100 thoughts on “Astra 300 – A Pocket Pistol Bought Mostly By Germany

  1. Why Germany use Browning 7.65mm, instead Mauser 7.63mm or Luger 9mm? Cause they capture a lot of 7.65mm?

  2. Can someone explain what is the point of a grip safety when you have a normal safety? Is it just about drop safety? Were these early semi automatics somehow susceptible to shooting when dropped? That would explain it to me.

  3. To make the disassembly easier.. you have to mach the lines between the frame and the slide.. You can find that on the right side of the pistol

  4. Inb4 someone freaks out because Ian called the national side "loyalists"…. lol. (they technically were the rebels, and the republicans the loyalists…both descriptions are wrong for both sides anyway).

    Also, Ian, in spanish , G with an u before an i or an e (gui, gue) are pronounced with the "u" being silent. Hence, Guernica should be pronounced Gernica (with said "G" being the same as in Golf) ;).

  5. I had the chance to hold one of these and to buy it. I missed out on buying
    it, but it’s pretty cool

  6. Just out of curiosity, have you ever had an "oh, crap" moment when handling a unique or rare firearm? Not necessarily broken anything but maybe thought you did. Just thought it would be an interesting story.

  7. Very cool!  It looks the same as my model 600 only in a smaller size.  (Anyone know where to find good checkered WOOD grips for a model 600?)

  8. Movie trivia, In the pilot of "Firefly" the bad guy shot Kaylee with an Astra. Man, I'm such a geek.

  9. I assume that the fact you no longer link directly to the RIA page is a necessary sop to the vague, unclear and arbitrary restrictions implemented by YouTube, like the ones that temporarily deleted BotR's channel?

  10. Of course being once chambered in 9mm Largo (9×23) reminds us of the fictional James Bond character, Emille Largo, so called to imply he had a large chopper.


  11. How reliable are the Astra 300s? The Styling on it makes it look very cool. I just wonder if the mechanics are so good.

  12. It looks like a cheapo spud gun you buy from the drug store owned by an elderly couple just down tge street

  13. Hello Ian, thanks for your good content. Could you make a Video about the east german SSG-82 Rifle in 5.45×39 or the Wieger StG-940 in 5.56×45? It would be interesting to hear your opinion about these rifles since they are not that old.

  14. As always, a very well researched and informative video. However, in this particular instance, I must point out a historical inaccuracy: regarding the Spanish Civil War, the loyalists were, in fact, the Republicans, and not the Nationalists. Indeed, the war started precisely with a military uprising by some army units, which were reinforced by the Franco-led colonial units brought to continental Spain from Morocco (by no other than German-operated planes). Hope you don't mind my well-intended correction, Ian. Hope you keep up the excellent work.

  15. It looks like the notches on the side of the frame are there to help you put the slide at the right position to reattach the barrel.

  16. You should seek out and try the Norwegian M67 mauser!. A fun refitted rifle for civilian marksmanship made in 1967 and forward. It's very nice and accurate!.

  17. I cringed a little watching him try to align the slide in the right place and not noticing the obvious alignment mark on the side of the slide and grip.

  18. There's a good condition one at the gun store down the street 4" barrel in 380 for $500. Is that a good price? Don't really know much about Astras

  19. It is kinda ironic if, as you say, a large number of these guns went into the hands of Legion Condor because those guys where responsible for the bombing of Guernica in the first place.

  20. When disassembling and assembling you line up the mark on the right side of the frame with the mark on the right side of the slide. It make things a lot easier.

  21. This gun is also known in Spain as "purito" or little cigar . The larger 400 is know as "puro" (cigar)

  22. I have one of these that my great grandfather “tactically acquired” from a German soldier along with his Kar 98 during WW2. Its in pristine condition and shoots well.

  23. I have a friend that bought one of these a few weeks ago
    He was looking at it and asked me what I thought.
    I told him to check it for Nazi marks because I knew they used them…sure enough it had the eagle.
    The seller hadn't seen it !
    Gun was in excellent with 95% at least blue, in original holster with extra magazine…got it for $500

  24. I want a 400/300 to go with my 1916 mauser, I am now devoted to getting a Civil Gaurda circa 1929~32 loadout complete

  25. saw one of these for sale with german markings needed new springs and a cleaning but i wish i had picked it up for the 500 they were asking..

