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Ballistic Knife – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the thirty-seventh
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Ballistic Knife. Returning from the first Black Ops, this spring-loaded
blade rounds out the special weapons on offer, and is unlocked at level 49. The Ballistic Knife is a futuristic interpretation
of earlier Soviet designs, where spring-loaded blades or ‘Pilum knives’ emerged in the late
1970s. Not much more than a knife blade latched in
a spring loaded tube, the real-life effectiveness of such a weapon is questionable. They were supposedly employed by elite Speztnaz
troops, but there is some doubt as to whether this is actually the case: most examples seen
were manufactured as rather dangerous novelty weapons within the United States. Soviet forces did make limited use of a survival
knife capable of firing a single pistol cartridge, however: the NRS-2 Special Scout Knife. No doubt more effective than anything launched
with springs, the blade on such weapons was fixed – and aside from the shooting mechanism
in the handle, functioned in the same fashion as any other fixed blade. In-game, the Ballistic Knife’s damage is uncompromising:
a successful hit with a launched blade will always result in a one-shot kill. Your accuracy with the weapon is challenged
by the non-linear trajectory your blade will take: dropping over time to carve a graceful
parabolic arc. This, coupled with the fact that the projectile
has a non-zero travel time, will mean that longer distance shots require a touch of adjustment:
you must aim above and ahead of your intended mark. The further away the enemy, the higher you’ll
need to aim – and in the case of moving targets you must predict their path and aim to strike
ahead. These factors make aiming difficult – and
luck is a huge factor, no doubt – but it’s worth bearing in mind in cases where you’re
going for distant targets. Rate of fire is low – the need to reload after
every single shot is the major limiting factor here. Given the high lethality and low fire rate,
it’s worth taking at least a little time to aim – as a miss will leave you vulnerable. Technically all fire with the ballistic knife
is from the hip, but hipfire spread is not a factor, with your shots going precisely
where you aim them. Handling is generally pretty good: recoil
is not a factor given the single shot nature and slow fire rate, and the instant pinpoint
accuracy from the hip means there’s no aim time to speak of, either. Switch times are very good, and your mobility
almost superhuman, as you’ll move at 102 percent of the base speed. You’ll only get a single shot per reload with
the ballistic knife, so you can consider the magazine capacity particularly low: although
thankfully reloads are very quick, taking just over a second to complete. You’ll spawn with 4 blades in total: 1 ready
to fire, and 3 in reserve. It’s also entirely possible to retrieve any
fired blades from where they land: simply walk over them to collect. If you’re diligent and track down your blades,
you’ll be able to retain sufficient supply for sustained use of the weapon. Our build with the Ballistic knife is all
about such sustainable use of your equipment: the ability to resupply your lethal blades
and tactical options a core strategy. Beyond this, we’ll also be making sure your
mobility is up to snuff for direct employment of your bladed instrument – and to that end,
our first selection is Lightweight. A 7 percent boost to your mobility useful
in terms of getting close to your opponent – and here the conventional stabbing ability
of your knife can be employed in cases where you don’t want to break stealth by firing
a blade. Next, Perk 2 Greed permits two choices from
the second tier – for a particularly potent combination for an equipment-heavy build. First is Scavenger – with this perk equipped
you’ll resupply your supply of knives, lethals and tacticals in one fell swoop. This means you can worry less about your remaining
supply – and instead focus on your target. Paired with our next choice, Fast Hands – equipment
can become an integral part of your overall strategy, as you’ll be able to toss your ordnance
more readily while enjoying the benefits of frequent top-ups. This perk helps lessen the risk of such tactics
– as being caught tossing a grenade can be harmful to your reactive ability. Next, Perk 3 Greed lets us load up on another
two perks from the final tier, as we have a plethora of points not needed for a primary
or any attachments. Our first choice is Tactical Mask – movement
is key to your success, so getting caught by a stun grenade is harmful to your odds
of survival. This perk also comes in useful if you’re making
liberal use of your own tactical options: from time to time, you’ll catch yourself in
the blast radius – so a quicker recovery is an oft-welcome trait. Our final perk choice is Dexterity: permitting
both faster mantling of objects and better recovery from sprinting, you’ll be able to
more quickly gain a positional advantage while minimising the time you are left unable to
fire. For a conventional knife build, Dexterity
is less useful as you can knife mid-sprint: but with the Ballistic option you can’t fire
until you’ve endured the recovery period. Our final two points are spent on equipment:
a cornerstone of our build, and a great complement to our weapon. First up is the Combat Axe: another lethal
bladed option, and similar in approach to the Ballistic Knife with its one-hit kill
and parabolic trajectory. Useful in cases where you miss a launched
blade, a quick toss is faster than a reload – and gives you another potential chance to
swiftly end a gunfight before you find it fall out of your favour. Similarly able to tilt engagements towards
your gain is our final pick ten choice: a concussion grenade. Stunning your opposition will make it much
easier to stick them with a launched blade, eliminating the need to predict their movements. Alternatively, an immobilised enemy will prove
much more pliant to a simple shanking: if you’re close enough, it’s always a more reliable
option to knife than trust to flung blade. That’s our build: an equipment-focused set
designed to assist in your bladed endeavours, all while keeping your equipment supplies
at the ready. Save for a better ranged ability with your
spring-loaded capability, you’ll want to approach the Ballistic Knife in the same way you might
a conventional combat knife. Outmanoeuvring the opposition to force close
range engagements is key – so if all else fails, you can resort to more traditional
knife tactics. The Ballistic Knife is an interesting secondary
weapon that will both improve your mêlée performance and grant a unique one-hit ranged
ability. For a knife-only build, the mobility and mêlée
speed bonuses are a nice touch – and unlike a conventional knife-only build, you’ll no
longer be left entirely helpless at a distance. With the blade’s high degree of lethality
upon impact, and the ability to pick up spent blades from where they fall, it’s quite possible
to sustain such a style of play indefinitely. Of course, landing accurate shots with the
Ballistic Knife takes practice, and it’s easy for a shot to go astray. The parabolic arc paired with the non-zero
travel time adds much in the way of shot difficulty, so it’s inevitable that you’ll miss some critical
shots from time to time. It can be easy to lose track of your fired
blades, too – and as you only start with 4 you may find yourself running out quite often,
and reduced to using the knife in a mêlée-only capacity. Still, the ability to launch such a deadly
one-shot projectile places the Ballistic Knife some degrees ahead of the standard combat
knife in terms of effectiveness. Sticks and stones might break your bones,
but if you’re looking to add insult to injury… …then here’s a little TIP for you – get
the POINT? Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
M1216. Until then, farewell.

75 thoughts on “Ballistic Knife – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

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  9. Sticks and stones might break your bones, but if you're looking to add insult to injury, then here's a little TIP for you – get the POINT?

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