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At the Range with the Iconic MP5A3

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another
video on I’m Ian McCollum, and I am out here at the range today, Trijicon’s range by the way, thanks to Trijicon
for … generously letting us use their range. And we are out here today with an MP5,
and this is a pretty basic MP5A3, collapsing stock, nice modern
submachine gun from the ’50s. Because I’ve had very little actual
trigger time with an MP5 and … the more I hear about them, the
more I want to try these out, because especially, in fact after listening to
Ken Hackathorn talk about these, (we have an interview with Ken about
the MP5 and other submachine guns), he really extolled the virtues of the MP5, as does
pretty much everybody else who ever shoots them, and so I really wanted to get my hands on one and
see is this really as nice as everybody says. Now, on the abstract, on paper, it should be. It’s a light gun,
it’s a compact gun, and perhaps most importantly of all it is a, not quite locked breech, it’s a delayed
blowback, closed bolt submachine gun. So what that means is you actually have a really nice trigger
in these guns, compared to a typical open bolt gun. And the bolt’s already closed when you fire it, so on …
all open bolt submachine guns when you pull the trigger the first thing that happens is this rather heavy
bolt goes slamming forward to pick up a cartridge and chamber it, and that has the effect of throwing
your aim off. In fact, if you watch people on video if someone pulls the trigger on an open bolt gun where
the magazine’s empty, but they don’t know it’s empty they will often jerk the gun forward, and it looks like they
are flinching, but that’s just the kinetic energy of the bolt hitting the front of the bolt face,
not firing, and going kerchunk down. And that same thing happens when you
actually fire. So it takes a lot more skill to be able to properly and
effectively shoot an open bolt gun. Well, the MP5 bypasses all of
that because it is closed bolt, so. Anyway, enough yabbering.
Let’s see how this works. Now I’m going to start with some shooting on semi-auto because even in a military, law enforcement sort
of circumstance, a gun like this is typically used as a semi-automatic carbine. It is … the
most practically accurate to shoot in semi-auto. You get a nice sight picture with each shot. Full-auto is only used for emergencies.
So let’s give this thing a try on the dueling tree. That’s just like too easy, that’s like cheating. Alright, so semi’s cool, but what you
guys really came here to see is full-auto. So, let’s give that a try and see how it is. That’s really sweet. It doesn’t have the weight of a
typical submachine gun because the closed bolt, delayed blowback action means that you don’t need
a really heavy bolt, like you do in an open bolt gun. It’s compact, it’s ergonomic, it’s … almost completely
ambidextrous, if you discount the charging handle there. This thing is really sweet. … I need another magazine. Alright, you know what, I bet I can
even hit these things on full-auto. Let’s see if I can do this with little two round bursts,
and trigger control some single shots on full-auto. Well, now I’m out of ammo, but, yah. Alright, so I’m far from the expert on this sort
of thing, there’s many, many people out there who been in the real, been there, done that and
extoll the virtues of the MP5. But I’ll tell you what from my experience now,
granted brief experience, this thing totally lives up to the hype.
This is a fantastic little submachine gun. And it’s really obvious why, despite HK’s attempts
to keep modernising this thing for decades now, none of them quite take. Everybody
just want to keep using MP5s. Because, man, they just work,
and they are nice to shoot. So, a big thank you to HK for letting me come out here and
put a whole bunch of ammo through one of their MP5s, and thank you to Trijicon as well
for giving us access to their range. And I know that what all of you guys have
been waiting for is a full mag dump, so. I don’t know many of those hit, but it was sure fun. Thanks for watching.

90 thoughts on “At the Range with the Iconic MP5A3

  1. "And I know that what all of you guys have been waiting for is a full mag dump, so." – Why did nobody get this man a Beta C-Mag?!

  2. You know what's odd? There are ways to get guns in Germany, though it's very tedious. However, some guns you cannot buy at all. There's a law for "war weaponry", which prohibits guns with less than 42cm of barrel length, bullpup designs or rifles with cartrides that come with less than 40mm of cartridge length. This is all for rifles, SMGs etc. Handguns do not fall under this. Taking all this into consideration, you cannot own an AK with any kind of ammo except NATO and you can't own an MP5. Cuz it's an SMG and the cartridge is only 19mm. But a Glock is fine.

