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ATI And Del-Ton AR-15 Pistols and Rifles

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Friday, June the 23rd, and if you
don’t get excited about today’s offering, then there’s nothing that’s going to excite
you, folks. There has never been a better time that I
can remember in our entire history to buy an AR-15 either a rifle or a pistol. What we have for you today will demonstrate
that. We recently came back from a trade show as
I said yesterday in a video. We were able to negotiate some really deep
deals on a coupe of nice lots of pistols and rifles. They just arrived. We’re going to bring them to you today. We hope you take advantage of them because,
folks, we just can’t see it getting any better than this. Dylan’s running the camera. Dylan, come on in and let’s show them what
we got. We have some ATI product, we have some Delton
product, both are going to be the focus of our email today. Let’s start over here with the pistol. This is the ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid pistol in
.223, 5.56 caliber. I can mention all of the options and so forth,
and the characteristics. It’s got all kind of neat features, including
the T-rail and so forth. It’s optic ready. Great pistol, but mainly at a great price. We’ve never seen these pistols below $400
before, folks. Right now, limited quantity because we got
them at a special buy. $379.99 on an AR-15 pistol. 30-round mag, everything you see here. ATI has a great warranty. $379.99. Move on to its counterpart, the same thing,
the AR-15 ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid in the rifle configuration. It has a keymod reel on it folks. Get that, a keymod reel. Not only that, but one of the nicest reels
in the industry. Fully T-marked upper. All kind of nice characteristics. It carries a great warranty from ATI. Oh, that is so lightweight. I just love it. Drops right in place. Looks great. Think about this price point, folks. $379.99 on a complete rifle by ATI. Now, if ATI is not your cup of tea, fear not. We have something here for you from our friends
at Delton. This is a Delton. They call it the slick side rifle. This rifle does not incorporate the forward
assist or the dust cover, but it is a great Delton product built on their Delton receiver. One of the things I like about this one, they
have made this rifle in a sport-like model in the past, this is not the sport-like. This is built on their Echo frame. It has their heavy barrel, so you’re still
really good for long-range accuracy. As far as not having a dust cover or a forward
assist, some people like that, some people could care less. Personally, I’ve shot AR-15s for 20 years. I’ve never used a forward assist, and my dust
cover always stays open. For all practical purposes, not having them
there is just a little extra weight that I don’t have to carry around for something I
never use anyway. I like the profile of that. It’s non-snag. It’s really smooth. Like I said, we have the heavy barrel. It is optics ready, T-marked. Comes with a 30-round mag, cable lock, all
of their really nice warranties. Delton has one of the best warranties in the
business on one of the best rifles in the business. But folks, here’s the kicker. Get this price. $379.99. Any pistol or rifle on this table at a price
point of only $379.99, there’s limited surprise. Folks, if you get an optics-ready rifle only
for pistol, we would encourage you … This is very small, Dylan. Let’s come in here and take a look at it. We carry these little reflex sites. Let me get the lens cover off of it. There we go. This is the D133E. It is a four reticule, red or green. You can choose the color. You can choose four different reticule patterns. It is an illuminated, electro-dot sight. Mounts right on the top of any of these weaver
rails for anything optics-ready. What we’re going to try to do, folks, any
optics-ready AR rifle or pistol we have, we’re going to put these in the ad. We’re at such a price point that we can’t
throw them in but if you purchase one of the rifles or pistols that accepts this, you can
buy this little optic for only $19.99. Folks, there are limited supplies on these. The prices have never been better. $379.99 starting at. We have other ATI rifle and pistol options
and other Delton options all at great prices so I suggest you look at them. If you want to get our videos directly to
you through YouTube, just click here on this little button and it will sign you up to our
YouTube channel. Folks, we appreciate your business. God bless. Thank you for being with us at

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  1. Not in the market for another AR but dang!!!! $379 for a complete rifle "albeit a budget AR" but still! So tempting….

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