  26. Just by looking at it I can tell they should have hit the factory instead, it looks like someone glued a pitot tube to an M1911 grip.

  27. Jajajaja. ..''Just because they want to be complicated about it''… An very nice little pistol. I thought it will take a clock maker to brake it down…

  28. Did I understand correctly that this will NOT fire unless it has a magazine in? Nice safety feature to keep someone from firing off an "empty" weapon. Are there any other weapons with this safety?

  29. Who hits dislike on one of Ian's videos? Legit question… Actively disliking Ian is like downvoting the sunrise. Or friendship and kittens.

  30. it's a neat little gun! I used mine to shoot a squirrel at 40 yards witht he irons when hunting, fun and reliable too!

  31. it looks like it has a cut out mark on the frame and the slide to help you line it up for assemble/ dissemble wasn't sure if you noticed Ian 🙂

  32. I remember the astra being advertised in magazines in the early 60’s. I want to say they were asking $20 each. Wish I’d bought one then.

  33. The more forgotten weapons I watch the more respect I have for Spanish guns and gun smiths. Take the Rubi pistols and it being called the worst military pistol ever. That is a total lie.

  34. I have an Astra 600, and I was really hoping I would get to see you strip the pistol "the right way". I always thought it was interesting how you could take it apart multiple ways.

  35. In my cheap handgun collection I have a worn out Astra 3000.The modern commercial version of this handgun.

  36. I am always wondering who dislikes these videos on historical firearms. Maybe someone who got an F in history, in high school. lol

  37. Nice. As far as i know, most of these (and probably other small pistols) went to the Luftwaffe. Maybe they thought they needed smaller guns in the cramped confines of a fighter cockpit. The Germans seemed enamored of small pistols, possibly because every party official who had a uniform was entitled to wear a pistol. I think they had FN 1922's and others made for them in occupied Belgium as well, along with Hi-Powers of course (and Polish VIS 35's and other things in other places). Great video as always. Thank you

  38. Good little pistol? Maybe if you just want to throw lead, and not worry about hitting anything with it…

  39. I've still got one of these. I've got an Astra collection of sorts… A 400, a 600, the 300, and one that's a convertible 300 between .32 ACP and .380 ACP. Forget what they called that one… but they are pretty rare. Got several Astra revolvers and an Astra 900. Always felt Spanish guns and gun designs were under appreciated by the masses along with French designs and such. A fair bit of modern classic gun concepts and designs can easily be traced back to Spanish and/or French work.

  40. If you look alongside the right side of the frame and slide you will find two small vertical notches. It just so happens when these notches are lined up the slide will be in the perfect position to rotate the barrel.

    Yeah, I have an Astra 300 my father brought back from WWII. He also brought back 2 Lugers but traded them off in the New York Harbor while still waiting to disembark because he wasn't comfortable with the "Hair Trigger" on the Lugers. BTW, the Astra features a clean breaking single action trigger with a weight at break of 11.0 lbs and that was just peachy for my father.

  41. EAsy way to reassemble and get it aligned, there are two hash marks on the right hand side on the frame and slide, if you line those up and twist the barrel while doing so, it slides right back together easy.

  42. You can actually tell it was made by the nationals, because the republicas marked it using the basque name for the town: GERNIKA, wheeras the nationals marked it with the spanish name: GUERNICA.

    And a bit of history, I just visited Gernika and originally the objectives of the bombing where in fact the weapons factories and a bridge in the northern side (which could have been used by the republicans to flee into france), but instead colonel Richtoffen (commander of the air wing of the condor legion) decided to change the objective to target the population in order to demoralize the republicans, and also, precision is not the issue because the condor legion used the very precise junkers ju 87 ''Stuka'' to carry out the bombing.

    Also keep it up love the videos,
    Hope this reaches you well (given that this is an old video).

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