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Ballistic gel can’t stop 350 Legend at 100 or 200 yards – Federal Power Shok, Speer TMJ

Howdy, guys and gals! Welcome back to
The Social Regressive where Kedrick and I are gonna be trading off shots down
here with the CMMG Resolute. the Resolute comes in all kinds of flavors
and this one just happens to be in tasty 350 legend. we have a couple
different loads that we’re gonna test out here today as far as the factory
ammo goes we have Federals wonderful power shok 180 grain this is a spire
point projectile so these are going to be relatively efficient through the air
they have kind of a conical shape to them you know at least for 350 legend
it’s gonna cut through the air pretty well and then we have non-typical these
are actually both exactly the same thing so it doesn’t even matter which box I
pull from these are going to be the exact same ammo and I’m expecting them
to make quite a mess here in the the clear ballistics gel block and we might
see total pass-through on this we’ll see how this goes I’m expecting this a
mushroom quite a bit now one that I definitely expect to cut all the way
through the the block here is going to be our hand loads these are 147-grain
9-millimeter TMJs from Speer and these are loaded up with Hodgdon H110 and
these puppies are moving out a little bit past 2300 feet per second these
aren’t grouping extremely well we’re gonna get into some better stuff a
little bit later but remember this is just a a nine-millimeter pistol projectile
they were firing out of here and it’s doing pretty well it’s doing about one
and a half MOA which really is about you know what I would expect from 350 legend
anyway but I’m seeing some other groups with some other projectiles I’m testing
out that are actually gonna group a little bit better we’re gonna see what
we can get into one of the cool things about 350 Legend like I mentioned before
is you can use 357 projectiles or you can use 355 the way that it’s set up some
people have theirs tricked out so it’ll do 358 as well and but for us we’re
gonna mess around with nine-millimeter projectiles 357 projectiles the same kind of
stuff you’d have in 357 Magnum and today we’re gonna see what this can do because
remember this is even though these are you know kind of pistol projectiles that
we’re shooting here these are rifle pressures that were
and they’re gonna be moving out pretty fast and hitting really hard we’re
getting this prepped for hogs see what we can do we’re taking our shots at a
hundred yards to start with and we’re gonna back up to 200 this is going to be
kind of the common range that we’re going to be shooting out with this gun
in this terrain is the power shot I heard that here are our hits I’m sorry
you couldn’t see the slow-mo footage of it impacting we’re actually gonna go
back and do this one more time our camera crapped out on us so we’re gonna
try this once more but I wanted to show you the damage that we have going on
here we are not exactly sure which projectile is which which is kind of
weird I’m suspecting that the one that’s closer to you right now and if you view
from the top you can probably see a little better but this one that’s closer
up I think is the power shok it just has kind of more of a scorch going
through there and the the wound channel opens up as you get to about that 16
inch mark out here actually it starts opening up at about 10 inches and then
keeps going through here and ends up in the bag hopefully we’ll be able to pull
this out the one in the center I suspect is the FMJ and this one just spears
straight through and you can just see these little petals of damage going on
back to the channel but nothing really significant let’s get back and see what
we can do that’s my face hair right there yep uh it’s got a big root on it too yeah aim
slightly higher slightly more left than before you let go my face so I think call it the
RIP stock we have two new impacts going on here in the block they’re both just a
little bit higher than the last ones Kendrick came just a little bit higher
up in a little further left and I think that we’re still you know kind of seeing
a difference in the point of impact between the 180 and the 147 so yeah the
180s have come in on this side you can probably see these just beautifully
right here they have some of these dark marks going through here and those
projectiles have not stopped trucking they have just torn all the way through both
blocks and everything is now inside the sandbags I can’t wait to dig in here and
see what we can find and if you come around here to the top you’ll see the
the FMJ what I suspect is the FMJ channel that just goes straight
absolutely straight as an arrow back through here and actually crate sell a
little bit more devastation here in that that second block so now we got a step
back to 200 see if it makes a difference you it is yeah I suck the power shok first
continuity man okay fine slaps the top of the ballistics-gel we
managed to get both of those hits on target the rifle is wonderfully precise
as long as I knew what the difference was the two print different locations
which is pretty typical a lot of time if I have a different weight of projectile it’s
gonna hit a different spot on the paper and this one is no exception now the the
first shot I believe that this is the the federal that’s just like there it is
right there right at the edge I’m not sure will to see which projectile this was
but that should be the federal and this one just cruised right next to the edge
of the block and did not leave until it got way out here to the edge and that’s
another one that looks like we will be able to recover from the sand the
147-grain total metal jacket came in pretty near the center and this one did
its usual thing it doesn’t really look all that different from the the one that
was hit at a hundred yards except that this one once we get back to this other
block it looks like it did start to tumble pretty well and this one has what
looks to be like an inch and a quarter wide just kind of a leaf shape cut in
the gel and then it starts heading down and this one actually blew out the
bottom of our kind of mutilated ballistics gel and went out the bottom
of the table so hopefully we can close the table up this is one that we will
not be able to recover but I think everything else we shot through this
block is waiting for us in the sand the one thing that I can say overall is that
this is actually kind of strange the 223 s that we shot into ballistics gel a
little earlier those tour kind of shorter but kind of more managed holes
in here and none of them actually made it out the other side the gold dot
projectiles the the ones that were kind of your defensive or hunting loads and they
made a nice wide track that started early and you know kind of collapsed
after a little while but we got some that had you know like 10 inch long
really destructive wound channels and then this big guy these projectiles really
just don’t seem to be expanding we’ll see
once we pull into the you know pull him out of his sand and see what happened
but you know these really look like an FMJ shot through a ballistics gel in
both cases it doesn’t look like there was really much significant damage huge
penetration so if we wanted to be able to shoot straight through a moose and
then into the moose behind the moose I think that both of these loads will
work just great that we’re gonna see what we can do maybe in the future to
get better terminal performance here are some of the projectiles I was able to pull
