4 thoughts on “AUC shooting suspect was already on bond for two previous shootings, was not supposed to have gun

  1. What the…. Why some are treated unjustly (murdered/harassed by cops) while others are allowed to run wild…smh…I don't get it?

  2. It’s called ‘anarcho-tyranny’, the Democrats and leftists let the mentally insane and criminals go free, so when they commit crimes and anarchy, the police state grows, and they get more power. Brought to you by the same schools of thought that gave us ‘Cloward-Piven strategy’. This is open subversion to undermine the country by domestic enemies. Ask yourself, how come almost all of these mass shooters have been KNOWN beforehand, yet they’re let free or allowed to get guns… and now they’re using it to have ‘red flag laws’….

  3. You don't tighten up the law behind one idiot. That fool shouldn't be out walking around. Clearly he has no morals nor self respect. Deal with him and stop tweeking the laws to trap other black men who want to do what's right.

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