AYA Shotguns – The Factory in Eibar Spain

– They were living in a
farm in a small village called Elgeta and they went to Barcelona because they wanted to
learn how to be gunsmiths and in Barcelona in those
times, in the middle of the war there was a famous German gunsmith called Eduardo Schilling
who was living there. So couple of basque farmers
decide to cross Spain and to go to Barcelona just to
learn how to do the best guns and they create a company
so, you have been living and you grow up listening all that stories that makes something very special for you. (soft piano music) When you take one of our
guns you can recognize who did that engraving or
who did that checkering or who finished that stock. So in each one of our
guns there are the names of all those workers that did
their best to finish that gun. I am Álex Aranzábal. I was born in Eibar in 1974
and I am fourth generation of the AYA company that was founded by my great-grandfather
during the First World War.

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