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Barska 3-9x42mm Illuminated Sniper Riflescope –

Hi, this is Chase from OpticsPlanet. If you’re looking for a short to medium
range riflescope, I would recommend taking a look at the Barska 3-9 by 42mm illuminated sniper scope.This thing will
also come with rings and they’re the perfect height for a flat top AR15 style rifle. Some of the features, it has this kind of beveled objective that will help reduce sun glare, you have exposed quarter MOA click adjustment turrets, that are also lockable,
variable power 3to 9 as i said before. The illumination control is located
on the ocular, you have a choice between red and green and there’s five intensities per color. This is an awesome sniper scope, it will
really give you the range out to three to four hundred yards. It is a mil-dot reticle, so it’s extremely versatile. Again this
is the Barska 3 to 9 by 42mm illuminated sniper scope. This scope is available at
This is Chase, thanks for watching!

5 thoughts on “Barska 3-9x42mm Illuminated Sniper Riflescope –

  1. Had one it was nothing but junk,beyond 100 yards things were just plan blurry and beyond 100 it was like white mine from sportsmansguide,sent it back and traded it for the same scope except it's made by hammers.same scope 3/9/42 same price only 1 different the hamsters is 1000 times better than the same barska is!!!!!

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