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Battlefield 1 GEWEHR 98 MARKSMAN! The BEST Sniper Rifle or the most ACCURATE Sniper Rifle

Welcome to the Gewehr 98 Marksman. Today I will disclose everything that you
need to know to dominate the Battlefield with this sniper rifle. Let’s start with the statistics because this
will allow you to adjust your play style and strategy. One bullet will cause 80 damage. After 60 meters this damage will go up and
at 80 meters you can make a one shot kill with only one bullet. This is the start of the sweet spot and it
ends at 125 meters. After this the damage will drop again and
it will settle back at 80. Let’s compare the sweet spot of the Gewehr
98 with the other sniper rifles that I reviewed earlier. The Martini-Henry has a sweet spot between
30 and 80 meters, then we have SMLE with a sweet spot between 40 and 75 meters, then
the Russian 1895 between 60 and 100 meters, and now we have the Gewehr 98 between 80 and
125 meters. So the 98 is more suited for those long range
kills and you should adjust your strategy accordingly, but more on that later. The only exception was the Gewehr M.95, this
one does not have a sweet spot but it does have straight pull. Time to kill is 1.202 seconds and at 79 meters
it will become 1.290 seconds because of the travel time of your bullet. The time that it takes to kill is so high
because you need 2 bullets to kill your enemy outside of the sweet spot. I’m sure that you know by now that you are
not able to kill in this timeframe, you cannot stay zoomed in on your target and you will
have to readjust your aim again after zooming in on a moving target. Within the sweet spot range you will only
need one bullet and that is why you will almost instantly kill the poor guy on the other side
of your scope. And a headshot, well that will kill everything
and everyone. The Gewehr 98 has a muzzle velocity of 880
meters per second and therefore it has the highest muzzle velocity of all sniper rifles
in Battlefield 1. This is very important because, this means
that you won’t have any trouble with leading your targets. In every sniper video I show you this template
as well, because it gives a good representation of a whole bunch of stats and information
but it also shows my accuracy. Normally this does not matter at all but for
once look at it at use this information as a reference, by average my accuracy with most
sniper rifles lies around 40%. And as you can see after 60 kills my accuracy
was about 42 percent, now I was still getting used to this gun that is why I always make
100 kills before I even start thinking about making a video. After 100 kills my accuracy went up to 47
percent. This is a lot higher than my stats for any
of the other sniper rifles and this is mainly because of the muzzle velocity. Maybe your accuracy is a lot higher, but all
what I am trying to say is that whatever your average accuracy is, it will go up when you
use the Gewehr 98, mainly because of the muzzle velocity of 880 meters per second, which is
the highest muzzle velocity of any sniper rifle in Battlefield 1. The bullet drop is 12 meters per second squared
and this is standard for every sniper rifle. There are 5 bullets in a magazine and you
get another 25 for later. The rate of fire is 50 rounds per minute. I highly recommend you to modify your weapon. Choose whatever optic you are most comfortable
with but make sure that you change the magnification. Normally, the choice is yours but you are
definitely going to need a 4 times magnification. The sweet spot starts at a further distance
than most other sniper rifles, so you should adjust your weapon accordingly. If you choose a smaller magnification then
you might have some trouble with making every bullet count at the further ranges. Ideally a higher magnification would be even
better but you just don’t have that option when you select the Gewehr 98 Marksman. You can however choose a different version
of the Gewehr 98, for example the Sniper. It comes equipped with a bipod and it has
access to a higher level of magnification. The statistics are pretty much identical to
the Marksman. But the higher magnification can make your
life a lot easier if you are used to an 8 times scope for example. I will probably make a special video about
the Gewehr 98 Sniper but that is for later. You can also choose to unlock the Infantry
version. This one will regain accuracy more quickly
due to its reduced weight. Be Careful tho because it does not come with
a scope. It only comes with an iron sights or with
radium sights and 2 times magnification is the highest one that you can select. If you want to take advantage of the sweet
spot then good luck with this one. But if you prefer to make long range headshots
with only an iron sight then happy hunting, I definitely don’t want to meet you on the
Battlefield. So what is the verdict? The Gewehr 98 Marksman is easy to use and
it allows you to be very accurate. If you can live with the 4 times magnification
and you are willing to adjust your strategy according to the sweet spot then you will
be able to do a lot of damage to the enemy team. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares
are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the Battlefield!

83 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 GEWEHR 98 MARKSMAN! The BEST Sniper Rifle or the most ACCURATE Sniper Rifle

  1. Whats your field of view setting when using the Scout Class. Also what does the number mean when pressing "v" 75m, 150m, & 300m?

  2. great video, 😀 helped me clear up the sweat spot, i thought it was 90 to 110 but with this, I cab see that it's much further than i thought, i always sat at 100m from an objective and sniped, but now that i know the sweatspot is 80 to 125 i'll sit at 85m which just so happens to offer some really nice sniping spots on some of the maps, so which sniper is next? 😀 or are you moving on to other weapons?

  3. Fog, do you zero your scope? There is no indicator in Battlefield for when I press V to zero to 150, 300 metres so I have to remember how many times I press V to cycle through the zeroing. I think its either a bug or just a flow in the game

  4. Nice video. Do you play on console at all? I'm curious what sensitivity to use. I can't seem to get it to feel right. Thanks.

  5. Goeie video's, 1 tip, jouw Engels is goed, misschien iets meer werk in de uitspraken klinkt wel erg Nederlands, dit is geen haat maar kleine tip als je meer subs etc. wilt bereiken. misschien keer samen bf1? kan wel goeie medespeler gebruiken haha. Fijne avond/middag/ochtend verder!! Groeten!!

  6. Nice Guide, but i go with the G98 (INF), i got my first service star with it, and long range sniping is no problem for me, and when the enemy is to close i use my bayonet^^ and i love to use it in close combat, it is a lot of fun and a good challenge.

  7. I purchased the Infantry version last night. One of the best choices I have made, right next to replacing all my ass-handling M1911 pistols with better-shooting FN Browning 1903 pistols.

  8. Another great video. I appreciate how you assume all your viewers are well oiled snipers. Really shows how humble of a content creator you are and also how confident you are in your analysis.

  9. If you practice with this for a lil bit you can almost headshot anyone, the bullet speed is off the charts and Its really good

  10. i wanna know where in the heck the 1891 mosin nagant is and why they dont have it in this game makes zero sense to include the 1895 russian lever action but not have a 1891 mosin nagant in the game they could even have the 1908 carbine versions of the mosin just seems weird that the most mass produced gun in history is not included in this game

  11. I have been using the GEWEHR 98 Infantry. No scope, no scope glare. As the video mentions, the muzzle velocity is superb, if you have good eyesight you can easily hit targets at ranges normally reserved for scoped snipers. Highly recommend you guys try it out.

  12. I went on a 20 man kill streak on giants shadow just at the water tower before objective F all I heard was click click click

  13. im curious im kinda new to bf1 so the whole estimating distance is tricky. anyway to figure this out a little better or no.

  14. nope,'s beta, probably got nerfed, 3.sniper version is better,'s inaccurate af, 5.enemies randomly move around and it's not possible to hit them with this rifle, 6.its aim is off, 7.NO magnification, 8.Gewehr 98 Marksman < all other sniper rifles.

  15. Good and detailed video as always but this gun is absolute, complete and total trash, well the sniper and marksman versions are anyway, the infantry is actually surprisingly good.

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