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Australian Gun Ban – A warning to America (Captioned)

-(A)nchor A gun buyback that forced law abiding citizens to surrender their firearms in a nationwide roundup and meltdown of ALL semi-automatic firearms and pump-action rifles and shotguns. 640,000 ordinary and conventional firearms. Confiscated and destroyed. Bob Perry – It was an absolute joke and a tragedy. I actually turned in three firearms and it broke my heart. Raymond Carn – It was forty years of collecting (Disgusted and confused disbelief) I can’t say it any other way than that. I felt sick. I had to hand them in, because if I didn’t I was going to go to jail. There’s no if’s or but’s about that, by taking that gun away from me they’d stolen something from me. -A: A right stolen by their Government, promising safety in return for its gun bans. But now citizens know the frightening truth. The cost of lost Liberty can be measured in the loss of life. Gary Fleetwood – It’s become very very obvious, even to Blind Freddy that the expenditure of half a billion dollars has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime. It certainly didn’t do what the Government touted it would do which was to reduce crime. It hasn’t done that at all. In fact there has been more (crime). Patrick Kitschke – This has been a lot of “bull” and hasn’t really done much to help society with its problems. ( Police siren wailing ) -A: Cold hard facts the anti-gun forces can no longer escape. Armed robberies have skyrocketed up sixty-nine percent. Assaults involving guns rose twenty-eight percent. Gun murders increased nineteen percent. And a new phenomenon… Home Invasions jumped twenty-one percent. An increase politicians insist they can explain… because they are still trying to legally define what a “Home Invasion” is and what the penalty should be. Trevor Griffin – Part of the difficulty is that there is no clear definition of “Home Invasion” in the law. Graham Gunn – I never ceased to be amazed at the ingenuity of lawyers. If the politicians want a pay raise, boom that’s done in twenty minutes. But, to define home invasion. What a joke… Ivy Skowronski – I have no trouble at all in defining what a Home Invasion is. I think if someone sets their foot inside your door, uninvited. They are invading your home and your privacy. -A: And victims who have survived Home Invasions don’t need a definition. They have lived through hours of terror. Arthur Field was tied up, his hands and feet taped, his phone lines cut while two robbers ransacked his house. Arthur Field – And they jumped on me and knelt on my chest and grabbed me around my throat when I started calling out for help. – I don’t know how many men there were, they started smashing the windows there was a lot of glass shattering and lots of noise outside and I stood in the kitchen trembling. -A: The Zewatsky’s remember thugs running through their home. Demanding money and threatening to kill them. Mr. Zewatsky says that if he had a firearm the suspects never would have gotten away. – Mr. Zewatsky: Do you stand there waiting until you get killed? or would you defend yourself? Tell me the truth. You would defend yourself. -A: Scars that never heal. Citizens left powerless. But it has been criminals that have been empowered and emboldened by the new gun laws because the innocent, can’t fight back. Andy Dunn – What’s happening today is that the offender, the bad guy are happy to break into someones house. They’re not frightened to break into somebody’s house while they’re home. -A: Citizens denied the right to protect themselves by a justice system that won’t. -Darral Suter – My opinion of the legal system here is that it’s absolutely weak. Weak as water. I mean they (the government) just have no backbone that the sentencing for various crimes is just pathetic. -A: And police who can’t. They’re undermanned and morale has never been lower. – It’s very bad at the moment. It’s never been worse. Since 1993, we’ve had a real decrease in over 230 sworn police officers in this state. -These policeman have joined the job. The police wouldn’t have joined the job if they couldn’t go out and do it and they can’t even attempt to stop breakins or assults because there is no vehicle to get them there. I mean that’s absolutely ridiculous. -A: Gun laws that have backfired. And Australians who have been forced to hide behind bars and deadbolts. Some are even installing extensive security systems. Because the firearms that they still own, that haven’t been banned have to be locked up. Unloaded. And unavailable. I mean get real, if I have someone break in here I’ve got to go get the bolt, get the rifle, find the ammunition somewhere else, put it all together and then defend myself. If this other person has got a firearm threatening my life. No way, it doesn’t bloody add up. ( sound of gun being destroyed ) -A: A political fraud. Gun bans that haven’t made a difference. And gun owners now struggling to stop a growing momentum against them. -The people pushing the removal of guns from the Australian society are already saying that’s only the first step, publically. That’s only the first step… Now we want the handguns, we want every other firearm. -A: Their warning to Americans. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can and it already is. -Unless you all as firearms owners don’t get off your butt now and start to oppose those that want to take them away from you here and now. I would say that within five to ten years, the restrictions on gun owners in America will be similar to what has happened in Australia. -Don’t trust your politicians, get in there, keep them from your backs be a member of the NRA, be a member of your local gun club. -Be part of the NRA and never ever ever give up your freedoms. Because in the end that is all you have got. -If you think you have rights. Tomorrow the Government can take them away from you. -I think the Americans have to be very very careful because, you know, their rights will be quickly eroded as ours have. And we don’t have a chance in hell of getting those rights back.

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