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Assault Weapon Bans Are All About Appearance

Do you think that you would have a civil war? Are you worried about that? What do you think will happen if we do nothing? Do you think more kids will be killed? I’m not, I’m not arguing on behalf- Do you think more concerts will be shot up,
more churches will– I’m not arguing on behalf- The court keeps allowing states to ban assault-style
weapons. Your inability to do even the common sense
stuff really frustrates me. So when do we say enough is enough? A string of high-profile mass shootings over
the past few years has spawned a movement that’s calling for
new legislation to outlaw so-called assault-style weapons, in particular the popular AR-15. Assault weapon bans are depicted as life-saving,
“common sense” policy. The problem is that the definition of an assault
weapon is totally arbitrary. An assault weapon is whatever is covered by
an assault weapon ban. Jacob Sullum is a senior editor at Reason
who writes about gun policy. The criteria that are used to identify assault
weapons are things that have little or nothing to
do with how useful or how deadly an assault weapon is in the hands of a mass
murderer. We will finally ban these assault weapons
from our streets that have no other purpose other than to kill. The federal government banned assault weapons
in 1994, when President Clinton signed a bill sponsored
in the Senate by Dianne Feinstein. Mr. and Mrs America, Turn them all in. The bill expired 10 years later, but Feinstein
is sponsoring a new version of the law. Meanwhile, seven states and the District of
Columbia have enacted their own assault weapon bans. There’s little evidence that the 1994 legislation
reduced gun deaths, in part because it was mostly a symbolic gesture. Unless you really delve into the specifics
of what these bills do, you don’t understand how utterly arbitrary
they are. In the original 1994 bill and in the new version
of the legislation assault weapons are not defined by what they
do but by how they look. Feinstein’s current bill talks about things
like pistol grips, adjustable stocks, threaded barrels, in other words, you can have a gun with any
one of those features, it is now an assault weapon. Exactly the same gun without those features
is not an assault weapon. And in fact, there are a bunch of examples
like that. Let’s compare the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
with the AR-15. One looks like a hunting rifle and the other
looks like a military weapon. They fire at the same rate, they fired the
same caliber of ammunition and because they have similar barrel lengths,
the ballistics are almost identical. Now those are single shots. If I wanted to fire this on full semi-automatic,
all I do is keep firing… Another misconception is that so-called assault
rifles are automatic weapons, which fire continuously until the trigger
is released or the gun runs out of ammunition. The federal government banned the manufacture
of new automatic weapons for civilian use in 1986. Most modern civilian guns are semi-automatic, which means they only fire one round per trigger
pull. But if you’re talking about, you know, how many rounds you get out of the gun within
a certain amount of time, any semiautomatic is gonna fire be capable
of firing the same number of rounds Originally built for the battlefield, a defining characteristic of the AR-15 is
the speed and power of the bullet… Another myth is that assault weapons are more
powerful than other guns. In reality, the power of a firearm depends
mainly on the cartridge, not the gun. Again, compare the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
with the AR-15. Both can shoot the same .223 caliber bullet,
at the same velocity. You will see that lots of hunting rifles are
more powerful, uh, can do more damage, uh, you know, at the
same distance, uh, than so called assault weapons. One of the most common cartridges used for
hunting is the .308 Winchester, which has more than double the impact force when compared to the ammunition used in an
AR-15. Another common refrain is that assault weapons can inherently fire more rounds than other
guns before reloading. But it’s the magazine, which is just a detachable
box and a spring, that determines how many times you can fire. And many guns that are not identified as “assault
weapons” accept high-capacity magazines. So again, this is not a feature that distinguishes
assault weapons from other kinds of guns. Banning guns solely based on appearance is
counterproductive and makes it difficult to have a good-faith
discussion about effective solutions to gun violence. I’m not going to say everyone has to own
an ar-15, because it’s such a great gun. But people have their reasons for wanting
to have them and the government shouldn’t be second-guessing
those reasons without a very powerful justification. And the justification offered for banning
assault weapons is virtually nonexistent because it doesn’t make sense.

100 thoughts on “Assault Weapon Bans Are All About Appearance

  1. “Full Semi-Automatic” How is this guy a General; this is an intentionally misleading statement. Any soldier, post basic, knows the difference between Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic. That’s the biggest push in this story is conflating one with the other and keeping most people, or trying to keep most people, uneducated as to the differences. When you know what is what, the statistics, and the facts these bans like prohibition of alcohol make no sense, outside of government wanting more control and more power.