out of the sandbag at the back these are in very different states of distress I’m
assuming that this one right here in the middle that this was one of the 100-yard
hits it’s just more flattened out and this one doesn’t have this sort of
extreme damage you’re gonna see over here this is all just kind of guess work
on my part because I wasn’t able to tell where these projectiles actually went
through the gel but yeah I think this one is a 100-yard hit this one is
probably a 200-yard hit almost ready to be reloaded and put back in there and
then this one I believe that this is this hit maybe right here on the side we
had a couple that went through some of the gel and then exited so this one went
right along the side and then actually came out the side of the second block so
it was still just cruising along before it blasted out right here and then I
think that what happened is this one hit the sand bag when it still had a pretty
good amount of speed and got a bit more damage so yeah this is not one of the
power shoks this is one of the fmjs so what about the power shoks why did
they seem to just spear through well you’ll see that this is probably my
100-yard hit right here this one obviously shows the most mushrooming and
then this one must be the 200 and this one does not have really much
mushrooming going on at all this is not apparently a very soft lead in these I
guess that they’re set up for very close range shots and they’re gonna do more
damage like maybe at 50 to 25 yards but yeah
he’s kind of realistic distances of 100 and 200 they haven’t really done much
how much weight have the TMJ is retained well of course all of it so there you go
one forty six point four I don’t think even the tiniest little bit shaved off
that was probably the original weight if anything we picked up a little bit of
the the sand as you can see on the outside of the projectile so yeah the one
that hit at one hundred yards one forty seven point one and then we have the
mushroomed one let’s see if anything peeled off at all one forty seven point
five so yeah if anything had just picked up some extra sand as far as width goes
of course this one is the exact same width as it was before point three five
five this one at the front has flattened out a little bit so we now have 0.366
there you go a huge change there and all right so let’s see this one that hit the
sand see how wide this one got there we go so pretty much exactly 0.6 of an inch
across now considering that this started out at 355 that’s that’s nice but it
certainly could squash out quite a bit more if this were a different kind of
projectile if this one struck bone maybe you could get that kind of performance but
yeah it’s a TMJ it’s a it’s an FMJ so it’s not going to do anything really
crazy let’s take a look at accuracy though this let’s see these are three
different powder charges that I was testing out we have twenty six point six
on the high end twenty six point three twenty six point one you can see that
they’re all kind of hovering in the same sort of area they’re all roughly the
same size velocity is a different matter though these were jumping all over the
place as far as velocities went and so did this on the lower end this middle of
the of the road one twenty six point three which I guessed was probably the
best turned out to indeed be the best we’re looking at about one and just
slightly over one in three-quarter inches across on this group which is
just fine for a hundred yards remember that these
are not any kind of match projectiles they’re not those kind of hollow point
hunting projectiles which should be more stable and lend themselves to a bit
better accuracy these are actually just pistol projectiles these are kind of heavier
pistol projectiles designed for your 9-millimeter handgun and they have
handled rifle pressures just fine and these should be really fun at the range
one thing I should point out you know with this one and three-quarter inch
spread at a hundred yards I actually had seemingly less difficulty getting these
on target at 200 I had no trouble hitting that 6×6 inch ballistics gel and
actually hitting very consistently at that distance so yeah these will be fun
for breaking stuff and when it comes time to hunt we have the federal Power
Shok one two three four five this is from a different group where I was
testing something else out velocities on the federal Power Shok are extremely
tight I’ll put the information here on the screen those consistent velocities
will help you get on target as distance increases and one thing that I should
point out here is that this is not a 100-yard group this is actually a 150
yard group that you see and this comes out to be about 2.6 MOA so yes it’s
larger than the the TMJ s but I think overall with those very good velocities
and you know the decent accuracy that we’re getting here we had just a little
bit more difficulty getting this onto the block at 200 yards not so much
because of any kind of inconsistency with the shots or anything we continued
to monitor the velocities and they were great it’s more of a difference of where
they actually print on the page you can see that this one is floating quite a
bit to the right here on the targets we noticed one milliradian of difference
between the the t MJ s and the federal power Shoks these came in about exactly
one milliradian to the right of these that’s just what’s gonna happen with
barrels a lot of time these will come in to the right these well you know these
ones just happen to come in to the left as for retained weight like you might
imagine we have lost essentially nothing so we’re looking at 1/7
6.24 the 100-yard hit these were originally 180s there’s one seventy nine
point three for the 200-yard projectile there you have it I think that we are
still very much in a quest for the right projectile for this load this is gonna be
great if we do want to at least make sure that we make it through our target
I don’t know exactly what I would want to do that
how about expansion this one definitely did not really do anything this one at
the 100-yard mark we’re looking at 0.3 yeah this never even gets wider than the
the base of the projectile so this essentially hasn’t mushroomed yes this
this kind of blunt ER nose is going to make a bigger impact but actually as you
can see through the gel if there is a any real significant difference between
these two it’s very hard to tell I think that federal might look toward a softer
alloy for these to get better performance or maybe kind of carve a
hollow point into these as it is these are not really doing much of anything at
that 100 or 200 yard mark maybe if we were much closer than they would flatten
out but really that’s not a very realistic shot on the Hogs that we hunt
we’re gonna be probably about that 100 yards to 200 yards somewhere in there so
we are still in a quest for the perfect projectile for a 350 legend I have some
others over here in the background that we’re gonna try out I have some hollow
points that we’re gonna test out they have their own problem which we’ll
discuss we’re gonna try to find that perfect
blend of a projectile that can easily feed into the rifle that can have lots of
expansion that can carry that energy and we’re gonna find it over here in time
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expect and you’re gonna want to see how this comes out thanks a lot to everyone
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19 thoughts on “Ballistic gel can’t stop 350 Legend at 100 or 200 yards – Federal Power Shok, Speer TMJ

