Hello and welcome. I am so happy. I finally managed to join a game of BattleBit, or BattleBit: Remastered, as it says in the title. I have completely abandoned my aggressive or risky playstyles, which can leads to results in urban and/or CQC environments but …not in open spaces. Oh no, in open spaces, I take what I Iearn in the milsim games, ArmA and Squad, and use binoculars more than I use my gun and medkit combined. Here’s where you join me. I’m taking cover as much as I can because I can’t know that my enemy doesn’t have a long-range scope. I will only lean into the shot …after spotting him, that is. Then I just drown him. My ammo is cheaper than my blood. (Wise words!) I might, or might not have taken down a fellow over there. But all that matters is that they are down and our medic is still fine. That’s one strong medic. My squad decides to advance. Not my first choice, but progressing with distractions for the enemies sounds better than ducking around. (Decent column formation we got going on here.) I tried to keep control of the situation …at least knowing who’s who is going to shoot us. And that medic is actually performing quite well! I think that’s the medic who’s taking… that guy down. No idea where those shots are coming from… As confused as they seem to be, they might as well be allied fire. (Friendly fire, definitely not so good.) Strong medic, still… still alive. We have now pretty much split up. I advance and continue to scout. Nothing yet. I hope that was one of ours blasting one of them. I spotted an enemy! (Looks nice and dead to me.) This looks to me like my first confirmed kill in the game. I keep scouting. I see an ally… Finally, I spotted another enemy. I give up some rounds. But at some point, the blurred pixels that seem to have been the enemy soldier turns out to be a piece of tree. Number one, the larch. Somebody else takes care of that target, thankfully however. It’s a good day to stay alive, while traversing a mostly-open valley. Looking at the map, our position seems to be tightly knit, which explains our survival. Apparently, I am being asked for leadership. I get impatient, and rush with binoculars in my hands. Place your bet on my well-being now. (I say 30/70 chance of getting to the next capture point.) *bullet_impact.mp3* Now it looks like we were too risky here, but I’m still alive and I patch myself together… and the Squad Lead actually puts down a smoke, which might have been our saviour. From now on, I am one with the mud. I spent so much time just crawling through the grass… The graphical feature that can’t be disabled via the settings by the way. This is some good cover. If only now I knew where the shots were coming from… But probably they are gone by now. But probably the shooters are gone by now. I want to live. I want to not die. I move with the grass, I don’t let the horizon out of my sight. This rock seems like a safe spot for a break. This is a new gun sound to me. Scary if it’s an enemy’s, inspiring if it’s an ally’s. (That was actually a suppressed AK74. Yikes.) I think to myself if these guys can move freely… and safely, then surely I can do so as well. Once I spot an enemy, I pretty much expect to die soon though, so I decide to claymore up the place just in case they move my way after they’re done with me. (Those are not motion-activated claymores, Iwan…) But it does look… like I have not been spotted. My last mag is as good as empty, so I take my pistol and keep crouching. The enemy disappears from the last seen position. I just keep low and stick to the grass as much as I can. Nothing. Nothing. Nobody. But then… I was right in the bald spot between the grass when he saw me. Even got the first shots! I was so lucky to not get hit, and to take him down, with a pistol even. I decide to blast off my two grenades just in case there is any hope to contribute to our mission before I’m found and shot. (Frag out!) May you serve any purpose. (That’s pretty poignant, goodness.) It has gotten quiet. Too quiet. (Oh no!) (Rest in peace.) I never see my killer. I spawned into a base that seems to be encircled by enemies. Teammates seem to have been taken by paranoia. They aren’t even checking if their targets have been downed or not, and they don’t stop shooting at the corpse before I send the message …and a squadmate updates them. (That’s true savagery, if anything.) We do take the hilltop without any incidence on my side. And now I hope… to get to a better view and scope out some enemies. I do have trouble reading the map and its current UI design. In the future version, my icon should be at the top. I finally sees some of them, but I have no hopes of landing any shots at that distance. So I keep walking around the side. Looks like I am not alone! This slide the rock out, it had me worried for little bit. I’m surprised at not seeing any activity in that village in front of me. But clear is clear, so on I go. Somebody spotted me before I could see anyone, and I got shot. I don’t understand what is going on there, but either penetration glitch …or a delayed hit, but at least I’m still alive, and I’m a medic, so I can take care of myself. I do want to see my shooter though, so the scoping session begins afresh, soon after. Finally, I spot someone, but it looks to be a downed one. However, I witness an issue inherent to milsims. Be it ArmA, Squad, or BattleBit. Terrain level of detail (LoD), revealing and hiding actors on the field, depending on view distance. (Sidenote: This is a design issue. Fixing this will cause game performance to go downhill significantly.) Some allied soldiers joined me. And now we’re basically doing what I have been doing …trying to spot the enemies, getting shot at… hiding behind cover. This does not look good, so I’m already getting my medkit out. Yeah… At one point, pseusin gets downed. We want to help, of course …so I drag him into safety. Once in cover, I patch him up. There seems to be some collision-box glitching, so it takes me a little bit. Alright, there we go. Can’t ever have enough medics. The firefight intensifies again. And it looks like we take a sniper down. One of them was brave enough to approach us directly, but luckily the team is on edge. I think I see muzzle flashes …so I tried to at least cover my retreating buddy over there. Yeah, confirmed. He’s definitely in a better place and position. Better get out of here for now. (Youch!) Better get out of here for now… I don’t know what the bullet is doing, penetrating this rock and all. (There’s no penetration in-game.) But what I’m worried about now is fixing up myself and the teammate that is not getting showered in bullets. There we go. But suddenly, it becomes too quiet. (Oh crap!) I don’t think my mates make it either. (A squad and rally point wipeout. Shame.) I’m now on the west-end of our current stronghold. I joined in as two of mine are shooting two of theirs. One down. The other one still looks alive though, to me. Not to them? I confirmed the kill, and so does a teammate. I hoped to rescue this downed mate …but I can’t drag while prone …and I can’t help when I am dead. So better get out of there. That sounded painful. That was painful. Time yet again to fix myself up. Meanwhile, in the text chats somebody got killed by Oki enough times to accuse of hacking. At the beginning of this play session, I was also taken down a lot by him. But hey, when you are the only coder, that’s what happens! I spot two snipers …but then this guy pops up! (Sidenote: There was another RUS rifleman on right side. Not glitch.) And what looks to me like me headshotting him does not get registered as such by the system, it seems. I am hoping to join in the fight. But seconds after my respawn, the game ends at seven fifty-two for U.S., versus seven fourty-one tickets for Russia. This was an excellent match. I salute my new best friend, the binoculars. I will see you next time, until then… Ciao! (Subtitles by Firm Mathers. Hope to see y’all in future BattleBit videos!) 😀

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