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Aussie inventor creates WICKED new shotgun slug!

hello everyone this is jeff of
taofledermaus and today we have a treat for you
a slug all the way from Australia these are a precision slug called tech to
drive these are formed in a hydraulic press dye and the green coating on there
is actually a powder coating a high-tech powder coating that it reduces fouling
of the barrel and rifling these slugs also use a what I’ve never seen before a
3d printed wadding system let’s hand these off to Greg and see how they
perform welcome back top later mousers hey today
we’re going to shoot from this comes from Australia from our boy denver if
you look closely they have a didgeridoo style hollow point not very unique to
Australia okay first target is the hydrostatic boot engage smack it right
now on bender Wow oh that’s hydrostatic action ladies and gentlemen yep do not
wear these boots into Bell not a good home defense boot but Denver this is
some amazing accuracy that is point of aim point of impact yep that’s crazy
when we started shooting these slugs it became immediately clear that they were
very accurate even through brakes Weatherby shotgun which is not a shotgun
you take hunting it’s the defense shotgun the shotgun does use chokes and
we put a rifle choke on there give that slug a little bit of a spin and it
performed great already we brought out just a bunch of goofy
targets to shoot at just because it’s a little more interesting to see in
slow-motion and it’s always so much more fun when the slugs are super accurate in
fact Greg described these as having rifle like accuracy about 20 yards away
I think you could estimate that little tiny shaving cream it seems like a very
difficult target ready I’m ready Wow it’s an awesome accurate slug that
is an accurate slut obviously we’re getting more and more confident with
this slug shooting at a small target like that with a slug at 20 yards we
normally don’t do that since we get such a limited number of slugs to shoot we
have to ensure that each shot counts by either bringing the target up close or
having a target big enough that we could hit it at further distance okay that’s
one ugly mug ready I’m ready gosh holy crap shards all the way back
here yeah I’ll tell you what not that slug didn’t even worry about it ready
now in case you’re wondering I am showing you every single shot that we
took that day I didn’t have to edit anything else that’s how consistent and
precise these slugs were with the rifle choke giving these things a little bit
of a spin they performed the grape but how will they do with no spin at all
through a cylinder bore shotgun without a rifle choke you want to see how these
state you know if these are truly a universal slug engage you’ll notice that we switched to a
larger target we weren’t sure if we’d have the same type of accuracy without
any spin stabilization I think it’s safe to say that with or without spin
stabilization the slug is equally accurate often slugs without any
stabilization will have a little bit of a shimmy to them but this one was just
as steady flying through the air which I didn’t expect
okay on this shot we’ve got the the pot with the giant block of wood on it and
we want to see what effect the hydro stags shark will have on that wood will
it lift it up or will just fall straight down in other words
okay still no rifle choke screwed smoothbore okay ready Oh something set
back down I’m leaving sniffing it’s still skipping really okay we added a little bit of soapy water to
our pot this time just to see if we could blow a few bubbles you’re going to take a continuous three
shot string here they’ll shoot take another shot and see where where they’re
all landing okay we’re ready aim at the same point you did before the exact spot
Goodson there yet okay forget it we’re going in there
they skipped about 200 yards okay Baga me crikey generally that even
the waters are accurate yeah you could hunt with these wands say those things
they’re the proprietary okay show us your grouping that’s nuts one two three
I think this was our first one this was our second one and the third ones right
next to it now you got the hungry little caterpillar in here that’s that’s
awesome okay hopefully Denver’s convinced that
your shotgun is sighted in I know that shotgun sighted in Denver so that’s a
pretty dang good yeah you know it’s accurate when the wadding ZAR accurate
to you that’s impressive flip around and see the backside 40 yards yeah I think
what’s cool what’s impressive is how sharp those cuts are yeah yeah lasers
cut in there that’s uh you know from back there I thought these were our hits
you know the weddings I thought oh that’s kind of over the place but that’s
that’s very good I’m like Denver’s got a winner here cuz we had very little
deviation degree mentally she the green gang going tonight you look like you’ve
entered a hot and dust out night and a hot and thirst is there’s a Victoria bit in case you’re wondering why it looked
like we were filming on Mars we had a big wildfire to the west of us
so the Sun was kind of shining a brownish orange just really nasty I hope
you enjoyed this video thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Aussie inventor creates WICKED new shotgun slug!

  1. I have an idea for a slug substance to try. Make one out of hot glue. The kind you use in a glue gun. I make knife handles out of it, knuckle duster, walking stick parts….

  2. Being from the land down undah my self, we don't have too many guns around here, it baffles me that somewhere in Australia, someone produces slugs that accurate…

  3. I'm Australian and i say you guys a basically Australian already and the area you live in has the same climate and fauna, The only difference is you are stuck using the Imperial system and Fahrenheit like barbarians

  4. Many shotgun slugs (minus sabbots through a rifled barrel) are drag stabilized (like a badmitton shuddlecock) and won't benefit much from spin stabalization.

  5. How did you import those rounds??? Apparently you cannot ship/mail ammunition above 8 Gauge for shotties? I am probably wrong due to the fact that i do not live in the USA… any one can help me with this?

  6. That’s because all good things are Australian made… including the people and the process making those people 😉👍 Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!! 🇦🇺

  7. Everything i shoot from my 24 inches smooth bore Maverick88 is damned accurate. I group 6 (1 ounce) slugs in a 5 inches circle at 50m. That's all i need. What a lovely low cost shotgun!

  8. So I hunt with the Winchester slug.. 1600 fPS.. 1 oz. Longest shot from my stand is 75 yds.
    Smooth bore, 26 in barrel..
    Decent accuracy.. Would these ausi slugs be comparible, is there a better way for me to go?
    Any TFMs out here have a suggestion?

  9. WOW. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. I thought you would try to get a rifled choke that spins in the opposite direction so it could be tested correctly. I'm throwing Two Shrimp (Prawn) on the Barbie. Thanks mate.

  10. That is quite the nice sight system on that shotgun. That guy needs to patent that slug like yesterday. Why are you flinching so much on the group testing? Are these particular slug loads just hot loaded?

  11. Looks like a scaled up hydra-shok. Would love to see those shot into a large enough ballistic gel block to recover an expanded slug.

  12. The only reason they are made how they are is because they can’t do it any other way making them in a hydraulic press, powder coating them, and 3D printing the wad is essential because they can’t afford to have plastic moulds made. Still very impressive but I’m sure the price would be astronomical

  13. Jeff, OG and Danny, thanks for your hard work. This is the second time I am watching your stuff. Just hope YouTube catches a brain cell and lets you get back to doing what you do so well!

  14. I feel like an idiot, Iv'e been cutting out holes for outlets and switches in drywall with a jabsaw or a rotozip. Never thought of takin it outside and shooting em in lol.

  15. I’m Australian I want to know who makes these slugs do they feed well in a semi auto and pump action ?

  16. You mentioned a 3 string shot, I know you meant 3 shots in a row but what about having a slug pull a string? One end of the string pulled by the slug and the other end attached with a minimal weight. Experiment with different lengths of string, some maybe 50 yards long. At various points along the string attach small items like patches of cloth? It would look neat. Anyway I always enjoy your videos.

  17. Accuracy aside, I'm super curious to see a side version super slomo of ballistics gel… I'd like to know how that center rod affects impact, and whether or not it changes the shape of the projectile on impact. Super cool video guys. Following.

  18. Whats next some brave soul puts a pistol bullet inside a shotgun shell with a tack that hits on impact and fires the pistol round????

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