  2. Look, I agree that we should ban sensintive little ar's. I shoot an AK. But really the only difference between any semiautomatic is the recoil. Granred, my gf shoots AR… Men shoot ak or 240b big balls.
    All joking aside, anyone who knows the least amount about shooting knows its not about the carrier, its the round. They want to ban a certain model when a lot of other semiautomatic models shoot the same dam way… What do you think will happen when the AR is banned? Nothing will change except more gun bans…

  3. The left needes to shut up. I hate what is going on with our country. No ban on no weapon to defend ourselves. I don't even have a AR… jealous I am of guys and women who do. This is wrong to go against the constitution. But I have what I have to defend myself against a scum antifa or a bully socialist system.shame on the assault rifle ban it is wrong

  4. That gun shooting on cnn was a general or something wasn’t he? Cause he shot like he didn’t even know what he was doing, and I don’t even know what I’m doing but if he’s some higher up in the military I would expect him to not look like he’s about to have his gun fly out of his hands

  5. Assault weapon is a slang term, there is no such thing. 2nd amendment says it will not be infringed upon. All said laws that are unconstitutional are null and void. One person committing a crime doesn’t mean you take unconstitutional action on thousands of other citizens because they have something that looks like what the bad guy used.

  6. Your an idiot ….. If a liptarded demabuttwipe saw this video they would take notes and incorporate it into their next bill . Most people that have these guns already know this stuff . since eveyones in to redefining everything . Definition of assault weapon : Any one in office that would try to destroy any of our amendments or trample on our freedoms as they are currently and have done in the past …

  7. So if I take an AR15 and put a wooden stock on it it's automatically no longer a scary weapon? How stupid is that! I'd feel much safer with a AR15 than I would with a lefty.

  8. This is proof to me at least that these people are hypocrites on many levels. Follow my reasoning here…
    They are basing their argument on the “appearance” and physical features of the rifle rather than what it actually does, if which they are totally ignorant of factual information. The so called facts they spew are meant to frighten and persuade those also without knowledge of use or purpose Anyone who has experience with these tool know the differences do their arguments are based solely out of ignorance and the people their trying to persuade are also ignorant of the facts because they are not getting any new facts, only misinformation.
    Now, take that basis and apply it to seeing a person that you are unfamiliar with and that you know nothing about and from that you draw a conclusion that that person because of what they look like and not because of what their function or purpose is you decide that they are(fill in the blank).
    A judgement based not on facts of function or purpose…sound familiar? Connect the dots and you’ll easily see that this is a game to rid American citizens of their rights…it’s only the first step.

  9. No weapons or objects are Assualt items until someone uses it to assault someone. More people were killed with a hammer than all rifles combined in 2018.

  10. Answer me one question was why does Dianne Feinstein able to carry A380 auto pistol into the house of the Congress every time she's there all the time does she have a concealed weapons carry permit probably not but she thinks she can do whatever she wants. She also has no clue of anything about guns and then she's the schmuck that's gonna Bang and different parts of the garden ridiculous like a magazine a clip as zippers clip all these BS then she has no idea what the h*** hes talking about she is a piece of ship with a Chinese spy working for for 20 years about that I hope she goes down with all the other scumbag democrats locker up soon. God-bless dial J trump God-bless the Constitution and the I'd States of America. The 2nd amendment was a directive not a suggestion. What part of will not be in fringe does she not understand our forefathers knew what the heck was going on for shore 200 plus years ago better than these idiots

  11. Protect America from the slow invasion of islam! Stop all muslim activity! Tjey are the seeds! Arm yourselves to the teeth!!

  12. If the goveremt/ left can ban a type of gun then they can ban a voter, a church, a speaker, a news outlet and so on.

  13. America has a second amendment. Plain and simple. That’s the way we like it and want it. You can always move to another country if you have a problem with it.

  14. That was a general shooting an AR 15 like it was his first time…..and saying "full semi automatic" how did that man EVER BECOME A GENERAL?! or is he a fake paid by media?

  15. They want to ban the guns that make it a equal fight for when they try and take us over and make us a socialized communists country.

