch people with this weapon but its not going to win any hearts with its range. Its my go to medic gun.

  7. WOW 15,000 views and counting! Thank you all so much for watching and I really hope you've found this review helpful.

    As of this comment and since this video, I have in total added 5 more in-depth weapon review videos, totaling around an hour's worth of footage! The latest review is on the Automatico M1918 Trench!

    I'm featuring comment suggestions within my videos, so if you have an interesting idea let me know!

  8. Maybe it's just me and my particular play style, but I absolutely despise this gun — all 3 of its variants. It's probably tied with the Huot and the M1903 Experimental for the worst primary weapon in the game, in my opinion, especially the 2 semi-auto variants. The damage drop off is too steep, the range is too low, the spread is too high, the rate of fire (in semi-auto) is awkward and difficult to get the hang of, and the recoil feels way too inconsistent and unpredictable for me to use it often. I'll take the Cei-Rigotti and Selbstlader over this all day long

  9. I dislike the Sweeper. I hold down the button and it misses people within 5 meters as if I'm trying to no scope or something. I honestly can't see how people use it. The velocity is too slow and everytime I see people use it they use up half the clip or more to kill a single guy.

  10. Thanks for the quick but pertinent, well explained help. Do you know about the muzzle power for the Cel rigotti? I would guess the long range damage guns probably have more muzzle power.

  11. I snipe quite a lot with this weapon, so the damage is fine even on large ranges. Sometimes the enemy is so far away, i can barely see a dot, but he takes a snap bullet anyway.

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