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AUG – Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the twenty-sixth
episode of my Black Ops weapon guide. Are you ready? In this episode we’re covering the AUG. It’s a fully automatic weapon, unlocked at
level 26. The AUG – or Armee-Universal-Gewehr – translating
as ‘Universal Army Rifle’ – is of Austrian origin, developed and manufactured by Steyr
Mannlicher. The design dates to 1977, and was intended
as a replacement for the earlier FN FAL design, then in service with the Austrian military
as the Sturmgewehr 58. The AUG entered service in 1979 with the Austrian
Bundesheer, and since then has been adopted by many others: The Australian Defense Force,
Irish Army, Polish GROM special forces, to name but a few. The weapon is of a bullpup configuration,
with the magazine behind the trigger for a longer barrel with any given overall length. The weapon is best known for its futuristic
appearance, with all-polymer olive green furniture and rakishly angled handguard and integrated
scope. Functionally, the weapon is similar to any
other NATO assault rifle – perhaps most closely resembling the FAMAS, a similarly bullpup
weapon that was introduced at around the same time. The AUG fires the NATO standard intermediate
cartridge, the 5.56×45mm. Magazines are of a translucent polymer construction,
and are manufactured in both 30 and 42-round capacities. The weapon is depicted in-game with 30-round
magazines by default. The AUG is a low damage assault rifle, on
par with the FAMAS and Enfield, requiring up to 4 shots to kill. Its low damage is made up for with a tremendous
rate of fire – 937.5 rounds per minute, equal to that of the FAMAS. The AUG’s performance is very similar to its
French peer, then – but there are some differences in handling. Recoil performance is one key differentiating
factor: while the FAMAS tends upwards and to the right, the AUG has much less predictable,
omni-directional kick, with a slightly slower rate of recovery. This means you can generally expect less consistent
performance, and although automatic fire will tend to remain on target – the AUG is less
effective than the FAMAS when fired in short bursts. Aim time is standard for the assault rifles,
at 250 milliseconds – which post-FAMAS-patch means the AUG gains an aim speed advantage. Reloads are a little slower, however – at
2.6 seconds. The iron sights are very good on the AUG,
and so generally the optical attachments are less useful overall. The red dot sight does provide an all-round
view of your target, however – and so may assist slightly in tracking moving opponents
and ensuring accuracy. The reflex sight is the same, functionally
identical to the red dot and providing a similar benefit. The illuminated reticule will provide more
contrast against your target, especially in dark areas – but there are more useful attachments
overall. The ACOG scope is of a unique type – with
the attachment represented as the Swarovski Scope, reflecting the real-life weapon’s integrated
optic. Functionally, this scope is identical to the
ACOG – you’ll gain a greater degree of magnification on-target, at the cost of slighter higher
aim time and recoil. It’s a very usable optic, and can improve
performance over longer sightlines – but once again, the AUG performs just fine without
optical assistance. The same remains true for the Infrared Scope
– which will highlight most enemies in white, at the cost of magnified recoil, and a slower
aim time. You also lose a large degree of definition
while aiming, and given that Ghost Pro users won’t be highlighted, it’s easy to be blindsided
while scoped in. Instead, it’s the non-optical attachments
that prove most useful – and extended mags, paired with the AUG’s high rate of fire, will
enhance your ability when facing multiple enemies at once. A 50 percent increase grants 45 rounds total
between reloads, which will prove very useful – however unless you’re careful with your
trigger you’ll burn through this supply quickly, so Scavenger would be an ideal pairing with
extended mags for those who favour sustained fire. If you’d rather not use Scavenger, then Dual
Mags will prove very useful – granting two extra magazines worth in your starting supply,
in addition to quicker alternate reloads. This attachment lessens the need for both
Scavenger and Sleight of Hand – and given the AUG’s versatility and good iron sights,
Dual Mags is a solid choice. The suppressor is another fine pairing with
the AUG – given the weapon’s flatter damage profile, the range you lose by going silent
isn’t a major factor. You’ll remain off the minimap while firing,
