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Baldwin Pistol Permits Double During Hunt for Rice, Boyette

IF THERE WAS ANY DOUBT ABOUT THE FEAR THAT GRIPPED THE GULF COAST DURING THE WEEKLONG MANHUNT OF RICE AND BILLY BOYETTE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF PISTOL PERMITS ISSUED IN THE LAST WEEK…. NEWS FIVE’S DEBBIE WILLIAMS IS LIVE IN BALDWIN COUNTY WHERE THOSE NUMBERS ALMOST DOUBLED OVER THE LAST TWO WEEKS….DEBBIE…. EARLIER THIS WEEK….FOLKS WERE LINED UP OUTSIDE OF SHERIFF’S OFFICES ALL OVER THE COUNTY….GETTING A PERMIT TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON.;… RUNS 1:16 WITH ALLEDGED KILLERS ON THE LOOSE…. “Just in case we have some visitors of the murdering kind.” FOLKS ALL OVER BALDWIN COUNTY WEREN’T TAKING ANY CHANCES…… “I have not loaded my pistol since i’;ve been here this morning i did so ” STARTING WITH THE MURDERS IN FLORIDA….TILL THE MANHUNT ENDED EARLIER THIS WEEK IN TROUP COUNTY GEORGIA…PISTOL PERMITS ISSUED IN BALDWIN COUNTY SPIKED…. SUPER Sheriff Hoss Mack/Baldwin County :24-:28 Jan. 30 – Feb 3 we had issued 333 concealed carry permits, that five day period which would have been the business week. Then February 6th which would have been the Monday after the Broz homicide through February 10 we issued 595 so you almost saw a doubling of that in the following week. ALABAMA IS AN OPEN CARRY STATE…. if you choose to carry a weapon on your hip in plain view you do not have to have a permit OR IF YOUR WEAPON IS IN YOUR HOUSE, BUT IF THE AVERAGE PERSON CAN’T SEE IT… in your jacket , in your pocket, in your pants in your purse or in your vehicle. A PERMIT IS REQUIRED…. ” the average person that comes an gets a permit has thought it through. They’ve made a conscious decision that this is what i want to do I’m now going to get a permit so that i can do it.” THE SHERIFF SAYS IT’S NOT UNUSUAL TO SEE A SPIKE IN THE NUMBER OF PERMITS DURING A HIGH PROFILE CASE BUT THE NUMBERS THIS PAST WEEK HAVE BEEN REMARKABLE. LIVE ON THE BALDWIN COUNTY BEAT IN FOLEY, DEBBIE WILLIAMS NEWS FIVE.

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