  1. Well to be fair, you are shooting pistol bullets out of a rifle cartridge, pistol bullets that may be designed for better mushrooming performance at slower speeds. Just a thought.

  2. Put some tooling leather and a piece of 1/4" ply wood in front of the gel to really get performance results. No wild animals have soft outer parts.

  3. The wound channels are a little disappointing. Get some 147 grain gold dots or fort Scott munitions light weight pointed ammo should get some blazing speeds out of it flatter trajectory and good tumbling in the gel.

  4. The 180 grains I shot from the 308 stopped inside of the last hog I shot with no exit wounds

    I'm pretty sure they hit bone that stopped them all real fast on that big hog

    Put some 3/4 inch plywood in between each block like one in the front one in the middle and one behind to simulate some hog bones

  5. Just shoot the hog from butt to head, or Visa versa and it will be fine….or try some XTPs….maybe they are spinning too fast?

  6. Plenty of power for dear size game and defense , I'm sure caliber specific bullets will be developed for more specialized performance. This will probably become as popular as the legendary 30-30 Win to future generations of American hunters.

  7. You might want to try some powder coated cast bullets? You'll get a wide variety of weights and styles, but your max velocities with accuracy will probably be a high of around 2000 fps.
    Ps semi jacketed Remington jhp always seems to open at pistol velocities. Don't know if they make them anymore?

  8. so 9mm pistol bullets will work with 350 legend? that's so cool. there must be a gigantic selection of self defense hollow points then

  9. Not encouraging performance for a factory hunting round. I wonder if those Power Shok bullets weren't designed for one of the larger 358 rifle cartridges.

  10. I would suggest that you try the 165gr. Hornady FTX bullet. Midway supposedly just got some in stock. Also, Lil' Gun gives significantly higher velocities, according to all the reloading data I've seen.

    I have been loading for a Mossberg Patriot bolt-action; with the idea of using this round on deer next fall. I don't know what to expect as far as terminal results. In Winchester's promo vids, the deer drop quickly or in their tracks. If you watch closely, they have their celebs shoot the deer squarely in the neck or high through both shoulders – which is kind of padding the results. Videos on YouTube of non-biased consumers show more typical shot placement – with almost all of the deer running 60 to 100 yards. Most seem to have a decent blood trail, but I don't know of anyone who finds having to track every deer shot to be a bonus. The near-zero bullet expansion would likely be the culprit. A .22 magnum rimfire would likely wind up with nearly as much terminal diameter and permanent cavitation in the gel. Game animals don't care about that extra three feet (or three miles) of penetration; neither should potential gun buyers.

    Hunters want to see massive destruction from about 1.25" to 24" along the bullet's terminal track; along with acceptably straight-line penetration. This covers pretty much any reasonable shot angle. Anything beyond that is essentially wasted.

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