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AxisGO Pistol Grip Installation Video

Hi I’m Phil from Aquatech and welcome to
the AxisGo smartphone imaging system. Today we’ll be running through the setup
process of your pistol grip trigger on your AxisGo housing. The pistol grip
is a great accessory for those who want to capture images and video one-handed
with the housing extended away from their body. It’s great for those
last-minute shots or exploring some new angles; it’s also fantastic video for
stabilizing your shot. The mechanical trigger mechanism is designed to be sensitive
and responsive meaning you will never miss that moment. Working in conjunction with
the stainless-steel volume button you will be able to shoot photos or start
and stop recording on your videos. Your pistol grip will come with all the
mounting hardware you’ll need plus a small tools to secure the bolts. Align
your pistol grip in the base of the AxisGo locating the two mounting
points. Secure and tighten the bolts with the provided tool until your pistol grip
is firmly fastened. So there you have it, simple yet powerful accessory to truly
unleash your creativity and shooting options with the AxisGO

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