  3. You should do a review on the Swedish KPIST M45B and then try to do single shots, like every conscript had to learn 🙂

  4. twenty years ago I was a soldier in the german bundeswehr and we had uzis. Im not saying uzis are bad guns. but come on. germany had the best 9mm sub machine gun in the world but our military didnt use it.

  5. MP-5 is the grandson of ww1 era "broom hadle". While UZI is the grandson of the same era Borchard. And defıinately Glock is the luger parabellum of the 21st century 🙂

  6. Appreciating your video I have a simple question: Why is the title of the series: "Forgotten Weapons"? Thats still the standard weapon of the German police and special forces (police) Also I have to admit, that the guns that are handed out to the police are double as old as the policemen….

  7. it doesn't make sense why they would pick to use 7 bullet icons for full auto. why was the number 7 so significant.

  8. The reason this gun is so popular with security forces, despite the fact that it is expensive compared to other, conventional, open bolt SMGs, is, as Ian mentioned, the fact that it is so effective in semi-auto use, compared to open bolt SMGs. When firing full-auto, it is not that much better than the better open bolt guns like the Walther MPL and MPK or the Beretta Mod. 12, for instance.

  9. Best application of this weapon is how 22 SAS used them in 1980 when they stormed the Iranian embassy e.g. extreme close quarters combat (so close you're snapping necks with the but of the weapon) using maximum aggression and on full auto. Other than that, I don't really see why you'd chose it over other options.

  10. Nice video, but Is this not the MP5 A5? Ive always thought the A3 is the one with the slimline handguard and the older SEF trigger group with the contoured pistol grip.

  11. The only thing that doesn't hold up to well against more modern SMGs is there is no last round hold open. So if you fire the gun to empty you will will need to pull back on the charging handle to load a round instead of press a release button and release the bolt forward.

    It's even worse if you follow the manual of arms which tells you to pull and lock the bolt to the rear when you're reloading. Most who have used this gun forego that for a simple pull and release on a new magazine.

    Other than that it is an excellent smg all around.

  12. A very fine piece of German firearms engineering. I say that from personal experience having fired the MP5 on semi-auto and full auto. The sighting aperture gives a great sight picture for the user too.

  13. Eh……..It's so smooth & recoilless that one can easily misjudge it for a kid's toy. & the sound man………Makes it sound like it already has a suppressor. I wonder if this gun has any cons & if it has, what they r.

  14. First full auto I ever shot and I got probably 85% of my rounds on target on the first magazine.
    It's just totally idiot proof.
    It has to be if I could do that

  15. Should've shot it from the hip, barefoot, wearing a sleeveless undershirt, and yelling obscure 50's tv references and catchy one-liners.

  16. "Now I know you guys all came here to see me shoot this sucker on full-auto…"

    Nah, I'm just here for the H&K Slap-Charge.

  17. This is highly effective with an ACOG at spawnpeeking from a plane or a French consulate if you happen to be a French doctor in the GIGN… Or maybe if you're a heavily armored Frenchman in the GIGN who passes out armor plates to his friends. :^)

  18. The HK slap gives me a happy giggly feeling inside because its just so good but apparently its not healthy for the gun.

  19. Please someone give Ian a cameo appearance in an action flick..
    Maybe the eccentric gun expert the main crew visits for 'gear'
    Or the unassuming store clerk/background type character that springs into action from nowhere, disarms and strips down the bad guys weapons in seconds!! 😆

    Come on Hollywood!

  20. Why does H&K insist on messing with the action when trying to update this thing?
    They had a good thing with the roller delayed mechanism, but no, they had to go and make the UMP simple blowback… Way to undermine your best feature!

  21. Local police academy uses a MP5 from the early 90s. The warden of the armory told me they ran 220k rounds through it and he only had to change barrels when they were done for.

  22. I'm surprised delayed blowback isn't more common in pistol caliber carbines. Doesn't roller-delayed blowback allow you to make a lighter gun that's more pleasant to shoot compared to a straight blowback gun?

  23. I got the chance to fire an MP5A3 on vacation a couple months back as my first fully automatic weapon and it was life changing. How can I ever go back to shooting semi-auto at the range when I know just how fun shooting a fully automatic gun is.

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