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Battlefield 1 Gameplay – Martini henry Infantry Rifle

hello guys and welcome to my fast ever battlefield 1 gameplay with martini henry infantry rifle but for one official gameplay with martini henry inantry rifle and i said official supplier i’m the open player and I really enjoyed it hence why boys game and this ain’t live this is just one of them up good games are played that expensive your most of my games card games because this game me in this game just really click then what is just everything works me everytime always popping people laugh always getting the objective you know the use you should play battlefield not these people at this campus in the same area and not get any points because this game will not let you do that she will not get as many points if you camping out so about the objective all about the objective basically I’m just gonna I’m just checking out there for you guys take that I want you to feel like I’m not put anything any contact with you and I did say FPS games are marking on there so this is it this is it this is one of the games i think on this game got 58 kills 9 deaths which is pretty sweet I don’t even use a tank and normally want to get a massive should kill Streak not that it’s not move a tank but yeah sit back and enjoy and then this is some gameplay was also with an the Martini Henry infantry rifle and the scout and i’ll tell you are this good is something something special here on every sharp our skills of one kill one kill one shot one kill chasse it’s just unreal obviously get it when you get to level 10 in the scout class side if you haven’t done so i highly recommend giving us go get given the scale plastic go i’m just getting is going to consist amazin so yeah that’s about it really post range at it epicness good at it and I just enjoying this game so much right now and i’m not even recording that inexpensive you can enjoy it that much it’s just took it away from YouTube moment i’m not going to content out there for you guys just yet it may want to check some out there stupid so I am the sound of this the sound of its good listen to it lovely obviously some it so special about we need when you press the trigger on this burden that noise that noise happens is just unreal i love it probably probably my best my best beach by a scalar moment is definitely good and just the sound of it and 12 yet the sound of the whole game in general is it some house honestly some house if you haven’t got this game you need to go I get it because endless endless hours of fun just-just-just everything about this game is just unreal and the cart wait to see what’s gonna happen this whole bathroom one community so yeah if you like this game my game play I’m a commentary but it’s not very common shares my wrists me messing about because players game too much you like all that good stuff don’t forget stuff to subscribe like and comment you not to do you know what today and space you sit back and enjoy the gameplay if you want to see some awesome kills and decent game a decent game yeah thanks for watching we have taken objective ok flame trooper kate is available near your location have lost objective apples ok we have lost objective we have taken objective Freddie objective and we met we have lost objective see that many objective that we have lost objective ready any money anyone we have taken objective losing objective charge ok we have lost objective we are losing objective charge ok ok lost objective ok you’re losing objective take an objective . ok help me we have taken ok ok we winning objective ok ok ok

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