26 thoughts on “B23R Pistol Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

  1. I play on PC and on PC you can change the field of view up to 90. On console it is set at 60.

  2. If you sent this to my English teacher she would die. Just saying man,you need to use your grammar. (Not saying that you have none.)

  3. Why do you copy the song from XboxAhoy? I know you like it, but there many more other intros/songs out there! Don't be a poser!

  4. lightweight, scavenger, toughness, dexterity, second perk greed, secondary weapon perk (don't remember the name) then the pistol i got the laser sight and the extended mags on it i hip fire with the gun mostly

  5. ghost and engineer , 2 black hats ,c4 ,b23r with suppresser and tectical knife becuase it kills faster and its good for every gamemode esspicially search and destroy

  6. Could you tell me how do you know all Ranges, bullets (<– i probly know), and speed (or rate) of a guns? were u a solider once?
    (sounds stupid for me to say…)

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