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Authorities locate Frankfort police captain’s badge, handgun

OFFICER’S MISSING GUN AND BADGE… IS OVER. SOMEONE STOLE THE ITEMS FROM A FRANKFORT POLICE OFFICER’S, UNMARKED CAR EARLIER THIS WEEK. THE CAR WAS LOCKED AND PARKED IN HIS DRIVEWAY AT THE TIME. AS WKYT’S HILLARY THORNTON SHOWS US… WHILE THE ITEMS HAVE BEEN RECOVERED… THE INVESTIGATION ISN’T OVER. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT FIVE. :21 :45 IN 1 the big announcement at the joint news conference was that a stolen police badge and gun are off the streets however Investigators also revealed they believe the police car was targeted as part of larger break-in scheme and say they do not think the suspects had plans to impersonate an officer SOT probably knowing it was a police car … other than that i do not think they had any idea what they were into it until they actually got into it and saw what there was VO Earlier this week Frankfort police say an unmarked Department vehicle parked in the driveway of an officer’s home was broken into … officials say the suspects stole a gym bag from that vehicle … Inside that bag was a captains badge and glock 27 handgun SOT we are very very thankful that this property is back in our care and custody those items now back where they belong thanks to a tip called into the sheriff’s office leading to the recovery of the handgun at one location and the bag and badge at a different location … both in franklin county SOT we do plan to present this case to franklin county grand jury on tuesday, we anticipate several suspects will be indicted OUT 1 Investigators did not release any other details today but do say they have a quote excellent case. In Frankfort ht Wkyt SHERIFF MELTON SAYS THE RASH OF CAR BREAK-INS IS TAKING PLACE IN BOTH THE CITY AND COUNTY… INCLUDING EVERGREEN ESTATES, HIGH WOODS, SILVER LAKES, AND INDIAN HILLS.

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