an especially useful trait if you prefer not to attack your enemy head-on, instead striking
unseen from the side or rear. The AUG is surprisingly versatile, then – which
may mean that the 3 underslung attachments offer only limited value. The Masterkey offers a potential one-hit kill
in close-up encounters, but given that the AUG is generally pretty effective up close
anyway, the shotgun is less helpful. The same applies to the underslung flamethrower
– although incinerating your enemy can be its own reward, the performance differential
means it isn’t worth selecting this attachment. The grenade launcher is perhaps the most useful
of the three underslung attachments – adding an explosive capability to your loadout. However, while as effective as it is on any
other weapon, the grenade launcher ties up your attachment slot, which is arguably better
filled with another option. For our class loadout, we’ll be using the
benefits conferred by Dual Mags – extra ammo and a faster alternate reload will help us
to construct an agile assault class with the weapon. The AUG is effective with most other attachments,
of course – one strong alternative would be the suppressor, for those instances where
remaining off radar is essential. For our perks, we’ll be maximising the handling
speed and mobility of our loadout: the AUG is an effective weapon up-close, and with
the right pairings will be nimble enough to ensure you’re always in the right place at
the right time. Our first perk, Lightweight, elevates your
usual assault rifle mobility closer to that of an SMG, allowing you to run circles round
slower opponents – and defy their expectations as to when you’ll appear. The extra 10% movement speed makes all the
difference when it comes to capturing or defending objectives, and makes escaping enemy fire
much easier. Our second perk helps eliminate downtime,
and further enhances close-range performance – after all, your mobility will be all for
naught if your weapon requires a lengthy reload. Sleight of Hand will halve the time it takes
to refill – and when paired with Dual Mags will mean half of your reloads will come with
only the briefest of pause – less than a second, in fact. The pro benefit is also useful for snapping
onto close-range targets: your hipfire is less effective than that of an SMG, so aiming
at a close range is often beneficial. Our final perk gives us the stamina needed
to keep up this offensive pressure: Marathon doubles your sprint endurance, and the pro
benefit will extend it indefinitely. This will allow you to remain on the offensive
at all times, and effectively defend and deny the enemy objectives, no matter where the
fight is. For your lethal grenades, semtex will prove
useful against groups of enemies, or simply to deny a chokepoint or objective to incoming
foes. Concussion grenades will let you stun your
enemy, further enhancing your mobility advantage, and oftentimes permitting an easy kill. For your equipment, tactical insertion is
the most useful – place it in a safe place close to an objective to keep up offensive
pressure. For your secondary, a pistol will prove useful
in a close-range firefight: for me, the trusty CZ-75 with extended mags is unequaled. Aggressive use of the assault rifles relies
on positioning, and intelligent use of cover and sightlines. With a loadout designed for speed you can
change positions often, keep the enemy guessing – and extend your reach to wherever the fight
may be. With an eye on the radar you should be able
to anticipate enemy spawns and movements – get into position ahead of them and they’ll stumble
straight into your sights. With lightweight and marathon, you’ll be long
gone before they can come back for revenge. The AUG is a weapon on par with the almighty
FAMAS; it shares many of its traits, and handles in a similar way. It’s little surprise that the AUG offers similarly
top-tier performance, then – with consistent damage and a fearsome rate of fire, if you’re
on target there are not many other weapons that can compete in a firefight. The AUG’s moderately high recoil does lessen
its effectiveness at a longer distance, however – to reach over the greatest sightlines you
will need to burst fire, which can give the advantage to sniper rifles, or some of the
other assault rifles. Still, given that you can easily avoid unfavourable
odds at such distances, the AUG will prove to be deadly at the close-to middle ranges
where most gunfights occur. This weapon is universally effective, versatile
and relatively easy to handle. Should you seek victory: elect this weapon: and AUGment
your performance. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Until next time, farewell.

