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Atlas Copco LUM Pistol Grip Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Here we have the Atlas Copco LUM pistol grip
screwdrivers. These pneumatic assembly tools are small and lightweight, featuring a fast
shut off clutch and low reaction torque. Each screwdriver is reversible, lubrication free
and has a quick change chuck. Models are available in a torque range of 0.4 – 15.5 Nm (3.5
– 110.6 in lb) with a 1/4” hex drive or up to 26 Nm (230 in lb) with a 1/4” square
drive. LUM HRX models have a balanced grip, ideal
for standard pistol grip applications. HR models feature a non-balanced grip which can
be gripped high for jobs that require feed force or low to help reduce reaction torque.
HRF models have multiple air inlets for flexible connection options. Select LUM models have
the option to add a soft stop or reporting capabilities. The LUM 32 has the highest force to weight
ratio and the lowest reaction force of its family. This is due to its improved slimline
power-train which reduces the tools size and weight while increasing the efficiency of
the ultra-fast clutch. Increase maneuverability and extend your hose life by using an Atlas
Copco swiveling MultiFlex adapter. Available in 1/4” 1/2” and 3/8” these offer full
360° of motion with minimal pressure drop. The LUM screwdrivers are perfect for cramped
work spaces such as vehicle interiors where operator comfort and precise torque are required.
Find out which models suit your needs best today at Have you already tried the LUM pistol grip
screwdrivers from Atlas Copco? If so let us know what you think in the comments below.
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