  16. Stupid, stuid Politicians. All I have to do is re design my butt stock and attach it to my AR-15's They still operate the same. One shot fired with one pull of the trigger. I don't know of any Sheriff, Police Officer, Guardsman or Active Service member who would comply because the all took an oath and part of that oath deals with not following illegal orders or laws.

  17. Assault weapons are any weapon designed to assault humans and humans specifically.
    How fucking hard is that to understand?

  18. Now those are single shots …if I wanna fire this on full semi automatic..all I gotta do is keep firing ….DUUUH?🤷‍♂️
    Stupid communist🤮

  19. These mother fuckers should read the constitution after that visit a concentration camp in Europe. See if they hate civilian guns then

  20. CIA and new world order an EU is be hind all these shootings killing people just to get a ban on guns that's nwo main objective when USA has no guns globalist an government does what they want founding fathers knew this that's why they put in the SECOND AMENDMENT look what the Democrats are doing now

  21. I live in Canada where we have punishingly oppressive gun laws. I own two SKS’s, one with an original wooden stock and one that I changed to a Tapco plastic one. I have shown them to ordinary folks, anti-gunners and pro-gunners alike. Almost 100% say the one with the Tapco stock is an assault rifle and should be banned, but the wooden one is ok. I point out that they are exactly the same rifle that came out of the same factory in the 1950’s, they still seem to think that the black one is somehow more lethal. The anti-gun lobby has done a great job brainwashing the general public and I don’t know how to undo this.

  22. No your all wrong they want the guns so we can't fight them so they can control us with the guns they can't do it the war is with the elite period government elite this is bullshit shell not be infringed this is pure tyranny plan and simple this conversation should not be. It's our God given right you ppl are sick history will repeat itself. 1776.

  23. Anyone see the September 2019 Lancaster County California fake sniper shooting? Police later said it was a hoax all made up. How many other shootings are fake? Once a liar always a liar can't believe anything out of the government's mouth they're like an old drunk an alcoholic. Who runs the government? Politicians we all know they lie cheat and steal. And some people sadly believe them. Who runs the news media? The government

  24. Ban them, because they are too scary looking, and the insufficient quantity of safe places to go and hide from your unreasonable fears.

  25. These are the same kids that eat tide pods and drink a gallon of milk straight down. Children should be seen and not heard

  26. No matter how many laws there is about guns laws.
    Laws do not apply to criminals. Look up al Capone, petty boy floyd and machine gun Kelly on u-tube. The law doesn't apply to criminals. Disarming law abiding citizens would be a field day for the lawless criminal. The only way to to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun no exception.
    Look up people killed under socialism on u-tube,
    History of gun confiscation on u-tube. Socialism and guns on u-tube about a woman who survived the holocaust in ww2, illegal gun confiscation during hurricane Katrina on u-tube. Research carefully, history can easily repeat itself.
    Do not reinvent the 2nd amendment of the u.s. constitution. By the way,
    More people are killed by hand guns and knives than
    Assault weapons. And most killings are not reported in the news.

  27. Liberals are the cause for the destruction of sodom and gomorrah in the bible.
    And if you don't believe, just visit the south end of the dead sea in Israel, the proof is their.

  28. Number of Vietnam veterans were sent out to live in the streets of America after a divorce from a Democratic woman and a liberal judge?

  29. Rich elite Democratic politicians don't give a dam when 20 u.s. military veterans are committing suicide daily. Democrats main illegal objectives are illegally allowing 17 million illegal undocumented immigrants in America to meddle in American politics and elections and illegally allowing addictive drugs coming from Mexico to destroy broken American families lives with addictive drugs. all at the expense of hard working Americans worker's pay checks deduction to pay for free stuff to illegal immigrants and socialism in America.
    Most hard working Americans don't want to pay for illegal immigrants and socialism in America.
    Let them Democrats get a job and pay for their own free stuff. We Americans don't like being in debt. Socialist, marxists or communists in America, you are free to move back to those countries and stop piggybacking on American
    Taxes. The criminal Democrats have no intention to pay back their debts to hard working Americans worker's coming from their pay checks deduction. That is the same as stealing, don't you think? Better reinstate the u.s. communist control act of 1954 and remove those communist insurgents out of American government. And sleeper cells in the u.s. military, school teachers, and government workers and officials. Or public workers issueing illegal immigrants American drivers licenses.
    Don't you think that type of conduct is an assault on hard working Americans worker's pay checks? Or
    Treason against American citizens, don't you think?