100 thoughts on “AUG – Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

  1. Ahoy It doesn't matter the damage all fully auto assault rifles are a 3 to 4 and do 40-30 damage the FAMAS and AUG do 35-25 damage that just means the headshot multiplier is gone watch Raging Amish.

  2. Andrew tarnowski yes I still play multiplayer on black ops and I find matches quickly but mostly on team deathmatch

  3. Australian Assault Rifle made in Austria: Very effective, and very accurate as well, there's not much better then this

  4. I wish the enemies I play against in this game where as bad as the ones in his videos. Sigh Guess I'll be a noob forever.

  5. at 1:30 you said The gun ranges from 30 to 42 round capacity. But on the slide it said 30 to 45 round capacity.

  6. ahh wish i played this game more. Didn't like it at first so i just played MW2 for a few more years.
    Then i realised how good black ops was.

  7. Just found your channel for its RetroAhoy videos. Will definitely have to subscribe.

    I have an AUG A3 and it's interesting to see how it is implemented in a COD game – the last I played was MW1. In real life, its actual disadvantage at range comes not from its recoil impulse (which is lighter and more predictable than most other 5.56mm rifles) but its rather squishy, vague trigger. A custom trigger pack solved most of that issue.

    It's interesting that the 'extended mag' is 45 rounds in the game. I have the actual extended magazines from the AUG LMG variant, and they have a 42 round capacity. Must be to balance it with other rifles.

    Probably its biggest advantage is how easy it is to whip around a corner. You have much more leverage over the nose, and the muzzle won't hit the wall anymore than a drawn pistol would (with the 16 inch barrel). Makes it work reasonably well in tight corridors, like for home defense. It can eject brass in your face if you're using it weak side, but in a life or death situation you don't even feel it (as I found out a few weeks ago, ugh, that's another story).

    I'd also like to add, that despite the apparent equivalency with the FAMAS in the game, in reality the FAMAS is very temperamental about ammunition (tends to rip brass apart, malfunction), has a rather horrendous field stripping procedure, and stabilizes NATO ammunition poorly (when it doesn't rip the brass apart and jam). The French are considering replacing it with an AR platform rifle, or even the AUG – ironic since they were originally deployed at the same time.

    Sadly the new COD games look really weird. I would have liked to try them if they were more like this one.

  8. Recoil on the AUG usually balances itself out with the way it kicks in all directions, making it easier to shoot than a famas by a tad for me, but I've gotten used to the famas, and I like its dual mags better than the AUG

  9. I just don't understand the Mastereky – sometimes a one-hit, other times not… :'(

  10. i prefer to think of the AUG as Amazingly Useful Gun because of how often i get it in nazi zombies and how powerful it is there.

  11. I love these vids sometimes I watch them for fun informational intresting and I love your vocabulary keep up the good work😁

  12. I use the ACOG solely for appearance alone on the AUG, cause i like the authentic look. I know its not the best, but when you get used to it its just fine.

  13. omg srry not making fun but cmon Mannlicher? XD how many men did he lick? lol still its a mean gun to go up against but still it was a good vid Ahoy.

  14. its my favorite gun in the game but I just hate that the sights magically move back and towards your eyes when you aim

  15. My personal build. ACOG and Extended mags, the scavenger, warlord, and (dont get mad at me) second chance perks.

  16. I often shoot a bot or player 4-8 times without getting a hit marker (yes my crosshairs are filled with their body, point blank almost). I'd love this game if the bullets didn't seem to hit a second after they're shot

  17. Did he say it was developed by Steyr Man Licker? I swear that's what he said, lol. Even if it wasn't man Licker, the Austrian language sounds way too fucked up sometimes, lol.

  18. Back when The Walking Dead and BO1 ran together and the governor mowed his soldiers down in S3 I used this a lot.

  19. AUG; Australia’s Unique Gun.

    Btw, the weapon varient of the rifle of the Australian Military was called the F88 Austeyr.

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