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Welcome to Fort de Vaux, today we are going
to answer one question, how to snipe on fort de vaux? You would think that this map isn’t suited
for a sniper, so let’s see if you still have the same opinion at the end of this video. I will give you all the tips and trick and
the strategy that I used to help my team and to get some nice killstreaks as a sniper on
fort de vaux. The first thing that you should do is to head
outside. It’s a death trap if you stay indoors for
a sniper so get out of there as fast as possible. Take a closer look at the map, 2 flags are
located inside, 2 outside and Bravo is a mix of both. Technically, Bravo is also located outside
but it doesn’t make that much sense for a sniper to hang around over there so let’s
just focus on Apha, Charlie and Delta. This is your battleground. And today we are going to turn this place
into sniper territory. I don’t know what kind of sniper you are
but I always have this crazy idea that I need to lead my team into victory, even as a sniper,
on some maps you can do this but on this map we will do the opposite. Don’t try to lead your team but support
them instead, provide them with cover by killing as many enemies as you can and provide them
with intel about the enemy team with your flare gun. Your job is not to capture flags, you have
to make it easier for your buddies so that they can capture them. So don’t expect to end up leading the scoreboard. Whenever possible try to make sure that you
have the high ground and that you have a good view of the flag that you are currently covering. The chances that the enemy team is going to
start shooting at you are not that big when your team is attacking, but it will happen
from time to time when you are waiting for your buddies until they push towards the next
flag. Wait for them, let them take the initiative
and then make sure that you are right behind them so that you can cover them. I don’t want to state the obvious but fort
de vaux is an infantry focused map and most of the action take place indoors. Some guys compare this with operation locker
from Battlefield 4 and for a big part they are right. So why would you want to snipe on a map like
this? We all know that most people go for the short
to medium range classes and weapons on this map so why snipe? Well, I just stated the reason, most people
go for weapons that excel at killing in close to medium range firefights, in other words
it will be difficult for them to kill somebody in those longer range engagements, so there
is a big opportunity here for you because there is no one here to stop you. All it takes is to pick up a sniper rifle
and follow a few basic tips and strategies. The strategy on this map is very simple for
a sniper, just hang back and follow your team. You are allowed to go inside but don’t go
too far and stay away from Bravo and Echo, consider these flags as off limits. The only thing that you will find at these
flags is certain death. The fact that you are not the one who is leading
the team also means that you are going to stay alive a lot longer. Which is great but it also comes with one
big problem, ammo. You’re going to run out sooner or later. Never wait to ask for ammo until you have
nothing left, so keep a close eye on your ammo and start requesting for more when you
think that the time is right. The support guys on this map will be very
busy shooting at everything that moves so if you have to then just kneel down in front
of hem, he will understand what you mean. I’m sure that you noticed throughout this
video that I spot the enemy first before I take the shot. I don’t always do that but I try to do it
most of the time. This will make it easier for you to track
him if you didn’t kill him with one shot but this will also draw the attention of your
buddies. The more people that you spot, the bigger
the chances that your team will take the lead. Intel is one of the most important factors
that can mean the difference between winning or losing if the teams are balanced. Imagine that in the next round that you play,
that all the enemies are spotted, this would make your life a lot easier right? So for once, spamming is a good thing, with
your spotting flare and by spotting the enemy yourself. The extra advantage of hanging back is the
fact that you are an assured spawn point for the rest of your squad. Don’t think that you are the best spawn
point because you’re not, the guy closer to the flag will probably be better positioned
so that your buddies can start their new life closer to a flag. This also means that they can take greater
risks, in other words they can play more aggressively because they don’t have to worry about being
able to spawn close to the action. They will always have you as a backup. This last tip isn’t the biggest gamechanger
but all these little details will help your team with winning this round. I’m sure that you are a great sniper so
I’m not going to tell you which sniper rifle you should use. I think that we can all agree that you will
need a sniper rifle that is more oriented towards short or medium range firefights. You certainly don’t need a 10 times scope
and the last thing that you need is to draw attention to yourself with that scope glint. On this map a 4 times scope will suffice. For me that meant using the Gewehr M.95 Marksman. I just like it and the fact that I can stay
zoomed in on my target makes up for the fact that it doesn’t have a sweet spot. This doesn’t mean that you have to use it
too, if you do great with the SMLE for example, then by all means stick to that. The handgun is a similar story, I need a finisher,
so the M1911 is my weapon of choice. The only gadget that I use on this map is
the flare gun for all the obvious reasons. I chose to stick with the standard grenades
even tho they tweaked them in the latest dlc and I never had to use my hatchet because
I wanted to hang back to support my team. It is al lot easier than you think to be an
effective sniper on fort de vaux. You’re doing your team a huge favor by supporting
them and in the meantime you can get a lot of kills while you are helping out your buddies. The strategy that you have to follow is super
easy and the only thing that you have to worry about is that you don’t run out of ammo. I uploaded the full gameplay video on how
to snipe on fort de vaux. If you are interested and you want to see
more clearly on how you can do this then please check out that video, I made a live commentary
the only thing that I ask you in return is for some feedback on that video. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the battlefield. BATTLEFIELD 1 FORT de VAUX SNIPER STRATEGY
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10 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1 FORT de VAUX SNIPER STRATEGY Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass EPIC KILLSTREAKS

  1. nice bro… 5k to 30k now past 40k subs love to see you doing so well man. great job! 100k here it comes!!

  2. Fog- really well done channel, great info and love seeing your game play/analysis of maps and modes ESP when it's non-conventional.

  3. My favorite part of this video is that, because of your accent in English, you pronounce "Fort de Vaux" like it's supposed to be pronounced in French. Legend 😛

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