  30. I carried an M-16 in the military a few decades ago. It had three settings, Safe, Semi, and Auto. It was never called an "assault weapon". It was a rifle.
    For my Ruger 556 (M-4 in appearance) and WASR 10 (AK-47 in semi-auto configuration), the 30-round magazines I have for them I consider to be standard capacity.
    My WW2 German Mauser K98k 8mm 5-round bolt action rifle will do more damage than a 223/556.
    If they come for my firearms, I will tell them to smile and wait for the flash.

  31. The Democrats are a danger to national security.
    Democrats took an oath to defend the bill of rights. And the constitution. They now want to destroy it.

  32. Come on it’s people, not guns, we need more talk about mental issues and education. It’s the same thing with video games and violence. Where’s the common sense? Tools/items are not murderers!

  33. I'm not even a gun owner and I totally see why people like the AR-15. Seems very easy to use, has lots of control, has enough stopping power, and is extremely customizable. Seems like a very good home defense weapon. A handgun seems nice until you realize they don't have anywhere close to the control of the AR-15. On top of that you may not have the stopping power in the handgun. I think a lot of people seem to thing any gun kills with 1 shot. This isn't even true for head shots with some guns.

  34. Dems are trying to include semi-auto weapons into this Assault Weapon ban and trying to create confusion about it to get it banned. Their goal is basically to ban ALL GUNS THAT ARE SEMI AUTOMATIC. STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK AGAINST THIS SHIT peacefully and legislatively get out there and PROTEST.

  35. It’s weird that the left filled with their reality around racism and bigotry and all these fascists walking around destroying the planet that they eagerly wish to hand over their only way to self defense to the very government they blame for all this evil…. MAKES NO SENSE.

    If this country is true it systematically racist and oppressive to certain races and classes of wealth then they should all learn how to use firearms to protect themselves against this so called tyranny. But no… they want to ban all firearms.

  36. Enough is enough Smoking cigarettes is Killing a lottttttttt more people than guns (every kind of them) but taxes and maybe bribes to politicians are making cigarettes NOT so bad.

  37. When Walmart stopped selling ARs but continued to sell mini 14s I was confused. It's obvious the people that make these decisions have zero idea what they're talking about.

  38. Featureless is now "the thing" in NY, NJ, and CA. The receiver is pure – NO bullet button and only cosmetic changes to the furniture of a standard AR or AK. Their rules made a much better overall start for the average owner.

  39. Luke 22:36 KJV
    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it , and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

  40. Well now they'll go after the ruger mini 14 now that you pointed out the similarities. I don't have any guns if anybody asks, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  41. Feinstein the woman that had a spy driving her around for 20 yrs. this woman shouldn’t be free to walk around in our country.

  42. Full semi-automatic. Ok. Yeah. More people are murdered with hammers than with AR-15s. Ban hammers. I lost all my guns in a boat fire.

  43. 🔵 One thing that's going to have to be settled before all the rest of the Dust has cleared, is the controversy over the meaning of the word "Infringed", and its application in the Second Amendment, many claim "Infringed" has to do with a British maritime military Court being signified by the golden "Fringe" surrounding the American flag at the side of a judge in a civilian court.
    Until that issue has been resolved, there can be no stable rhetoric discussed.

  44. The idiot who coined the term “full semi automatic,” is actually a retired US general. Isn’t it nice to know we have morons like this running our military?

  45. The Mini 14 looks like a military weapon to me. A 1903 Springfield has none of the characteristics mentioned, and it is far more deadly than anything this woman calls an "assault weapon."

  46. Click the following link to see a picture of an assault gun: Manstein would be proud.

  47. We've all had more than enough of the communist lefts nonsense.. They must be removed from office before they can do anymore "legal" damage.

  48. I lost my lid when. I seen that little ho. Say. When is enough… Enough… Sorry, but not sorry…. I will keep my weapons. Regardless of government. Regardless of bills.

  49. That jackass at 0:32 must have a muscle degeneration disease if he can't even shoulder a gun in the 4-7 pound range, and then act like he's shooting a 12 gauge with 3 1/2 inch turkey loads. It's like watching a grown man get beat half to death by a toddler.

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