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Battlefield 1 CLOSE RANGE SNIPER PTFO – The BEST Gadgets/Guns for your SCOUT CLASS – Battlefield 1

Are you the kind of sniper who leads his team
to victory by showing up first at every flag, is your reaction time faster than a Bugatti
Veyron, do you have the words No Scope tattooed on your forehead, then this will be the loadout
you have always dreamed of. Today we are going to focus on the best close
range PTFO sniper loadout. Let’s start with your primary weapon. In the previous video, we chose the Gewehr
M.95 Marksman as our go to weapon. It’s an awesome rifle but there are better
options out there for a close range sniper. We are looking for speed and agility but also
for precision because at this range you can’t afford to miss. If you miss, you will die. Most guys will immediately go for the Martini
Henry when they want to play the objective. If you look at the sweetspot it makes perfect
sense. One shot one kill from 30 to 80 meters, that
is perfect right, what more do you need? The Martini has 2 major issues. It lacks precision and it lacks speed. The problems start with the optics? Or the lack there off. You can only select iron sights or a radium
sight, and that’s it. I mean, really, for a sniper rifle. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t matter which one you select because
they both lack precision. You can’t properly aim at your enemy, so you
are never 100% sure where you’re going to hit the enemy. There is too much guesswork involved and that
will slow you down even more. You can’t consistently make one shot kills
with the flick of your wrist because you always have to stop and double check to see if you
are really going to hit that guy or not. So forget about the Martini. So what else do we have? Ohw, the SMLE MKIII. A sweetspot between 40 and 75 meters, a decent
scope, a higher bullet count, a fast reload time… this is looking good he. I think we might have found our go to weapon
for playing the objective. Let’s check out the stats so that we know
exactly what this gun can do. The SMLE can fire 52 round per minute. Outside of the sweet spot range it needs 2
bullets to kill and it has a time to to kill of 1.157 seconds. On top of that it has a muzzle velocity of
740 meters per second and a magazine size of 10 bullets. The deploy time is 0.9 seconds and it has
a standard bullet drop of 12 meters per second squared. So yeah, it looks like a great gun for close
range sniping, I can’t recommend the infantry version because it only has iron sights or
a radium sight. Basically you have 2 option, the marksman
or the carbine. Even tho we are purely playing the objective,
you can still have a different playstyle. So choosing between the Marksman or the Carbine
is a personal preference. The Carbine has better stats for ADS Moving
and for Hip fire. It comes with a ring, dot, cross or beam reticle
and a 2.5 times magnification is the highest one you can select. The Marksman comes with a cross, chevron,
beam or post telescopic sight and a 4 times magnification is the highest you can select
for this rifle. The handgun is an easy choice, the best one
is still the M1911. Nothing changes even if you are playing the
objective because you will only be using it for close range firefights, same as in your
first loadout. Another thing that doesn’t change is your
first gadget. The spot version of the flare gun is still
the most useful item in your loadout. You can use the incendiary version of the
tripwire bomb, but you might be better off using something else. Most of the time you will be the tip of the
spear, and your main gun can’t do much for you when you run into any of the elite classes. The only fighting chance you have to deal
with a guy like that is with the K bullets and that is because you can cause a lot more
damage to the elite classes with your K bullets than with your normal bullets. One could argue that an impact grenade makes
more sense for this kind of sniper loadout. And sure it will be faster to finish off a
guy that you damaged with your primary or secondary weapon. I tried out everything for a very long time
before I made this video, and I also tried the impact grenades to see if they make more
sense for a role like this but I found out that they have one big downside, they can’t
kill a guy who still has full health. So if you run into somebody and you use your
impact grenade you will still have to finish him off, and because you still have to do
that you are giving him the chance to fight back. And this is definitely not a good thing because
you are exposing yourself, you can easily avoid that by using your frag grenades. It will take longer to kill, but at least
you have the possibility to kill everyone and that way you won’t have to expose yourself. You would think that for this role you will
need a fast melee weapon, but actually you don’t need that because you will be at a disadvantage. So the hatchet is still the best option because
of the damage you can cause with it. So to summarize, for you second ptfo sniper
loadout, you will need the SMLE Carbine or Marsman, the M1911, K bullets, the spot version
of the flare gun and a hatchet. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the Battlefield!

29 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 CLOSE RANGE SNIPER PTFO – The BEST Gadgets/Guns for your SCOUT CLASS – Battlefield 1

  1. interesting… in your first sniper loadout video I argued that k bullet was much better than the tripwire you were suggesting and you turned me down but now you suggest the k bullet, what made your mind change? I was also arguing that the most beneficial way to play with a sniper for your team is to ptfo. Just curious, everyone has their own prefered way to play this game 🙂

  2. Yeah the smle is basically a better martini henry. It only has 15 meters less sweetspot range. But recently one of the devs said that they are looking to buff the martini henry soon so there's that.

  3. SMLE is for inbred Anglo-Saxon crumpet-stuffing tea suckers. Carbines are for n00bs who can't aim. I use the Gewehr 95 Infantry, Russian Trench/Infantry, or 1903 Experimental when I play Scout. Sniping is for pussies, I ONLY ptfo while playing Scout. For my sidearm, I use the Red Baron's P08, because it has better recoil, ADS accuracy, hipfire accuracy, damage dropoff, recoil recover, larger mag, and far better iron sights than the 1911. So what if it's a 4 shot kill in cqc? With those stats and sights, getting a 3rd shot headshot is stupidly easy. Or the No.3 Revolver, to be a cowboy with the lever action. Gadgets and grenades are spot on though, and for melee, I use the Bartek Bludgeon, because for one, I have it, and secondly, medium weapons have the fastest takedown animation, you are less likely to get blasted smacking someone's head than while digging a knife or hatchet out of their corpse.

  4. The SMLE Carbine is my go to rifle, since I PTFO and up close and personal, scope doesn't allow for me to be fast enough. The only difference in my load out is the pistol. I use the Frommerstop

  5. Nope.
    Keep using the M95. SMLE doesn't make sense when u PTFO, since it will be outside it's sweet spot most of the time, as in way under 40 meters. Sights are also awful. M95 marksman still does 90% damage up close and it shoots and reloads faster. Plus, the marksman also does countersniping when you're inevitably defending the point. Combine with Mars Automatic for taking care of those last percents, it only takes 1 more hit. Where the 1911 just finishes off one guy, the Mars can get you through several others (2-3 up close is perfectly doable). As for gadgets, it depends: I like combining K bullets with light AT grenade, but for defending, incendiary tripwire could make more sense.

  6. Do the carbine variants of the M.95 & SMLE give off the scope glint that longer ranged snipers do? I always see that bit of reflection when aiming down sights. Would love to get an answer to this please.

  7. i started using the gewehr m98 cuz i got the best skin in the game for it its that one skin with bluish metel and brown redish wood it looks really cool

  8. i use my impact gernade as a tool to finish of ppl its that gernade that u can use for a 1v1 not like the frag or gas they take way too long to detonate

  9. sure its a good loadout but the one i use. Gewehr m.95 infantry+ mars automatic (to one shot kill finish off)+ incendiary grenade, spot flare, k- bullets and of course the hatchet is the best loadout in the entire game for me at least. works in nearly every situation.

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